NEW WEB Series: Sunday Brunch Series

Sunday Brunch Series
Watch a new episode of the Sunday Brunch Series every week!

Spring is in the air and it’s time to checkout some of the best web series out there! I introduce to you the Sunday Brunch Series.

What is the Sunday Brunch Series?

The Sunday Brunch Series is a  comedy web series written and produced by three fabulous women ( Nicola Graham, Kelsey Law, and Sara Lohman ) who share their voices and take their lives and passions into their own hands. The web series is truly a collaborative effort of women creating art together and it’s a beautiful thing. It’s directed by Sara Lohman.

Plot of the Sunday Brunch Series

The root of the Sunday Brunch Series is a theme about honest expression of life and love. The backdrop is Los Angeles( L.A) and the 3 ladies -Ryan (Nicola Graham), Ashley ( Kelsey Law) and Cameron ( Kaleena Massaker) are wildly different from each other yet they have connected personalities. They are 30-somethings that enjoy drinking mimosa and talking it out.

If you like raw talent, women with drive, and women that support their community – you will love the Sunday Brunch Series and learn a thing or two about making real friends in a town like L.A. while keeping your sense of self ( and your sense of humor through the ups and downs).

This show is about real women depicting life intensities , pain and the learning curves. Each episode is 6 minutes long so you can watch on-the go!

Fun Facts about Sunday Brunch:

  1. The Sunday Brunch Series gained support via a Kickstarter Campaign.
  2. The talents of the crew, production team, art and music are donations of time.
  3. The show is about  the lives, personalities and exes of Nicola Graham, Kelsey Law and Sara Lohman.
  4. There are six episodes you’ll see this season. They filmed the episodes in only 5 days around Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Hollywood and the deep valley.

Check out the Sunday Brunch Series trailer today and watch the first episode on the first day of Spring!

If you love what you see, please fund and support season 2 of the Sunday Brunch Series by sharing this great show. Cheers to mimosa and being fierce!

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