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Fromgirltogirl (FG2G) is a healthy lifestyle consultant and trusted news source for audiences of all ages. Explore the website, to discover informative content and insightful life perspectives from all over the world. FG2G supports a worldwide social good community designed for girls by girls to encourage self-empowerment and give the tools for community members to empower their towns and cities. Have a look around the website to see the benefits you can enjoy. FG2G regularly hosts networking events, offers educational programs and supports organizations and people that truly empower the local and global community. To learn more about the FG2G community, explore our website, services and use the hashtag #FG2G on social media.

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“Get Ripe.Get Bold. Get Excellence.” We believe by discovering the best in each of us, enriches all of us.

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FG2G TV network is on a screen near you. This is an incredible online TV network by women/girls for women/girls, but we also feature shows guys can enjoy. Our FG2G TV programs are created to help the community and we are proud to say many shows are directed and produced by women. FG2G’s mission is to have the shows not only empower people but also hit home on real issues real people face daily! The motto we like to spread around for our FG2G TV channel is ” I don’t watch TV; TV watch me.” Programming started Spring 2015! Watch shows here on FG2G TV now for free.

If you would like your Internet series or ads for your business products and services displayed throughout our programming, please contact Briana Booker.


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