New music video: ‘Echo’ by Monti and co-written by Josh Stevens (LMFAO, Calvin Harris, The Game)

Echo music video produced by Monti and Josh Stevens

Have you seen the new inspiring visuals by Los Angeles based artist Monti produced and co-written by Josh Stevens (LMFAO, Calvin Harris, The Game)? It’s worth the watch.

Monti’s music is empowering and lyrically thought-provoking. She sings about overcoming a life of hardships, including her experience in an abusive broken home filled with drugs and alcoholism. Monti has escaped a life of gangs, mental hospitals, groups homes… you name it. But she’s a survivor and her turbulent past is brilliantly conveyed in her debut song ‘Echo’ with moody synths and electro pop. Watch here:

Echo (Official Visual Video) Back Story:

Reggie Snowden is an aspiring fashion design student from Los Angeles, California.


After meeting and designing outfits for Josh Stevens, Reggie opened up about how he had to travel to and from school, up early mornings each day to take buses and trains from Inglewood to North Hollywood, Ca. All the while still juggling graveyard night shifts for work each evening.
Josh thought it was an inspiring and fascinating story. So he and Echo video director Matt Champagin gave Reggie a $50 budget and a camera, the Echo video is the result of Reggie’s story and truly beautiful perspective. It gives a raw up close look at Los Angeles.
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Now playing: ‘Neon Colors’ by Amaris Wenceslas | new music

Neon Colors available now on iTunes, Spotify and many more👽 bassnblues #outnow

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Every month Fromgirltogirl likes to try something new, including new music. In doing so, we discovered Swiss electro-pop artist Amaris’s album ‘Neon Colors.’ It features 11 tracks. When compared to other musicians, Amaris has a similar voice to Annie Lennox, Lorde, Lily Allen and Björk. Neon Colors released together with the new Geiko album ‘The Hollow’ November 2017.

You can listen to the album via the Neon Colors Spotify playlist. Highly recommend this album to those interested in female electronic dance music. Amaris is a fresh face with a great vibe.

About music artist Amaris Wenceslas

Amaris was born 1999 in Switzerland. She is not only a singer but also an author and actress – trained in drama, dance and classical singing. Follow her on Facebook to learn more.

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Now playing ‘Wish’ by Saycille | New Music

Be your own drug if you want to feel alive, start living. By the way, berating is not living. is checking out new music this year and couldn’t help but share the song ‘Wish’ by Saycille.

What we like about the song ‘Wish’

We like the upbeat music and the catchiness of the song. The music video is also beautiful… it is a peaceful bike ride and really makes one watching think of pleasant days and hope.

“I want to express whats in my heart, to make way for what’s in other
peoples hearts, where I believe we all share the same love for life
itself and our beautiful planet.” – Saycille said.

Watch wish now and let Fromgirltogirl know your thoughts:

You may also be interested in following Saycille on Facebook.

About Saycille

Born in a small town near Amsterdam in 1964, Saycille worked at various
jobs. After, at the age of 52, she lost her job at the home healthcare where a lot of clients felt isolated and alone, she worked as a volunteer at Tijd voor Meedoen (TvM) at the community centre, a project to enhance the self supportiveness of a community.

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Now playing: Daep by Yaysh | Hip Hop

It’s a New Year and a great time to update music playlists with fresh tracks. A single for your listen is ‘Daep’ from pop/ hip hop artist Yaysh who themes her song on self-belief, sexuality, swag, and spiritual depth. In addition to the new single, she plans to release a series of singles, videos, and EPs in 2018 – Fromgirltogirl will definitely keep an eye out on this musical chameleon and LGBTQ rights advocate.

Her new single, “Daep” means beautiful in Vietnamese and consist of a low tempo dance song created from a freestyle. Daep is available now on Spotify. Yaysh sounds like Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliot, Pink, Fergie,and Iggy Azaelea.

About Yaysh

Whether you are a hip hop head, a pop snob or a LGBTQ adovocate, you will fall in love with Yaysh’s style. Not only does she sing and rap, but she also has a message: Society is basically good.

Asked to describe herself she replied with a grin: “Well..if Kanye West and Adele had a baby…I would be that baby..and Drake would be my cousin.”

Coining herself as a hybrid artist, she is both meditation yogi and music artist. She writes all her own music and is genuine to who she is. Yaysh is an avid meditation practitioner and student in Shambhala Buddhism and Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche.

Hailing from Colorado, Yaysh mainly grew up in Denver as a rebellious youth. Later she went to explore the world of music and freestyle on her lonesome as the music provided a way for her to express her angst and emotional depth as well as process her previous life of rebellion, moving to LA to work with a few music producers that lead to her main Troy “R8dio” Johnson (credits: Solange, Chris Brown, Why Don’t We).

“R8dio and I had a vibe. That is all I gotta say. That man is talented and he is also my friend. I am so thankful that we met. We are both spiritual people who live in this worldly world and we both make amazing music. Combined we are incredible.” From there the story continues.

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Christmas Music: Blakeley’s single ‘Holiday Vinyl’

New music: Holiday music from Blakeley for Christmas
Happy holidays! If you are picking up last-minute gifts for Christmas, give the gift of new music. Brooklyn pop artist Blakeley has a new single just in time for a merry Christmas. Blakeley’s ‘Holiday Vinyl’ is soaked in booze, snow, and in purring vocals that invert the Christmas winter wonderland into a revelation about loss, longing, and the kind of affection that only materializes after half a cup of Jack Daniels. We all have that kind of holiday sometimes.

What we like about Blakeley’s ‘Holiday Vinyl’ is the beautiful tension between the immaculate city adorned with ornaments, and a private loneliness that vacillates between love, neediness, and alcohol drenched desire. If you appreciate slow, languid guitar ballads, you will appreciate Blakely’s song and sonorous voice. Let us know what you think about the song and music video:


Blakeley Links

Youtube Channel

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New music: It’s ‘Penguin Party’ time | Holiday Playlist

Working on the gift list for family and friends? Then you cannot go wrong with new music. Just in time for the holidays, an Illinois-based indie singer/ songwriter of the name Sarah Schonert, has released her album ‘Penguin Party.’ This LP takes an experimental approach sure to resonate with music fan innovators like Kate Bush and Imogen Heap. Sarah writes and records out of her home studio, combining classical-sounding piano with ambient washes, vocoded synths, electronic elements, and layered vocals. What we like about this artist: she is not afraid to experiment with vintage instruments or new technology to create her sound.

The artwork for Penguin Party features photography by Brian Rowe (, taken on film using vintage cameras.
Photo credit: The artwork for Penguin Party features photography by Brian Rowe (, taken on film using vintage cameras to counter Sarah’s digital sound.
Penguin Party
8 December 2017
For ‘Penguin Party’ she chose to stick to keyboards and loopers to focus on producing an energetic album people would want to dance to. She also experimented with vocoder to make a drum track drive a bassline, looping live, and extravagant piano ornaments. Have a listen and pre-order here.

The artwork for Penguin Party features photography by Brian Rowe (, taken on film using vintage cameras to counter Sarah’s digital sound.
Artist Links
Youtube Channel

Track List for album ‘Penguin Party’

1. Astound Me
2. Tree with Feet
3. Queen of Panels
4. Queen of Panels Outro
5. Penguin Party
6. Listen Soak Repeat
7. I Can’t Think Straight
8. Glacier Dive
9. Irrelevant
10. NonCrystalline
11. Overdriving Headlights
12. You Still Awake
13. Get Thee to a Nunnery

About Sarah Schonert

Sarah Schonert is a Creative, writing, recording, and producing original pieces out of her home studio in Peoria, IL and coming out with her third LP, “Penguin Party.” Her second LP, “My Unwinding State” has garnered over a dozen reviews/interviews/features and an award, and hasn’t slowed down, releasing two instrumental albums between LPs.

Sarah is a multi-instrumentalist and singer that loves her gear and software. Her style is rooted in classical piano, supported by electronic vsts, loopers, ambient washes, carefully crafted arps, and assorted instruments she has collected over the years. Her sound is eclectic, ethereal, dreamy, and unexpected.

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New Music: Transform in White Light by Post Death

Post Death Band releases soundtrack Transform in White Light
Rock/ Pop. Industrial. Electronic. Experimental. Doomtronica and psychedelic music. These are all music genres that offer fresh material one’s ears can appreciate. The Post Death Soundtrack – ‘Transform in White Light’ is no exception to the rule. This brand new music video for the ‘Transform in White Light,’ is by the award-winning artist Shaun Friesen (Free Zen Design) with original album artwork by Kayla Aileen Brown. Taken from our 2016 full-length “The Unlearning Curve”, available  for FREE here:


New Music video for ‘Transform in White Light’ – A Post Death Soundtrack

To learn more and explore more new music, follow Post Death on Facebook today.

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FG2G Music Listen: Debut EP Liquid Smooth by Lunar Lander Dance Commander

Lunar Lander Dance Commander releases Debut EP Liquid Smooth. It is now available on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify. Picture of the band displays.

As the holidays approach, Fromgirltogirl has been updating our music catalogue to make sure we keep the festivities going for the holiday season. That’s when noticed the Canadian band Lunar Lander Dance Commander and their new EP “Liquid Smooth,”a Synth Rock synergy that showcases the band’s personality with a captivating and natural texture in production, while retaining the grit of a modern rock band.

The Lunar Lander Dance Commander band is similar in sound to artists such as The B-52s or Metric. If you like alt rock, alt pop, surf or dance, this band and their new EP is worth a listen.

About the new EP “Liquid Smooth”

The EP is called “Liquid Smooth” because it was the first name Chris (Bass and Vocals) and Donny (Guitar and Vocals) wanted to call the band. Instead they compromised with their fellow band members to be called The Lunar Lander Dance Commander. But it works out because their debut EP is Liquid Smooth.

Below is the tracklist for “Liquid Smooth”
Track List:

1. Creeper

2. We Won’t Go

3. Free  — Love this song!

4. Open Your Eye

5. Rooftop Renegade   — They are jamming!

6. Free (Soak It In Remix)

Listen and watch the music video to the “We Won’t Go” track here:

What do we like about ‘We Won’t Go’? First, it starts with a groovy guitar opening and the band brings the overall music composition together well.

Here at Fromgirltogirl we see this EP as a crowd jumping, must hear because it is definitely an album that will make you dance. Let us know what you think about “Liquid Smooth.”


Stephanie Wilkinson: Lead Vocals, Synth and KaZobo

Donny Reddekop: Guitar and Vocals

Chris Smith: Bass and Vocals

Steve McNeil: Drums

Want to learn more about the band? Listen on Spotify and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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Chrystyna Marie new album ‘LIFE’ gives LA blues, rock and pop

Chrystyna Marie LIFE album cover

LA. Blues. Rock. Pop. Chrystyna Marie has it all on her new album “LIFE.” Marie has a similar sound to Elle King, Janis Joplin and Amy Winehouse. You’ll hear bass, drums and percussion throughout the album. And you’ll listen to plenty piano, organ and guitar… the harmonic and trumpet.

The album LIFE was produced, engineered and mixed by David Gavin Baxter at Knob & Tube recording, mastered by Phil Demetro. There are eight songs in total that will have you jamming from start to finish. Some of my favorite tracks are ‘I want That Boom Boom,’ ‘Mr. Insecurity,’ and ‘A Woman Knows.’

Have a listen to Chrystyna Marie‘s ‘LIFE’  album on Spotify.

Chrystyna Marie in a red hot dress.

About Chrystyna Marie

Originally hailing from Toronto, Marie sings with a powder keg voice over a cocktail of grungy blues and pop. She is a classically trained singer. Marie also has a background in acting, with lead roles in local community plays such as West Side Story as Maria and Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.

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Surf Rock listens: ‘Caffeine and Nicotine’ by Blakeley

Blakeley smokes a cigarette and sings her single Caffeine and Nicotine.

Pop star Blakeley has a single called “Caffeine & Nicotine,” out and it’s definitely worth a listen. The single has a bouncy variant of electronic rock and gritty thematic elements. If you enjoy bubblegum pop and surf rock, you’ll appreciate this track. It reminds me of chilling in an alternative culture, coffee shop, quintessentially Brooklyn. And it gets better. Blakeley has a new EP coming out this winter. Fromgirltogirl highly recommends checking it out if you are someone that is looking for an EP to vibe to that isn’t oppressive or over the top topics.  Listen to “Caffeine & Nicotine” on Itunes.

  • She delivers a bold crossover composition that merges elements of folk, EDM, rockabilly pop to present a marriage of confessional poetry, deep house music, and effervescent guitar twanging.
  • She writes, produces, and performs her work in different mediums.

Find more of her music, videos, and galleries on her official website and Facebook. Let us know what you think of Caffeine & Nicotine.

Surf Rock and Feminism
Blakeley and her keyboard.
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