Ask Bree Anything: 15 most common insecurities in Women

Briana Booker (Bree), gives Facebook Live a go with her ‘Ask Bree Anything’ Sunday chit-chat on topics that matter to you. The Facebook Live will happen every Sunday at 8:30 PM EST and on occasion for prime time TV shows and streaming discussions. Feel free to leave Bree your questions on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to join the conversation @fromgirltogirl. As we move forward with Facebook Lives, we will have guests and very open discussions. Stay tuned and subscribe for notifications by liking Fromgirltogirl on Facebookk.

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FLAUNT ‘The Antics of More Youthful Times’ EP by Christmas day

The Antics of More Youthful Times by Flaunt

Just in time for the holidays, a new advance EP release for consideration entitled “The Antics of More Youthful Times” from FLAUNT, a mysterious a/v collective act. Coming off the critical success of the audiovisual album RAVE NOIR (18 songs and videos), Flaunt takes the shorter route here with a seven track EP featuring the singles ‘Into The Sky’ and ‘Something Different.’ This EP finds the act mining new vibes on songs like  ‘Something Different’ which gives off tropical meets Eastern vibe. The deep, brooding rock sound of Rave Noir’s heavy track “Last 9 Words” influences the act’s take on Adele’s song ‘Send My Love’ giving it added power as well as the original Endless Vision.The act is in the process of putting finishing touches on a new full length for 2017. Listen to ‘Something Different now:

The full EP is due for release Christmas day. You can check out more of FLAUNT on YouTube. Learn more about FLAUNT by visiting

Band/Artist: FLAUNT
Location: USA
Styles: Indie, Rock, Pop, Acoustic, Electronic, Alternative
Members/Instruments: Justin Jennings and Joseph Vitterito
New EP release
Available on Soundcloud: 25 December 2016
Worldwide Release date: 06 JANUARY 2017 (spotify, itunes, etc)
Invidual Track Release dates (singles):
ENDLESS VISION: 05 December 2016
OUTBREAK: 12 December 2016


FLAUNT is the brain child of USA’s Justin Jennings and Joseph Vitterito with an eclectic yet harmonic soundtrack of songs and a promise to deliver just that on the new album.

Hailing from two similar but distant areas of the United States (Colorado and Maine) the duo formed as a result of social media and have been recording ever since. They share responsibilities in the act with the main goal of making music that is art. The guys aim to create song cycles in the day and age where the album has declared “dead.” After the success of  their album CODON, they released a synth/electronic based EP containing the independent music number one hit National Anthem and an eclectic selection of songs and videos including a curious cover of Donna Summer’s “Grand Illusion” as well as the rock epic and accompanying short film “My Clone Sleeps Alone,” originally performed by Pat Benatar,

This latter tune won praise from the song’s original writer (and bass player) Roger Capps.With this experience and passion under their belts, they sought to step back into the disparate sounds of CODON but embellish them with lyrics and more song structure, blending both electronics and organics into an 18 track mammoth project complete with narrative videos for each song. The group entitled the project RAVE NOIR and the results are an amalgamation of guitars, keyboards, swamp rock, and emotive vocals. When asked about the album they state, “we wanted to make an album that was reminiscent to some extent of what radio used to sound like… where a Zeppelin tune would be followed by a hit single by the Little River Band and then something by the Gap Band.”

Coming off the critical success of the audiovisual album RAVE NOIR (18 songs AND
videos), Flaunt takes the shorter route here with a seven track EP featuring the singles
Into The Sky and Something Different. This EP finds the act mining some new vibes
(check out the tropical meets Eastern vibe of Something Different). The deep, brooding
rock sound of Rave Noir’s heavy track “Last 9 Words” influences the act’s take on
Adele’s pop song ‘Send My Love’ giving it added power as well as the original Endless

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NYC Music Artist Phoebe Nir shows her “Side Hustle” in New EP

phoebe Nir NYC artist releases new EP Side Hustle

If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. New York City music artist Phoebe Nir has a new EP entitled “Side Hustle”, released through True Groove Records. One of Fromgirltogirl’s favorite songs off the record is ” Lust for Life“, a Iggy pop cover. This song will wake you up and have you dancing. You can have a listen to the full EP “Side Hustle” now.  All the songs from the EP are written by Phoebe Nir with the exception of “Lust for Life.” The album was produced by Tomás Doncker and James Dellatacoma for True Groove Records engineered and mixed by James Dellatacoma at Orange Music Sound Studios mastered by Michael Fossenkemper of TurtleTone Studios. The horn arrangements are by Mac Gollehon. Lead vocal is Phoebe Nir with backup vocals by True Groove All-Stars. The instruments leads are:

  • guitars: Tomás Doncker, James Dellatacoma
  • keyboards: Nick Rolfe
  • bass: Mike Griot
  • drums: James “Whoop” Coley
  • horns: Mac Gollehon
  • keyboards: Nick Rolfe, Manu Koch
  • Guest vocals on “Side Hustle” – Charlie Funk

You can learn more about Phoebe Nir at and TrueGroove.NYC. Tracking listing is below:

1 – Lust for Life

2 – Joe!

3 – Film School

4 – Side Hustle

5 – The Broken Parts

6 – Oh Ana

About Phoebe Nir - NYC Artist

About Phoebe Nir

NYC-based singer/songwriter and playwright Phoebe Nir has performed at some of New York’s hottest
venues, including Joe’s Pub and 54 Below, and was received at the White House by President Obama as a Presidential Scholar of the Arts. She is currently developing a Broadway-bound musical theater trilogy, ‘Diana & Navy’, with composer/producer Tomás Doncker.

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Top Queer artists in music: Jordan Alexander and new music ‘Take Me Out Tonight’

Searching for new music to play as you gather with family and friends this holiday season? Add the new single and music video “Take Me Out Tonight” from Toronto-based pop artist Jordan Alexander. Alexander dubbed “the next gay pop star” by AfterEllen and chosen by Bif Naked Jordan to appear on – I,Bificus – Songs and Stories Tour, now in progress has plenty say about her new music video.
“She actually shot tequila, smoked weed and skinny-dipped…yes she’s my grandmother !” Alexander says “Age ain’t nuthin but a number and I’m so blessed to have the world’s coolest grandma!” Watch the fun, brand new video “Take Me Out Tonight“, directed by Jarvis Church now:

You may also be interested in share the song “Take Me Out Tonight” on Soundcloud and streaming “The Lonely Hearts Club” EP. Learn more about Jordan Alexander by visiting her website, following her on Twitter @Jordan4Music, Instagram and Facebook. Jordan Alexander has a huge passion for music and songwriting and is excited to share it.

More About the Singer Jordan Alexander

Jordan Alexander started her music career in 2013 and named by as “ Queer Ones To Watch in 2016.”Alexander, singer-songwriter, found her knack for songwriting and performing in 2013 when her girlfriend bought her a guitar and signed her up for Spectra Talent Competition, which she won performing one of her original songs. Jordan also performed in Ebonnie Rowe’s all-girl music showcase Honey Jam two years in a row. Originally from Vancouver, BC Jordan has found a home in the Toronto music scene. Jordan’s first year at Honey Jam connected her with her now producer, Grammy nominated, Juno award-winning producer Gerald Eaton.

Things We love About Jordan Alexander

Jordan’s heart felt lyrics, catchy choruses and sultry voice are a staple of her music and the driving force behind her debut album The Lonely Hearts Club released June of 2016. Jordan met Bif Naked and her manager Peter Karroll selling books at Bif’s book launch. Peter now manages Jordan and had her opening for Bif Naked in Toronto at the Adelaide hall May 17th 2016, and in Ottawa at Mavericks May 18th. Jordan has also opened for UK singer Jess Glynne in 2015, and shared the stage with Tegan and Sara in 2014. As a queer artist in music Jordan has received tremendous support from the LGBT community and is set to perform June 17th and 18th in Columbus, Ohio for their pride celebrations and in Toronto July 3rd.

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From Cali to the DMV meet the host of Great Day Washington Markette Sheppard


Searching for ways to have a great day in the district? Then get excited for ‘Great Day Washington’, starring Markette Sheppard and co hosts Chris Leary and Meaghan Mooney. The day show is a live, lifestyle focused daily talk show. But who is the woman behind Great Day Washington?

California native Markette Sheppard’s moved to Washington DC two weeks after finishing college for her first job opportunity in web producing. Many recent graduates get comfortable having a stable job in corporate America, but Sheppard did not want to stop at too comfortable. She decided to follow her dream. It came down to doing it now or never. Sheppard felt if she didn’t follow her dream during her late 20’s, it may never happen or she would get too comfortable playing it safe.

So what did Sheppard do? She made use of her interactive journalism degree from American University and created reels on lifestyle topics. These lifestyle reels led her to a job opportunity at Prince George Community TV, which covers real news every day. From there Sheppard uploaded reels on her Youtube channel and she entered a nationwide search contest to find the next co-host of Live with Regis and Kelly in 2012 where she made it to the final four. That opportunity opened doors for Sheppard and she got a lifestyle feature on NBC’s Today Show as well as national and local credits via VH1, AMC Movie News and Fox Richmond. Once again, TV producers were watching on Youtube, but this time WUSA9 reached out to her about being a talk show host for Great Day Washington. It’s a dream job and perfect for Sheppard who is now a mother because she has a supportive team who understands the challenges working parents face and overall accepts that life happens, creating a good work and life balance for the talk show host, mom, husband and entrepreneur. In fact, Sheppard says becoming the host of Great Day Washington is a huge blessing as she can discuss sustainable lifestyle and entertainment topics while being attentive to her husband and son.

During our interview with Sheppard,we got to learn more about her passions, public speaking and what we can expect from Great Day Washington. Here is the scoop:

Briana Booker: Tell me about yourself. What inspired you to take this career path in journalism and public speaking?

Markette Sheppard: I’ve always enjoyed meeting different people, performing, public speaking and covering real stories from real people. Telling the truth, the real story is what I love about my job.

BB: What are the types of people who succeed in your field?

MS:Fearless people. In this industry you really don’t know where you’ll end up. Many career paths have a charted course. In journalism, you cannot chart your course. You don’t know if you’ll become an anchor or a talk show host in my case because at the end of the day none of us know the future. It reminds me of this quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. :

“ Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

In life, we can try to predict our path, but there’s no guarantee where we will end up. A job might lay you off. You may leave an organization because you realize you want to pursue other career paths. It comes down to playing it safe your entire life or go big. I chose to go big.

BB: What inspired you to go big?

MS: Why not me? When I heard about the search for Regis’ replacement there was no doubt I couldn’t do it. I did the audition video right in my living room with the idea it’s gonna happen. I go through the first round, semi-finals and made it to the final four. I am a firm believer committing to something will take you places. I went from Youtube to radio and now TV. Getting the experience means everything when pursuing a dream.

BB: What topics will you cover? Will it include a food segment?

MS: Great Day Washington is a hyper local ( MD, DC, and VA) day time talk show, covering lifestyle and entertainment. You can expect big stars such as a certain late night host , OWN TV reality TV star. and local celebrities We have a great line up and yes, we will cover food in our live kitchen set with a global top chef as well as visits to some of the best restaurants in the area.

BB: What are five things you can’t live without?

A sweater, Mexican food, my baby boy Wesley, husband and good people.

MS: What is your motto or advice you cannot live without?

BB: If you want to live out a dream, start on the little things now. You don’t have to wait to do what you want in life. It took me five or six years to live out my dream and it all started with a video camera and a can do attitude. Start now.

We love how passionate and genuine Markette Sheppard is on and off the air. We look forward to watching Great Day Washington, 5 days a week at 9:00AM. Let us know your thoughts about the talk show and stay connected with Markette on Twitter ( @super_markette) and check out her entrepreneurial ventures ( we love Markette Sheppard’s natural and organic cosmetics from at Let us know your thoughts on the new talk show all about the great things Washington DC has to offer as well as Sheppard’s beauty products.

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#Health4Her : will you join the women’s health movement?

On Wednesday October 12, 1-3pm EST the #Health4Her global initiative to support women’s health begins. We are only days away and extremely excited to share health resources and tips to protect not only ourselves but the women we love. Will you join the movement?

If yes, it is easy to get started and you can begin today by following these simple steps:

When you want to add to the conversation, just use the hashtag #Health4Her. You may be also interested in browsing the hashtag on Facebook and Twitter to see what women’s health advocates around the world are saying. Post-chat day and end of October, Briana Booker will give you an inside look in how the #Health4Her global initiative came to be. You can RSVP to the #Health4Her Live Twitter Chat today to make sure you get an alert the day of the chat. Below is one of the many reflections you will read during the women’s health movement. Let us know your thoughts and share how you support women’s health:

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Don’t touch my crown: this hair is mine | Natural hair care

Solange Knowles has released her new album “A Seat at the Table” and I must say the song is black girl magic all the way. When little black girls grow up, they often don’t hear compliments about their hair in its natural state. Instead, it is drilled in their mind that they are enough unless it’s straight from root to end. If it’s too thick or kinky, just forget it. They find themselves getting a chemical relaxer to make them into who they never can truly be. I got my first relaxer in the third grade. I didn’t want it but all the other little girls had straight hair and moreover the girls with the beautiful locks weren’t black like me. It was just the start of many years of battling whether to be naturally me or conform to a world where I was not enough. If I could go back to that little girl in the third grade, I would say: ” Don’t touch my crown…this hair is mine.” You can buy Solange Knowles’ digital album ‘A Seat at the Table’ now at Here are so products I love that help me better manage my kinky, beautiful hair…my crown:

Anyone with #curlyhair knows how much of a process #washday can be. As some of my followers know, I use #coconutoil and #almondoil daily for #skin and #hair care. In fact I soon have to order more but 6-10 oz bottles of 3 essential hair oil can last me about 4-5 months. By having this daily #hairoil routine, it makes wash day easier because my hair already smooth and well hydrated. After I wash my hair, I use a leave in conditioner and detangler. This #hairdetangler is from #suave and yes, I prefer the kiddie version because I know there’s no dye or things harmful for my #hair. From there I use my #coconutoil infused comb to make sure my root to ends receive the health benefits of the oil. As you can see the comb helped smooth out my hair and added shine. It truly encourages healthy hair growth. Now I have my scarf on as my hair air drys. Learn why I don’t use a #towel to dry my hair and where you can get a #tshirthairwrap or #tshirttowel today: #blackhair #haircare You can get any of these products at your local @target ( which is wear I got my comb and detangler) or better yet support #blackbusiness that sell these great #haircareproducts 😍 Use hashtag #Fg2g to show me your wash day routine and visit for more gr at information. #hairtutorial #hairvideos

A photo posted by (@fromgirltogirl) on

This #CoconutOil infused #comb is my hair’s new best friend. Today was #washday. After putting in the leave in conditioner and hair detangler, I combed my hair with ease. Not only is it shiny and smooth in a matter of minutes but I like that it offers coconut oil and keratin protein from root to ends to support healthy #hair. You can use this comb on both wet and dry hair. I have plan to use it daily. It can last a few years before the oil is no longer in the comb. Check out this video to learn more about the benefits of the comb and how it can support healthy #hairgrowth : #NaturalHair #teamnatural #curlyhair #curls #curlsfordays #haircare #HealthyHair #HairWash #combing #naturalhairstyles #blackhair #blackhairstyles #fg2g A photo posted by (@fromgirltogirl) on

You can have a listen to the album here:

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Maternity fashion: Laura Benanti debuts baby bump in Anne Barge Black Label

Laura Benanti wears Anne Barge Black Label at Last Night’s Café Carlyle debut.Photo Credit: Marion Curtis for Starpix 

Did you catch Tony Award-winner and five-time Tony nominee Laura Benanti wearing a custom Anne Barge Black Label gown at the opening night of her debut show at Café Carlyle, Tales From Soprano Isle? Not only does she look absolutely stunning in the sleeveless column gown but the custom-made in garnet red silk crepe fabric accented by art-deco inspired embroidery, beautifully fits and complements Benanti and her growing baby bump. Laura first commissioned an Anne Barge gown last November in her wedding to Patrick Brown at Riverside Church. Barge, a longtime fan of Benanti from her Tony Award-winning performances in Gypsy and She Loves Me, was overjoyed to have Laura in one of her designs saying: “Laura is one of the loveliest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, so beautiful and so talented! I could not be happier for her.” You can follow Anne Barge on Instagram @AnneBarge and search the hashtag #AnneBarge to see more stunning gowns. 


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A People’s Journey: Welcome to the National Museum of African American History & Culture

Some day if I’m blessed to see old age I can tell the youngins this: We went to see the @nmaahc opening ceremony and our first black President of the United States with his black First Lady @__flotus__ Michelle #Obama spoke at the dedication on September 24, 2016. And if I am able by then… We are going to that museum from top to bottom. The resilience in itself is a remarkable story. Shout out to @howard1867 students as well as the black men who took off of work for the million man march. If you can’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. #Freedom #Equality #apeoplesjourney #fg2g #blacklivesmatter #blackandproud #nmaahc #stopracism #stopseparatism #civilrights #humanrights #blackhistory #millionmanmarch #howarduniversity #hu #howard #blackfeminism #Roots

A photo posted by (@fromgirltogirl) on

Last Saturday, September 24, the National Museum of African American History & Culture ( NMAAHC) in Washington, D.C. opened its doors to the public and Fromgirltogirl attend the opening ceremony. For those of you who did not get to see the museum first-hand, EarthCam is proud to have been selected to document the newest museum on the National Mall and released this time-lapse movie showcasing construction progress from May 2012 to September 2016. The NMAAHC is the Smithsonian Institute’s 19th museum and the HD imagery from the EarthCam construction camera highlights the beauty of the Freelon Adjaye Bond/SmithGroup vision.

About the NMAAHC

The NMAAHC is a 400,000-square-foot museum with nearly 3,500 artifacts in its exhibition galleries, an education center, a reflecting pool at the south entry and many more unique features. The grand opening weekend included festivals, artistic performances and a special dedication ceremony where President Barack Obama cut the ribbon. You can watch President Obama’s speech below:

To celebrate the opening of this significant museum on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. with EarthCam’s time-lapse movie for the National Museum of African American History & Culture, watch the video below:

Video is “Courtesy of EarthCam”

Want to learn more? Check out this Sunday Morning edition with Quincy Jones:

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Top fitness videos: Schiller Fitness’ 5 minute hotel workout

Are you looking for  fitness routine that you can commit to doing daily or weekly? Then we recommend checking out the Schiller Fitness channel on YouTube. What is Schiller Fitness? Schiller Fitness is a lifestyle approach to health and wellness and one of the most laid back fitness channels we have seen on YouTube.  But that’s not why we watch. We watch because the guy is very passionate about surfing and fitness while being highly informative about getting a good workout in. Below is a cool hotel workout you can do right on vacation or even at home. Check it out and let us know how it works out for you:

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