Best of Heavy Metal: ‘Scandalous Jointz’ EP by Matriarchs

Are you a heavy metal hard rock fan? If yes, there are many heavy metal bands to keep on your radar. One in particular is the Matriarchs, that hit the local hardcore scenes of Los Angeles, New York, France, and Northern California with a bang. Founding guitarists Ben Levi and vocalist Richard Barthel formed the heavy metal band Matriarchs to fuse together visual aesthetic and presentation in thought provoking heavy metal music acts like Tool or Converge with the sonic feorcity and energy of hardcore. Have a listen to their debut EP “Scandalous Jointz” and you will hear thought provoking lyrics as well as precision and technicality often found in metal and the energy and ferocity of their predecessors breakdown.

The album “Scandalous Jointz“features ex-members of well-known bands like Hoods, Ruckus, and The Faceless. Have a listen to Matriarchs‘ Deadman lyric video to hear how they bring a unique brand of punk influenced metal.

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