A beginner’s guide to buying new trainers

Nike trainers for women shoes

In previous years, purchasing a new pair of shoes meant you would head to the shopping center and try on several pairs from different stores. When the list of shoes was narrowed down to a few, the purchase was made and the shoes went home – some people even wore them from the store to their house.

Nowadays, however, things are different and technology has begun infiltrating the clothing industry resulting in people using personal computers to shop. If you require a small pair of heels for a wedding ceremony or need a specific red pump with customized detailing, it is possible to obtain the items using an online shoe provider. Of course, to effectively purchase shoes online it is important to take some considerations into account.

Be Sure You Have The Correct Measurements

To ensure that the shoe you purchase is the correct size, it is important that you know all of your foot measurements. Knowing the size of the shoe is not enough as sizes will differ from one manufacturer to another. For instance, Nike trainers will be a different size to Adidas ones.

To gain the best fit, or the closest fit, it is recommended that you trace an outline of both feet measuring from the bottom of the foot to the top. The width of the foot must also be measured at the widest part to identify the arch. Using these dimensions, you can use online charts to identify the size to purchase. If you have a specific need such as Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis then look for some to suit.

Create A List Of The Shoes You Wish To Purchase

Once you have begun browsing through the online selection of shoes, it is easy to become distracted. By creating and adhering to a list of shoes, you should be able to keep the shopping-focused and save time when perusing. This can also help you avoid any “impulse buys”, which will help save money.

Review The Item’s Shipping Charges And Times

Online shopping can be fun, time-saving, and cost-effective; however, this is only if you shop carefully. In some cases, the price of the product may seem a good deal, but it will be offset by the high shipping charges. This is particularly true when the store is located in another country.

The time it takes for you to receive your shows when shopping for shoes online can also be a disadvantage. If you are planning on wearing the items to a special event, it is recommended that you buy the shoes in advance. Taking this into account, there are various online shoe retailers that have reputations for sending the items to customers in a short time.

Dealing With Reputable Online Retailers

Shopping using online stores requires a certain degree of trust. After all, your money is sent to the retailer before you receive the product. When it comes to purchasing shoes online, a great deal of trust is required. Shoes must fit, comfort and quality; therefore, professionalism and reputation of the retailer is essential. If for some reason, you wish to return the shoes or exchange them then the customer service from the store needs to be high-quality.

Keeping Receipts And Shipping Information After The Product Arrives

In a situation where the shoes do not fit correctly or the quality is not up to your expectations, you will need the paperwork that came with the delivery for a return or refund. The instructions for returns are often on the package and you will find it beneficial to keep paperwork for at least two weeks after receiving the item.

Using the information above you will be able to successfully buy shoes online. The next time you head out, you will be wearing new shoes you purchased online.

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How clothing with positive messaging can encourage positive energy

Blue Hamsa with Evil Eye Mandala Leggings Blue Hamsa with Evil Eye Mandala Leggings Blue Hamsa with Evil Eye Mandala Leggings Blue Hamsa with Evil Eye Mandala Leggings Blue Hamsa with Evil Eye Mandala Leggings BLUE HAMSA WITH EVIL EYE MANDALA LEGGINGS from Zenvibes.com

Positive energy is something we cannot get enough in a day, week or lifetime. The deep inner flow of positive energy can inspire us to be at our best each day. Remember happiness is an aspect of our lifestyles that we have to continuously work on. There is no destination to happiness. From scents to clothing positive stimulate can inspire us to challenge ourselves and seek out the best versions of ourselves. To hone in on your positive zen, start by adding positive messaging and symbols to your everyday fashion. One place Fromgirltogirl recommends holiday shopping at is Zenvibes.com, an online shop dedicated to providing products designed to capture attention, help you express yourself and spread positive vibes. Some popular items include Mandala leggings, Good vibe only mugs, colorful hexagon pillows, beautifully designed shoulder bags and mesmerizing hams slip ons. There is something special for just about anyone on your holiday list. See for yourself today. And feel free to hashtag #FG2G to show off your fashion.

Zenvibes.com fashion must have for millennials

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Holiday gift shopping great buys: Fire Resistant Clothing

Flame Resistant Jeans (FR Jeans)

The holidays are just around the corner and it is time to make a list and check it twice for great holiday gifts. A gift item definitely on Fromgirltogirl’s list are Jand jeans (FR clothing). Before you ask ‘who needs flame resistant shirts and jeans? ‘, FR clothing offers plenty of awesome benefits. The clothing offers the great benefits of cotton and has higher Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) ratings as well as a softer and more comfortable fabric than cotton.

Benefits of Flame Resistant Clothing

ATPV lets people know what is their exposure to an electrical arc discharge. But FR clothing is most valuable to people who work in hazardous environments. Examples of  such workers are electricians, chefs, pharmaceutical workers, chemists or any worker who has to come in contact with energized electrical equipment. Check out the FR clothing from Froulet.com to lower your risk of burn injury, increase your chances of survival and prevent skin exposure to flames.

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Swimsuit model Kate Upton chats healthy living and weddings with Yahoo Styles

Kate Upton healthy living tips with Yahoo Styles. Here she is pictured in a blue bikini.
Kate Upton shares healthy living tips and chats about her wedding day plans with Yahoo Styles.

It’s wedding season and swimsuit model Kate Upton sat down with Yahoo Style’s recently to discuss her insecurities about wearing a bikini, her weight as well as her plans for her upcoming wedding. Here are some highlights from Upton’s interview:

Swimsuit Model Kate Upton Says She’s ‘Still Not Confident in a Bathing Suit’

Yes, even a super model like Kate Upton has body image insecurities. She says she is still not confident in a bathing suit. This is why she eats healthy and sticks to a work out routine to feel at her best. Upton says:

You always have struggles. It’s not like I always feel my best. Everybody has moments where they don’t feel confident in a bikini. It’s what we’re striving for: self-love. We work our way up. When I don’t feel my best, that’s OK.”

Yahoo Styles asked Upton is she trying to lose wait for her wedding day. The answer is no because she is not worried about a number. Why won’t Upton lose weight for her wedding? Here’s her complete answer:

“Honestly, because coming from the fashion world, weight — when I first started modeling — was very important. How much you weighed, how much you needed to lose, whatever it was…I’m not trying to be fit for a number on a scale. Whenever I’m happiest, I try to maintain that. I don’t need a number.”

Upton does not even stick to a strict diet. Instead, she tries to eat healthy, work out and keep up a healthy lifestyle. Upton does this because she wants to allow herself the freedom to enjoy what she eats. In the interview Upton admits “I weight-train, which also really helps raise my metabolism and gives me the ability to enjoy food.” 

Read the full interview at Yahoo Styles now to learn more about Upton’s healthy living, upcoming wedding and more.

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Summer Fashion Tips from Carolynah Gich Fashion Designer at House of Bella Fashion

Carolynah Gich Summer dress fashion tips
Carolyn Gich, Head designer at House of Bella Fashions, shows us what Kenya custom fashion is all about.
Looking for unique summer clothes? Want to stand out in the crowd? You should explore international clothing lines. One that caught our eyes recently is the House of Bella Fashions, which offers buyers custom designs for women, men and children. Female entrepreneur and new mom, Carolynah Gich gave us a look at some of her beautiful designs . And she it did for the culture. To place an order with House of Bella Fashions, contact Gich through her WhatsApp number 0720409894 or through her Facebook page House of Bella Fashions.

Faith and Passion with Carolynah Gich

As head designer of House Bella Fashions and Nairobi, Kenya resident, Gich shares wisdom to never give up on your dreams because you will always have the opportunity to see the light at the end of the tunnel. What we love about buying custom design is knowing more likely than not, we will always look different in all the right ways at a social networking event. If you have a particular custom designer on hand, you can request special touches here and there to get a look and feel to truly call your own. We love custom skirts, dresses and blazers for women’s fashion as they are comfortable, professional and accommodating for any occasion – date night, career day, weddings, and more.

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Scandal 100th episode: Olivia Pope Weds in An Anne Barge Gown

Scandal 100th Episode Olivia Pope marries Fitz.
Olivia Pope marries Fitz in alternate reality.

Scandal Gladiators have always dreamed of a Liv-Fitz wedding and Shonda Rhimes finally delivered on ABC Scandal’s 100TH    an alternate reality special where Olivia Pope ( played by Kerry Washington) weds President Fitzgerald Grant (played by Tony Goldwyn) but the conversation was more about the beautiful wedding gown Olivia Pope had on for the wedding, which was designed by fashion designer Anne Barge. 

 The Dress

The Anne Barge ‘Berkeley’ ball gown is made of Kalika silk with a chiffon bodice and off-the-shoulder cap sleeves. Costume designer Lyn Paolo selected the gown for Olivia Pope’s fantasy wedding with iconic style in mind, “Anne Barge was an amazing find for Olivia. We looked for a dream gown and Anne delivered. Olivia looked stunning in the gown and I could not be more thrilled” says Paolo.

 The Atlanta-based designer was ecstatic to see Washington’s character in the dress, “Berkeley is one of my most special gowns. It is both timeless and chic, perfect for a modern, classic bride” says Barge.

Dream Wedding Dress: Anne Barge Berkeley Gown
Anne Barge Berkeley Gown worn by Olivia Pope on ABC Scandal’s 100th episode.

About Anne Barge Bridal Collection

Founded in 1999, the Anne Barge Bridal collection is renowned for timeless gowns with a contemporary twist. Inspired by vintage couture, the Anne Barge collection combines the best of classic design and modern trends, using the finest fabrics, embellishments, and embroidery sourced throughout the world. Anne Barge offers an abundance of elegant options for the discerning bride in two collections, Anne Barge Couture and Blue Willow Bride by Anne Barge. With profound expertise in creating special occasion gowns, Anne Barge Eveningwear is made with Anne’s trademark attention to detail, from fabric to fit.

The Anne Barge philosophy is simple, “Good design is timeless”.

The truth underneath it all. #scandal #scandal100 Gotta be comfy.

A post shared by Kerry Washington (@kerrywashington) on

Anne Barge is based out of Atlanta, GA with retailers worldwide. A favorite among celebrity brides and red carpet icons alike, Anne has created custom designs for Laura Benanti, Johanna Braddy, Kristen Cavallari, Taraji P. Henson, Lauren Alaina, Yvonne Orji, Violett Beane, Amirah Vann, Amber Riley, Leah Pipes, and Eva Longoria. Follow online @AnneBarge @AnneBargeBride

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Best of Vegan Wine Pairings: Saving the planet 1 wine at a time | Proud Pour

Berlin Kelly and Brian Thurber of the Proud Pour Team | Vegan Wine Maker

Red wine from Proud Pour - Pint Noir

At the start of the New Year, I made a promise to myself to eat healthier by buying fresh foods, organic foods and making more homemade meals. In addition to making healthier choices, I also self-promised to workout daily for 15-30 minutes. Some days I feel less motivated to workout but I try to be physically active in some shape or form – walking, running, yoga or dancing. Since keeping up with this habit my body feels lighter and I have more energy. Now I am searching for healthier beverages.

One of my favorite beverages to drink is wine – Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. But what if I could get a healthier, more refreshing option of my favorite wines? This started my journey to natural wine, vegan wine.

What is Vegan Wine?

How to drink and make a difference with vegan wine 20160809 Proud Pour Berlin Kelly-1

Vegan wine is wine that doesn’t include animal products. You may be asking “Don’t all wines not have meat?” That depends on the wine filtration process. Tiny particles , traces of meat are found in wine when filtered through animal products. With vegan wine you can avoid  animal products altogether without sacrificing the delicious taste of wine. Some common animal products you can find in traditional wines are:

  • Albumin, the protein in eggs
  • Casein, an animal protein found in dairy products
  • Gelatin which from animal skin, bone and cartilage
  • Isinglass which is the gelatin from fish bladders
  • Egg whites
  • Chitosan carb found in shrimp, crab, and crustacean shells

Older wines may also have dried blood powder. If this sounds gross to you, wine lovers have drunk wines with some if not these particles inside. But why are these ingredients in wine? The animal products help clarify, filter, and refine wines and beers. Inevitably small traces of those animal products are found in the final beer and wine products. The wonderful thing about vegan wine is that it doesn’t have to use animal products to clarify, filter and refine. Instead, bentonite clay can refine wines to make them 100% vegan.

If you are wondering whether you can easily spot vegan wines when shopping for wine, you may find it challenging because the refining ingredients are not actually in the wine and not required to be listed on the wine bottle. I recommend going directly to a wine maker or wine retailer to confirm which wines are vegan wines – a high quality vendor will always keep track of wines that are vegetarian-friendly. This is how I discovered Proud Pour , a vegan wine provider committed to pairing wines with solutions to local environmental problems.

Berlin Kelly Gif for Proud Pour

About Proud Pour

Environmentally friendly products are very important to me because I want to be mindful of how my habits and behaviors impact the world around. Doing research on Instagram about vegan wines, I discovered the hashtag#CheersToChange – a tagline Proud Pour uses on their Instagram page @ProudPour. They have two wines available now.

The first wine is The Oyster, a Sauvignon Blanc that restores 100 wild oysters per bottle. It also happens to be the perfect pair for oyster or seafood plates. This is appealing to me because I’m on a chicken and seafood diet now while also enjoying vegan food here and there.

Proud Pour Pinot Noir made in Umpqua Valley.
Photo credit: Webb Chappell Photography

The second wine is Oregon Pinot Noir that saves bees by planting 875 wildflowers. Pinot Noir goes well with salmon, roasted chicken, pasta dishes, casseroles, stews and game birds like duck or quail. It can also go well with chocolate desserts and those with caramel.

Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc from Proud Pour Wine maker.
Order online at ProudPour.com or find a distributor near you. Photo credit:Webb Chappell Photography.

No matter your preference of wine type, both are sustainably grown, vegan wines (and soon beer come this summer or summer 2018) to save the environment. Between the Sauvignon Blanc and the Oregon Pinot Noir, I decided to go for the wine that saves the bees. Regardless you cannot go wrong with either because you are making a difference.

I look at the back of the Oregon Pinot Noir wine bottle and read the facts about the importance of wildflowers to bees. Bees pollinate one-third of the food we eat. Native bees are disappearing because of pesticide use, disease and lack of wildflowers and habitat. By buying this vegan wine from Proud Pour, I help ( and you can support too) the bees survive because Proud Pour plants 875 wildflowers when wine lovers buy. That amount of wildflowers is the equivalent of 90 sq ft of bee habitat. Where? Local farms. The project is called Xerces Society.

Wine Tasting of the Oregon Pinot Noir

The Oregon Pinot Noir is not only sustainably grown and vegan, it is delicious with supple tannins, earthy tones, and rich notes of red plum, rhubarb, and vanilla. What I absolutely love about Proud Pour is their attention to detail. The wine bottle is beautiful. It has an illustration of a bee with the description “This wine saves bee species.” It also comes with a lovely sack that has  seeds to plant wildflowers which I cannot wait to use when I get my first home. This wine has no eggs, casein or isinglass. I love it – cannot wait for my family and friends to try. Moreover, I am proud that a woman entrepreneur, Berlin Kelly, founder of Proud Pour produce this excellent wine for us to enjoy on date night, at weddings, corporate events and our favorite nights of TV.

Berlin Kelly and Brian Thurber of the Proud Pour Team | Vegan Wine Maker
Founder and CEO Berlin Kelly and Co-CEO Brian Thurber launched Proud Pour to drink and make a difference at the same time.

About the Proud Pour Team

Berlin and business partner Brian Thurber launched Proud Pour because they wanted to drink to make a difference.  How many beverages can you really say make a difference when you go to the bar? Not many. They partner with local environmental group to do just that – and it’s awesome. Check out the list of non-profits Proud Pour supports today. The Proud Pour team encourages their fans to attend the non-profits’ events or reach out to see how they can help. Learn more on how they got started by reading ‘ Paired with Oysters, This Wine is Cleaning Up the New York Harbor.’

Where to Buy

ProudPour.com Vegan Wines

The great thing about Proud Pour is that it gives wine lovers (and soon-to-be beer lovers) options on how to get their drink on. If you click Where to Buy at ProudPour.com you can find a Proud and Pour wine distributor near you or order right online. I love the buy online option because it allows me to buy in advance of special occasions and comes right to my door. Once it’s a habit, it’s easy.

Let me know what you think about Proud Pour by using the hashtag #CheersToChange


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Francesca Miranda Couture: Powered by women; Empowered by a woman

Fashion design Francesca Miranda's response to A Day Without A Woman.
“To all the women in America on strike yesterday, to all the American immigrants like myself, I support you- because we should always have each other’s back, no matter where we are in the world.” – Xx Francesca Miranda

Companies and communities across America and around the world are powered by women. One of those companies is Francesca Miranda, which sells handmade gowns created by the talented hands of female artisans at its Barranquilla, Colombia headquarters. By employing nearly 40 full-time artisans, CEO Francesca Miranda’s atelier preserves traditional craftsmanship and empowers the artistic women in her community. Nearly 90% of the women employed by Miranda are considered head of household or “Cabezas de la Casa”, being primary income or sole income providers for their families.


Francesca Miranda is a renowned Latin American designer based in Barranquilla, Colombia. Drawing on the best of authentic craftsmanship and the diverse indigenous aesthetic around her, Francesca designs with a captivating sense of style and inimitable creativity. Detailed to perfection, the Francesca Miranda collection incorporates intricate fabrics and unique laces with unexpected silhouettes. Fromgirltogirl absolutely loves her creations. See her latest at FrancescaMiranda.com and follow Francesca Miranda on Instagram.

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Ryan Seacrest Distinction and Green Fashion trend of 2017

Fashion Credits: RSD creative designer Matteo Gottardi and trend consultant Cyril Foiret. Event stylist: Matt Goldman. Groomer: Jayson Stacy.

Ryan Seacrest is synonymous with New Year’s Eve and Fromgirltogirl couldn’t help notice that Seacrest rang in the New Year with the most anticipated 2017 color and style trends, donning a custom Ryan Seacrest Distinction tuxedo. Seacrest’s look – entirely from his eponymous menswear collection – showcased the handsome host as a fashion trendsetter and beloved on-air personality with enviable style. The Ryan Seacrest Distinction custom look included:

  • Ryan Seacrest Distinction GREEN BROCADE Jacket with Shawl Collar
  • Ryan Seacrest Distinction accessories: BLACK BOWTIE; BLACK ONYX CUFFLINKS and WHITE POCKET SQUARE
  • Ryan Seacrest Distinction BLACK RIB SHAWL OVERCOAT
  • Gucci patent leather cap toe loafer

During “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2017,” he sported a green brocade Ryan Seacrest Distinction jacket with shawl collar, a subtle nod to the anticipated surge in green throughout menswear in 2017. A clean white French-cuff bib front pique shirt, classic black bowtie and timeless black loafer tied the look together, as a Distinction black rib shawl overcoat kept the host warm while broadcasting live from Times Square.

This year marks the 45th anniversary of “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2017” and featured 5½ hours of special performances and reports on New Year’s celebrations from around the globe, with performance acts in New York, New Orleans and Los Angeles. “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2017” is produced by Dick Clark Productions with Ryan Seacrest, Allen Shapiro and Mike Mahan serving as executive producers and Barry Adelman and Mark Bracco as co-executive producers. Larry Klein is producer. Fromgirltogirl loved every moment of it. Check out the style here:

The Ryan Seacrest Distinction collection is available exclusively at Macys and Macys.com.

Top 8 reasons we love Ryan Seacrest

  1. Ryan Seacrest holds preeminent positions in broadcast and cable television with host and executive producer roles including ABC’s annual New Year’s Eve program “Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest,” NBC’s live late night coverage of the Summer Olympics in Rio, E!’s “Live from the Red Carpet” award shows, Fox’s top-rated primetime talent showcase “American Idol” (which completed its final season in January 2016) and many more. Seacrest’s Ryan Seacrest Productions (RSP), which launched in 2006, he has become an Emmy-winning entertainment production powerhouse across unscripted, scripted and digital programming.
  2. Seacrest is a celebrated personality across nationally syndicated radio and local radio, as host of “On Air with Ryan Seacrest,” the market-topping #1 nationally syndicated LA morning drive-time show for iHeart Media’s 102.7 KIIS-FM, and a nationally-syndicated Top 40 radio show.
  3. In 2014, he launched a men’s tailored clothing and accessories collection, Ryan Seacrest Distinction, at Macy’s, which soon became one of the most successful menswear launches at Macy’s in the last decade.
  4. Seacrest entrepreneurial interests include a diverse range of media and entertainment companies through Seacrest Global Group, including marketing services agency Civic Entertainment Group, Pinterest and attn; he also holds independent investments in DigiTour Media, Headspace and AXS TV.
  5. Seacrest’s youth-focused philanthropic efforts are having a significant impact nationwide. As chairman of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, he has opened 10 broadcast media centers – Seacrest Studios – in pediatric hospitals in cities across the country, dedicated to inspiring today’s youth through entertainment and education-focused initiatives. He also serves on the board of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and as honorary chair of the Grammy Foundation.
  6. His fashion collection Ryan Seacrest Distinction is a leading menswear lifestyle brand recognized for celebrating classic and iconic looks with a contemporary eye. Founded in 2014, the Distinction brand delivers premium fabrics, design, detailing and value to men’s tailored clothing and accessories.
  7. Ryan Seacrest Distinction’s masculine signatures, geometric shapes, proportion, texture, pattern, and color, are combined in unexpected ways – timelessness made modern. Using the Style Made Smart™ color matching system, jackets, pants, shirts, and ties are labeled with the number of the color group they match, creating a perfectly coordinated look.
  8. The Ryan Seacrest Distinction brand offers a range of products including men’s tailored clothing, accessories, sweaters, outerwear, and sportswear. The Ryan Seacrest Distinction Collection is available exclusively at Macy’s stores nationwide and on macys.com
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Best of couture gowns: Lihi Hod 2017 couture collection – Masion Des Reves


Have you seen the Lihi Hod 2017 “Maison des Rêves” collection? It’s inspired by Parisian haute couture and its inimitable chic. If you are looking for wedding fashion that embodies luxury, precision, and uncompromised quality, this is the bridal collection you’ve been waiting for. What Fromgirltogirl likes about the Lihi Hod 2017 “Maison des Rêves” collection are the dreamy, timeless materials and designs, offering a fascinating combination of French style and effortless beauty. Moreover, the meticulous craftsmanship Lihi Hod returns to the foundations of design, unraveling the source of beauty to create 16 couture gowns that are classic and yet breathtaking. See for yourself by viewing the lookbook. The 2017 campaign was shot at Shenkar College, Israel’s leading design school, symbolic of Lihi’s early creative process in a physical “Maison des Rêves” or “House of Dreams.” Photography Credit: Eyal Nevo.


Born and raised in Tel Aviv, fashion has always been an inseparable part of Lihi Hod’s life. A graduate of Shenkar College, Hod has an impressive design record working in the best fashion houses throughout the world – among them Christian Dior in Paris and Eli Tahari in New York.

In 2010, Hod founded a unique studio for bespoke evening and bridal gowns under her own name, quickly establishing herself as a premier Israeli designer. In 2014, she won the prestigious Israeli Fashion Week Best Evening and Bridal Gown Designer Award, and gowns she has designed are now sold in the finest bridal boutiques all over the world. Hod’s worldly inspiration and her unique signature style combine a sense of eternal romance with a deep understanding of modern trends. Every Lihi Hod gown is designed and sewn by hand with the highest standards of haute couture excellence.

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