Latino celebrities to be honored at oscar-weekend impact awards gala by the national hispanic media coalition

BEVERLY HILLS—Kicking off Oscars weekend, on Friday, February 24, the National Hispanic Media Coalition will host their star-studded 20th annual Impact Awards Gala at the historic Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, where Latinos making outstanding contributions to the positive portrayals of Latinos in film and TV will be honored. This is a black tie affair to honor outstanding contributions to the positive portrayals of Latinos in media, hosted by the National Hispanic Media Coalition.

Karla Souza
, Outstanding Performance in a Television Series, (How To Get Away With Murder)

Jaime Camil, Outstanding Performance in a Television Series (Jane the Virgin)

Roberto Orci, Visionary Impact Award, (Transformers, Star Trek, The Amazing Spiderman 2)

One Day at a Time, Outstanding Comedy Series, executive producers Mike Royce, Gloria Calderon-Kellet, and actress Justina Machado to accept the award

Elena of Avalor, Outstanding Animated Series, creator and executive producer Craig Gerber, and co-producer and story editor Silvia Olivas to accept the award

Hate Rising, Outstanding Documentary, producer Catherine Tambini to accept the award on behalf of the team, including Fusion and Univision anchor Jorge Ramos

Special Presenter:
Norman Lear, a World War II veteran, actor, writer, producer, director, and creator of such legendary sitcoms including, One Day at a Time, All In The Family, Good Times, Sanford And Son, The Jeffersons, Maude, and many others that defined and revolutionized American television.

Christina Vidal, actress known for Training Day, Freaky Friday and Welcome to the Dollhouse
Lisa Vidal, actress and producer known for Being Mary Jane, Star Trek and The Division

Friday, February 24, 2017
6:00-7:00 p.m.  Red Carpet Arrivals, Reception
7:00-10:00 p.m.  Dinner and Awards Ceremony

Beverly Wilshire Hotel
9500 Wilshire Blvd
Grand Ballroom
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

NHMC’s 2017 title and diamond event sponsors include The Walt Disney Company, Univision Communications Inc., and Comcast NBCUniversal.

About  The National Hispanic Media Coalition (NMHC)

The National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) is a media advocacy and civil rights organization for the advancement of Latinos, working towards a media that is fair and inclusive of Latinos, and towards universal, affordable, and open access to communications.

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Ask Bree Anything: 15 most common insecurities in Women

Briana Booker (Bree), gives Facebook Live a go with her ‘Ask Bree Anything’ Sunday chit-chat on topics that matter to you. The Facebook Live will happen every Sunday at 8:30 PM EST and on occasion for prime time TV shows and streaming discussions. Feel free to leave Bree your questions on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to join the conversation @fromgirltogirl. As we move forward with Facebook Lives, we will have guests and very open discussions. Stay tuned and subscribe for notifications by liking Fromgirltogirl on Facebookk.

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Great Local Event: All-Day Series of Talkson Geographic Information Systems

The Library of Congress will celebrate GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Day on Nov. 16 with an all-day series of talks on the use of GIS technology in the federal government, the private sector, academia and K-12 schools. The discussions will be held from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 16, in the reading room of the Library’s Geography and Map Division, on the basement level of the James Madison Memorial Building, 101 Independence Ave. S.E., Washington, D.C.  Tickets are not required for this event, which is free and open to the public. A Geographic Information System is a computer system for storing, analyzing, manipulating and displaying digital data that is linked to positions on the Earth’s surface.  GIS provides the modern basis for digital geographic analysis and map-making. GIS Day is held during Geography Awareness Week (Nov. 13-19)—an annual, global celebration of GIS technology, with events held by organizations around the world.  Formally started in 1999, GIS Day aims to provide a forum to promote the benefits of GIS research, demonstrate real-world applications of GIS and foster open idea-sharing and growth in the GIS community.

The Library’s morning session will include presentations from high-school and university students and recent graduates showcasing their environmentally-focused GIS research.  The morning will also feature talks on the use of GIS in the federal government and by non-profit organizations and will highlight career opportunities in the growing field of GIS. The afternoon session will focus on GIS activities and resources throughout the Capitol Hill complex.  Cartographers, GIS analysts and library technicians from the Library’s Geography and Map Division and the Library’s Congressional Research Service will discuss ongoing projects and services.  These are designed to broaden the availability of geospatial data and provide GIS analysis and custom cartography to Congress.  The afternoon also will feature talks from congressional aides using GIS to visualize geographic data and inform constituents of policy issues and news through digital cartography. The program will conclude with tours of the Geography and Map Division’s collections, including rare cartographic treasures. Learn more about the schedule as well as information about the Library of Congress’ largest and most comprehensive collection of maps and atlases in the world, some 5.4 million cartographic items that date from the 14th century to the present time by visiting

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Maternity fashion: Laura Benanti debuts baby bump in Anne Barge Black Label

Laura Benanti wears Anne Barge Black Label at Last Night’s Café Carlyle debut.Photo Credit: Marion Curtis for Starpix 

Did you catch Tony Award-winner and five-time Tony nominee Laura Benanti wearing a custom Anne Barge Black Label gown at the opening night of her debut show at Café Carlyle, Tales From Soprano Isle? Not only does she look absolutely stunning in the sleeveless column gown but the custom-made in garnet red silk crepe fabric accented by art-deco inspired embroidery, beautifully fits and complements Benanti and her growing baby bump. Laura first commissioned an Anne Barge gown last November in her wedding to Patrick Brown at Riverside Church. Barge, a longtime fan of Benanti from her Tony Award-winning performances in Gypsy and She Loves Me, was overjoyed to have Laura in one of her designs saying: “Laura is one of the loveliest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, so beautiful and so talented! I could not be happier for her.” You can follow Anne Barge on Instagram @AnneBarge and search the hashtag #AnneBarge to see more stunning gowns. 


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FotoJet: the professional look for everyday photo editing

Are you in need of a reliable photo editing tool or online tool to help you with your graphic design projects and photo collages? Then check out FotoJet. It’s an all-in-one free online tool for photo editing, graphic design and photo collages. Yes, you can use the tool for professional and personal needs. Here are just some of the many projects FotoJet can help you make more professional:

  • Social Media Banners ( i.e. Facebook Cover, Twitter Header, Youtube banner, Instagram post).
  • Advertising design
  • Marketing Design

Here at Fromgirltogirl we really appreciate the photo editor’s user-friendly features such applying photo effects to convey feelings, adding overlay text and clipart images to photos in just a few clicks.  We understand that a picture can say a thousands words and FotoJet  gets the job done with its template-based approach to creating collage projects. To put it short, you don’t have to be a graphic designer pro to develop professional imaging projects. From birthday collages to anniversary graphics, let Fromgirltogirl know how FotoJet works for you by tagging us on your photos. Looking forward to seeing your designs.

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Are menstrual cups the best solution for heavy periods? | My Period


#Periods…they can really be a pain literally and figuratively. I like to feel prepared for when my cycle comes so since I was a teen I categorized my underwear as fashion statement panties, sportswear and period panties. My period panties were basically the panties I thought were the least attractive and wouldn’t be as upset if any leakage happened during my sleep or other circumstance. Now I’m excited to try out #menstrual underwear. Yes these are stylish panties designed to keep you comfortable and secure during your period. They come in all types of designs and available for all ages ( per-teen, #teen and ages 12+). The panties are known as worry free period panties because they are leak proof/ #waterproof and made from high quality fiber. They fit just as good as #briefs or #boyshorts. They don’t feel like ordinary panties but I like that the #periodpanties are breathable and stylish. I got these from #Apropos but found them more affordable by shopping on #Amazon. I’ll tell you more about them in the weeks ahead when I get my cycle in August. Learn about the journey to better period cycles at Note there is a pocket holding a reusable pad right on the front. It has plenty of space to store #tampons, #pads, and maybe a clean menstrual cup ( with a store bag…which I have). You can put your support horizontal or vertical in the storage space. No one will notice the difference. #fg2g #girls #women #Health4Her #Hygiene #gyno #AuntFlo #menstrualcycle #menstrualcup #menstrual #ImWithHer #periodproblems #periodpain #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger

A photo posted by (@fromgirltogirl) on

Some weeks ago I decide to give menstrual cups and other menstrual products to improve my comfort and feminine hygiene when big flow ( my period) comes once a month. I spent about $50 buying renewable pads, very fashionable period panties and my new best friend  – the menstrual cup. With my period days away, I decide to read my menstrual cup instructions and take a dry test with my pixie cup.

Let me tell you…that dry test was an adventure. I thought inserting the menstrual cup would be a breeze since I’m young and my vagina for the most part keeps itself lubricated. I rinsed the menstrual cup with warm water and used a menstrual wipe to sanitize it before inserting it into my vagina. I folded the menstrual cup with my index moving my labia around to make room.

The folding was the easiest part of the insert, it was when the menstrual cup started to expand to its original form, a circle. I didn’t expect the cup to expand so quickly to the walls of my vagina. It has a different feeling than when a tampon is present. I was trying to retreat when I felt it expand but it’s too late.

Watch the video below to see what I recommend to make it more comfortable to put the menstrual cup in and out of your vagina. You can live the average menstrual cup in you for 8-12 hours (depending on the size and the flow of your period).

If you don’t feel the cup completely open, rotate the cup gently to make sure all sides of it have expanded. I notice it is there but not by much. I don’t know how this will feel once my period begins, but I will report on it as soon as I can.  Sitting really helped me initially put the cup inside me but I had to stand to rotate and make sure all sides are open. FULL VIDEO:

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Achieve lasting healing in all areas of your life | Health & Wellness

About Dr. Bradley Nelson

No matter who you are or where you are in the world, you have at least one aspect of your life that you would like to heal or improve upon, be it health, wealth or relationships. Now, holistic physician, author and world-renown lecturer Dr. Bradley Nelson is inviting those who are finally ready for healing to claim it at The Ultimate Health, Wealth and Relationship Retreat September 22 – 24, 2016 in Las Vegas, NV. Cost-saving early registration runs through August 31, 2016.

At this exclusive three-day retreat, Dr. Brad guides participants to…

  • use muscle testing to unlock the infinite well of knowledge that is in your subconscious mind
  • find and correct energetic, physical, mental and spiritual imbalances
  • master your health, wealth and relationships
  • experience breakthrough techniques while refining your abilities with the top experts of Natural Healing
  • connect, learn and have fun doing so

For those who are ready to embrace lasting healing in every facet of their life, The Ultimate Health, Wealth, and Relationship Retreat is the perfect opportunity to take their wellness to the next level. For more information, please visit and EmotionCode.TV.

About Dr. Bradley Nelson: Dr. Nelson has lectured internationally on the natural healing of chronic illness and successfully treated patients from across the US and Canada for more than 20 years. He has trained more than 2,000 practitioners worldwide on how to help people overcome unresolved anger, depression, anxiety, loneliness and other negative emotions and the physical symptoms associated them.

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2016 Women’s Health chat of the year: #Health4Her is this October

Are you ready for the women’s health chat of the year? It’s happening on Wednesday, October 12th 1:00-3:00pm EST during the #Health4Her ‘Balance! Putting Your Health First!’ Live Twitter Chat.

#Health4Her is a global effort to raise awareness about top health conditions that impact women and the proactive steps women can take to improve their health by learning how to make their health a priority.

How to support the #Health4Her Cause this October

Together we can support #Health4Her, your sister, mother, daughter, aunt, cousin, friend,wife or even your health.

By teaching women across the world how tiny simple wellness actions can have enormous impact to their everyday health can help us improve tomorrow’s women’s health. Want to join the conversation? Use the #Health4Her hashtag to learn more and chat with us on the big day. You don’t want to miss your chance to make a difference in her world. 

Follow @AFHSBPAGE on Twitter and we will tweet you then!

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Dating Behaviors Around the World: Badoo Survey reveals most attractive traits

Are you trying to navigate the dating scene and not feeling very successful? Then these findings from  Badoo’s survey on “Dating Habits Across the World”  may offer you better insight to improve your luck in dating. You can also down-load a high-resolution version of the infographic here. Pass it along to friends and family.

In the spirit of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Badoo, the world’s largest dating network, has released very interesting findings on dating trends from the U.S. and across the world. Badoo’s 318 million users reveal how dating habits compare and contrast around the world in regards to gender, sexuality, and physical traits such as body type, height, eye and hair color. Here are the key findings from the valuable data:

  • The Most Desirable Traits Worldwide: For female Badoo users across the world, the global findings suggest that men who are between 5’7 and 5’11 (47%), have dark (black/brown) hair (70%), identify as having an average body type (40%) and have brown eyes (52%), are the most desirable characteristics in a partner and most likely to be engaged with online. The findings also suggest that male Badoo users worldwide are more likely to engage with women who are between 5’3 and 5’7 (48%), have brown hair (34%), an average body type (40%), and brown eyes (52%).

  • What Men Want in the U.S.: American women who identify as being between 5’3 and 5’6 (46%) and having brown eyes (60%) are found to be the the most desired traits by American males and are more likely to receive a message. Women who identify as having brown hair (40%) and an average body type (40%) are more likely to receive a message; in contrast, women with blonde hair (13%) and have an athletic body type (6%) attract less attention.

  • What Women Want in the U.S.: The most desirable physical traits by American women are men who identify as athletic (36%), between 5’7 and 5’11 (40%), have brown eyes (61%) and black/brown hair (66%). Women who have black/brown hair (66%) are found to be the most desirable while men who have blonde (6%) and red hair (1%) are the least likely to be engaged with by women.

  • Who Makes The First Move: Globally, while men are still the most likely to make the first move on a dating app, there are some countries where women are increasingly becoming more forward online. When it comes to women initiating the conversation, female users in the United States (36%), Dominican Republic (30%), Canada (25%) and Thailand (19%) and Czech Republic (21%) are most likely to make the first move.

  • The Countries with the Most Singles: If you’re looking to make travel plans and haven’t decided on your destination yet, consider these five countries, which have the highest rates of single users: United Arab Emirates (97.37%), Australia (96.69%), Turkey (96.40%), New Zealand (96.40%), and Kuwait (96.17%).

  • LGBTQ-Friendly Dating Destinations: Need a few LGBTQ-friendly vacation ideas? Indonesia came out on top as the most “open-minded” dating destination when it comes to sexuality, while countries Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa were found to be the most gay-friendly.

“The results of our first global survey highlight the different reasons people in your area and around the world meet up, and share experiences, interests and friendships,” said Badoo Dating Expert Joey Hadfield.

At Badoo, they are all about the users meeting new people, which is why it’s exciting to learn more about the nuances of dating on a global scale. With 318 million users  in over 190 countries, and over 400,000 new people signing up for a Badoo experience each day, the company is the fastest growing dating platform in the world. Badoo’s female selfie and social media security announcements follow the recent launch of the application’s Photo Verification and the new Videos in profile which helps users ensure that there’s only real people on the platform.

Badoo dating app
Badoo Unveils Global Dating Survey on most attractive traits for dating.

For the purpose of this study, Badoo analyzed anonymized data from all users in 31 countries across the globe. These findings are based on user functions within Badoo’s application, including designated geographic location within user profile settings.

About Badoo: Badoo is the largest dating network in the world. With 318 million users across 190 countries and 250 employees worldwide, Badoo provides the best technology for people to meet, because happiness is better shared. More than 400,000 people sign up for a Badoo experience each day and over 350 million messages are sent and 10 million photos are added on the Badoo platform, with users spending an average of 1.8 hours daily on the Badoo experience, for a total of over 12 billion swipes per day. Badoo also operates a number of white label licenses or various international brands. For more information, please visit

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Girls and Sex: Is there a such thing as too many sex partners?

There is a very interesting article circulating the Internet called ‘Girls & Sex and the importance of talking to young girls about pleasure’. Social acceptance is that girls should only have but so much pleasure because our bodies bring babies into the world and then raise the children into outstanding citizens. But what if girls want more than just playing a gender role? What if their pursuit of happiness means pursuing pleasure and dreams beyond motherhood and the family lifestyle? Should not society take these factors to account?

‘Girls & Sex and the importance of talking to young girls about pleasure’ is a  must read but identifying how women and men view sex and who has the right to pleasure can help open the discussion sex and liberty. Often men ask us to ask questions to our readers on their thoughts about sexuality and free will. In the next 24 hours, we hope you can take part in the ‘Girls & Sex’ discussion by giving your commentary on the following questions:

Q1: Do #women have unprotected #sex more than #men or vice versa? Leave a comment. #SexLife #SexHealth #Singles #ForeverAlone #Dating #Marriage #GirlsAndSex

Posted by Fromgirltogirl on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Q2: Are women more likely to say we can have #sex just don’t #cum in me… pull it out? Leave a comment. Chime in. #FG2G #SexLife #SexHealth #Singles #ForeverAlone #Dating #Marriage #GirlsAndSex

Posted by Fromgirltogirl on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Q3: Why do women always tell men “just don’t cum in me”? You just don’t want to get pregnant? What’s the reason? Leave a comment. #SexLife #SexHealth #Singles #ForeverAlone #Dating #Marriage #GirlsAndSex

Posted by Fromgirltogirl on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Q4: What is consider a “lot” of sexual partners for a female? #Sex #SexLife #SexHealth #Singles #ForeverAlone #Dating #Marriage #GirlsAndSex

Posted by Fromgirltogirl on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Q5: What is consider a “lot” of sexual partners for a male? #Sex #SexLife #SexHealth #Singles #ForeverAlone #Dating #Marriage #GirlsAndSex

Posted by Fromgirltogirl on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Q6: In #HighSchool, what’s the number of sexual partners you should have as a female? More than 10 or less than 10?…

Posted by Fromgirltogirl on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Q7: In #HighSchool, what’s the number of sexual partners you should have as a male? More than 10 or less than 10? Leave a comment. #Sex #SexLife #SexHealth #Singles #ForeverAlone #Dating #Marriage #GirlsAndSex

Posted by Fromgirltogirl on Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Q8: In #college, which is the “normal” number of #sex partners a female should have? What’s consider abnormal? #SexLife #SexHealth #Singles #ForeverAlone #Dating #Marriage #GirlsAndSex

Posted by Fromgirltogirl on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Q9: In #college, what is the “normal” number of #sex partners a male should have? What’s consider abnormal? #SexLife #SexHealth #Singles #ForeverAlone #Dating #Marriage #GirlsAndSex

Posted by Fromgirltogirl on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Q10: By time of #Marriage, how many #sex partners should a man have? #SexLife #SexHealth #Singles #ForeverAlone #Dating #GirlsAndSex

Posted by Fromgirltogirl on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Q11: By time of #Marriage, how many #sex partners should a woman have? #SexLife #SexHealth #Singles #ForeverAlone #Dating #GirlsAndSex

Posted by Fromgirltogirl on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

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