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Red Fashion statement from Yash
Music video Get 2 Kno Me Music video bath tub scene

Listening to new music,  Fromgirltogirl found a cool music video from the pop/hip hop artist and LGBTQ activist Yaysh entitled “Get 2 Kno Me”. We must warn you, the music video is all-nude.

Get 2 Kno Me (Music VIdeo)

About Get 2 Kno Me

“Get 2 Kno Me” is a romantic, reggae-pop song about falling in love. Freestyled out of both joy and sadness the song is a reflection of a culture increasingly afraid to fall in love. During the song, Yaysh explores the notions of vulnerability, self-esteem, lovemaking, and the overarching fearlessness of diving headfirst into a romantic relationship with her new single and accompanying music video. The sound is mellow, relaxing, and gives off positive vibes drawn from reggae pop influence.

“Nudity is being used as metaphor and message for baring it all because being naked is a form of completely showing yourself, at least on a physical level. It is a sign of inherent confidence in being human, that there is nothing wrong with who we are, nothing wrong with love, love-making, being completely naked and showing your entirety and letting people judge.  We deserve to feel comfortable in our own skin and to make love and enjoy ourselves and being human fully!” – Yaysh

Yaysh also emphasizes diversity, tying back to her idea that you have to bare it all to truly find love, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.

“We deserve to celebrate our bodies and our beauty and sexuality and feel at home with who we are. We don’t need to be ashamed.” – Yaysh


Watch Now

Get 2 Kno Me – Yaysh | Official Video from Yayshplz on Vimeo.

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Now playing: ‘ Two Hands’ by DAANI

DAANI headshot for new single Two Hands
Electro R&B, indie/pop artist DAANI last single was a huge success as the official song for the Hunger Games Mockingjay trailer.  Now DAANI has released a new single entitled ‘Two Hands.’ The electrifying track highlights DAANI’s booming vocals over slinky electronic beats and modern R&B soundscapes. You may be familiar with DAANI as a backing vocalist for music’s most legendary acts, including Miley Cyrus, Sheryl Crow, and The Roots.
Listen to DAANI’s “To Hands” and watch the videoo now:


DAANI is a Nashville-based musical powerhouse who blends electro-pop and modern R&B sounds to create a vibe that caresses you with each note and syllable. She’s diving head-first into a series of new releases this year after cutting her teeth touring and performing as a backing vocalist for music’s most legendary acts.

Having trained as a jazz vocalist at The New School in NYC, she delivers colorful and strong lyrics with true control and emotion that leave the listener feeling the subtle intensity of her songwriting. DAANI’s influences range from the soul of Stevie Wonder to the 90’s energy of Celine and Mariah, rounded off with present-day sensibilities akin to Sia and Jessie Ware; she has created her own distinctive musical mélange that is both classic and relevant.

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Now playing: ‘Slow Kill’ by Satellite Citi | #NewMusic

About the Satellite Citi alt rock band
About the Satellite Citi alt rock band
Celebrating Friday with this new stop-motion video from hard rock duo, entitled ‘Slow Kill.’  It’s an unruly track featuring dynamic, heavy guitar riffs and soaring melodic vocals. We love the stunning animated stop-motion video, which shows the duo using their music to overcome evil and save the world from a diabolical dictator. Satellite Citi have been headlining high-profile venues across Southern California.

Watch now ‘Slow Kill’

About Satellite Citi

Satellite Citi is an alt hard rock two-piece band hailing from Los Angeles, California. Anna Gevorkian (vocals/drums) and Shaunt Sulahian (guitars/backing vocals) are successful in pushing forth elements of multiple genres to create a truly unique and dynamic realm of sound. Combining Gevorkian’s melodic vocals and funk rock drumming style with Sulahian’s dynamic guitars and background in heavy metal, Satellite Citi resurrect the rock genre with a fresh and modern delivery.
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Now playing: ‘Dark Room’ by MAWD

MAWD new music Dark Room
MAWD new music Dark Room
If you are a fan of California soulful rock’n’ roll, you’ll appreciate our music artist of the week MAWD with her husky vocals, gritty guitars, and powerful rhythms. Listen to her new single ‘Dark Room’ for a reminiscent of Janis Joplin, only with a modern twist.

Watch ‘Dark Room’ now

MAWD’s single ‘Dark Room’, profiles the feeling of isolation that so many people feel.
“I felt like I was going crazy, sitting in my dark dingy dorm room, struggling with the longing for a comforting feeling, trying to fit in, feeling like a stranger in my skin, and discovering a new dark part of my mind”, reveals MAWD.

About MAWD

MAWD is the moniker of California musician and songwriter Madeleine Mathews. Her stunning compositions fuse rock’n’roll, folk/blues, and pop. The soulful, textured timbre of MAWD is diverse and ranges from a breathy and sultry folk/blues vibe to a powerful Janis Joplin-esque/Karen O. belt. MAWD vocals perfectly imprint upon the sonic foundation laid by the electric guitar, haunting harmonies, classic acoustic folk rhythms, south-west inspired Americana bass lines and full percussion.

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March Madness 2018’s best cities for NCAA basketball fans

Basketball Players during March Madness competition

It’s March Madness season and the personal-finance website WalletHub has released its NCAA Tournament Stats & Facts infographic as well as its report on 2018’s Best Cities for College Basketball Fans to help basketball lovers get psyched for the madness.

To find 2018’s top spots for NCAA hoops, WalletHub crunched the numbers on more than 280 cities using nine key metrics. They range from the number of teams per city and the winning percentage of each to stadium capacity and social-media engagement.

Highlights from the March Madness Report and Infographic

Washington as a College Hoops Haven (1=Best, 145=Avg.)

  • 3rd – Number of Division 1 Teams
  • 28th – Conference Championships
  • 16th – National Titles
  • 130th – Min. Season-Ticket Price

Washington ranks 12th overall and 4th among large cities.

View the full report best cities for college basketball now.

March Madness Stats & Facts

  • $8.98 Million: 2018 salary for college basketball’s highest-paid coach, Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski (vs. $1.4M combined for Duke’s president and the state’s governor)
  • $6.3 Billion: Corporate losses due to unproductive workers during March Madness
  • $10.4 Billion: Amount wagered on the 2017 NCAA men’s basketball tournament ($10.1B illegally)
  • 18X: Difference between the average NBA rookie’s salary ($2.36M) and a D1 men’s basketball scholarship for a year ($130K)

To see all the stats and the full infographic, click here.

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Now playing: ‘Valentine’ by Diā

Diā is the stunning project of composer and performer, Danielle Birrittella.
Diā is the stunning project of composer and performer, Danielle Birrittella.

Recently we saw a stunning new video from experimental indie folk/Baroque pop artist and composer Diā. Entitled ‘Valentine’ the single features poignant lyricism, with 60’s vintage soundscapes to create a moody and ethereal tale of yearning for a lost love.

Diā is off of Manimal Records and ‘ Valentine ’ is produced by Joey Waronker (Beck, REM, Atoms for Peace) and Tim Carr (The Americans, HAIM). Learn more about DIA on Facebook, Twitter ,and Instagram.
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Now playing: ‘American Dream’ by Raye Zaragoza

Check out the new music video from acclaimed singer/songwriter Raye Zaragoza, ‘American Dream.’ The video is inspired by the presidential election, the lack of mainstream media for Standing Rock and Zaragoza’s own life as a female multi-cultural youth. The single was co-produced and mixed by Justin Hergett (Beyonce). Zaragoza has been deemed as a voice for young women from a multi-cultural background. Zaragoza’s past anthem ‘In The River’ has been awarded No.2 protest song by a person of color by Paste MagazineShe has also been featured on many Spotify playlists including, Cyndi Lauper’s Protest Songs playlist.

Watch the Music Video ‘American Dream’


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Now playing: ‘UNTAMEABLE’ by Mel Monaco

Here at Fromgirltogirl, we love soulful, brass-infused jazz and wanted to share a new found favorite artists. Her name is Mel Monaco and she has a new album out called
Falling For The Third Time, recorded at Catherine North Studios in Hamilton with Guillermo Subauste of Pacha Sound (The Sadies, Sarah Harmer). The latest and greatest just released, UNTAMEABLE, Monaco’s brand new music video. 

Watch the music video  “UNTAMEABLE” 

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Now playing: ‘This Feeling’ by Natalie Shay | Indie pop music

This Feeling by Natalie Shay cover photo
Check out the new single ‘This Feeling’ from multi award-winning, indie pop artist Natalie Shay, which premiered via Clash. The track highlights Shay’s impressive vocal prowess, gritty melodic guitars, and a building anthemic chorus. As a BRIT school graduate and classically trained guitarist, Shay’s talents have propelled her to performing to sold-out audiences at some of London’s most prestigious venues.


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All you need to know about online auction tips

online auction tips

Online bidding is growing in popularity, but being successful in this arena means being aware of the process. This article offers information on the task and act as a guide to online bidding in this contemporary age.

When you think of auctions, what immediately springs to mind? The average person would consider a formal room commanded by a dominant auctioneer raising his hand and pointing to the highest bidder. While this traditional form of auctioning is still alive and well, auction aggregators are noticing a growth in the online bidding world.

What you need to know about purchasing items at modern-day auctions

1. Mobile Buying

In today’s society, over 50% of all auction browsers and bidders are aged between 18 and 24 years. Moreover, these bidders use their mobile phones to complete the act of browsing – a vast leap from the 5% of online browsers noted only five years ago in Barnebys Online Auction Report. The shift in approach has enhanced the number of people in the “auction room” allowing customers to browse and bid on larger catalogs from the comfort of their home (or any other area they have access to their mobile phones).

2. Finding Unique Items

All auction rooms will offer a vast array of one-off, unique pieces, making them an alternative to the items in retail stores. Why invest in mass-produced pieces when an auction could result in ownership of a vintage Chanel handbag from your favorite collection? By following auctions, you can easily find collectible items including vintage coins, stamps, and toys that attribute to about 50% of all digital auction sales. Shop on whohou if this is the sort of thing you’re after.

3. Sustainability

‘Upcycling’ is now one of the greatest trends, and the online auction arena is a fantastic place to find products that need some TLC. Furthermore, by buying a vintage or second-hand piece, you will be acquiring an item that is more eco-friendly or sustainable. Unwanted pieces can also be sold easily at auction without too much trouble.

Research by Barnebys found that younger buyers are purchasing second-hand items as long-term investments for a sustainable future. This value of potential investments is a positive move and may produce highly beneficial results.

4. Quality

One of the greatest concerns to buying branded products via online auction sites is the authenticity of the brand. However, auction houses do brand-specific and detailed authentication procedures before placing the product up for sale; therefore, ensuring the quality of the product. The information of the piece, including the condition and the origin, is provided to the buyer making the potential buyer confident to bid before seeing the item ‘in the flesh’.

5. Fair Pricing

Statistics show that about 75% of all online shoppers claim the pricing is the greatest drawing factor to online auctions. Digital auction sites allow the individual to view the estimate before bidding and set reminders for the desired product when it is about to appear for auction. This feature can be used by setting up a free account with the site, so one can be sure to not miss out on these all-time low products. Moreover, product images with detailed information are provided allowing you to make informed decisions regarding your bidding.

6. Free Valuations

If you are interested in selling a product online, Barnebys can make the procedure simple for you to complete. By using their free valuation service, you will be connected to auctioneers who have the potential to sell the product. Begin by signing up with an email address and password, and then add information regarding the item you wish to sell. The auctioneers will tell you whether they are interested in selling your piece and for how much. Items sent in for valuation have included Kurt Cobain’s guitar and a Picasso vase!

7. Tips To Buy At An Auction

Checking The Details

It is crucial that you do not become swept away with the excitement of an online auction, and it is easy to become enthralled with this act. To make sure you stay level-headed, it is important that you read all the product information in detail before making any bids. Take your time and note the size and condition of the item. If you are purchasing art or furniture, it is recommended that you check the dimensions of the piece and ask the auction house questions if you have any.

Set A Maximum Bid

The final minutes of an auction can be the most exciting period of the auction, but you need to be sure you do not go above what you intended to bid (or out-bid yourself). You can use the online auction house’s maximum bidding tool so this does not happen, but you should also bear in mind that added fees will be placed into the final price if you do use this feature. Set a maximum bid and always stick to it.

Begin Low

The starting price of all items will be set by the initial valuation of a valuator and this will give an indication of a starting bid. It is recommended that you begin bidding as low as possible; however, bear in mind that the hammer price or final bid can be considerably higher.

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