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Berlin Kelly and Brian Thurber of the Proud Pour Team | Vegan Wine Maker

Red wine from Proud Pour - Pint Noir

At the start of the New Year, I made a promise to myself to eat healthier by buying fresh foods, organic foods and making more homemade meals. In addition to making healthier choices, I also self-promised to workout daily for 15-30 minutes. Some days I feel less motivated to workout but I try to be physically active in some shape or form – walking, running, yoga or dancing. Since keeping up with this habit my body feels lighter and I have more energy. Now I am searching for healthier beverages.

One of my favorite beverages to drink is wine – Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. But what if I could get a healthier, more refreshing option of my favorite wines? This started my journey to natural wine, vegan wine.

What is Vegan Wine?

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Vegan wine is wine that doesn’t include animal products. You may be asking “Don’t all wines not have meat?” That depends on the wine filtration process. Tiny particles , traces of meat are found in wine when filtered through animal products. With vegan wine you can avoid  animal products altogether without sacrificing the delicious taste of wine. Some common animal products you can find in traditional wines are:

  • Albumin, the protein in eggs
  • Casein, an animal protein found in dairy products
  • Gelatin which from animal skin, bone and cartilage
  • Isinglass which is the gelatin from fish bladders
  • Egg whites
  • Chitosan carb found in shrimp, crab, and crustacean shells

Older wines may also have dried blood powder. If this sounds gross to you, wine lovers have drunk wines with some if not these particles inside. But why are these ingredients in wine? The animal products help clarify, filter, and refine wines and beers. Inevitably small traces of those animal products are found in the final beer and wine products. The wonderful thing about vegan wine is that it doesn’t have to use animal products to clarify, filter and refine. Instead, bentonite clay can refine wines to make them 100% vegan.

If you are wondering whether you can easily spot vegan wines when shopping for wine, you may find it challenging because the refining ingredients are not actually in the wine and not required to be listed on the wine bottle. I recommend going directly to a wine maker or wine retailer to confirm which wines are vegan wines – a high quality vendor will always keep track of wines that are vegetarian-friendly. This is how I discovered Proud Pour , a vegan wine provider committed to pairing wines with solutions to local environmental problems.

Berlin Kelly Gif for Proud Pour

About Proud Pour

Environmentally friendly products are very important to me because I want to be mindful of how my habits and behaviors impact the world around. Doing research on Instagram about vegan wines, I discovered the hashtag#CheersToChange – a tagline Proud Pour uses on their Instagram page @ProudPour. They have two wines available now.

The first wine is The Oyster, a Sauvignon Blanc that restores 100 wild oysters per bottle. It also happens to be the perfect pair for oyster or seafood plates. This is appealing to me because I’m on a chicken and seafood diet now while also enjoying vegan food here and there.

Proud Pour Pinot Noir made in Umpqua Valley.
Photo credit: Webb Chappell Photography

The second wine is Oregon Pinot Noir that saves bees by planting 875 wildflowers. Pinot Noir goes well with salmon, roasted chicken, pasta dishes, casseroles, stews and game birds like duck or quail. It can also go well with chocolate desserts and those with caramel.

Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc from Proud Pour Wine maker.
Order online at or find a distributor near you. Photo credit:Webb Chappell Photography.

No matter your preference of wine type, both are sustainably grown, vegan wines (and soon beer come this summer or summer 2018) to save the environment. Between the Sauvignon Blanc and the Oregon Pinot Noir, I decided to go for the wine that saves the bees. Regardless you cannot go wrong with either because you are making a difference.

I look at the back of the Oregon Pinot Noir wine bottle and read the facts about the importance of wildflowers to bees. Bees pollinate one-third of the food we eat. Native bees are disappearing because of pesticide use, disease and lack of wildflowers and habitat. By buying this vegan wine from Proud Pour, I help ( and you can support too) the bees survive because Proud Pour plants 875 wildflowers when wine lovers buy. That amount of wildflowers is the equivalent of 90 sq ft of bee habitat. Where? Local farms. The project is called Xerces Society.

Wine Tasting of the Oregon Pinot Noir

The Oregon Pinot Noir is not only sustainably grown and vegan, it is delicious with supple tannins, earthy tones, and rich notes of red plum, rhubarb, and vanilla. What I absolutely love about Proud Pour is their attention to detail. The wine bottle is beautiful. It has an illustration of a bee with the description “This wine saves bee species.” It also comes with a lovely sack that has  seeds to plant wildflowers which I cannot wait to use when I get my first home. This wine has no eggs, casein or isinglass. I love it – cannot wait for my family and friends to try. Moreover, I am proud that a woman entrepreneur, Berlin Kelly, founder of Proud Pour produce this excellent wine for us to enjoy on date night, at weddings, corporate events and our favorite nights of TV.

Berlin Kelly and Brian Thurber of the Proud Pour Team | Vegan Wine Maker
Founder and CEO Berlin Kelly and Co-CEO Brian Thurber launched Proud Pour to drink and make a difference at the same time.

About the Proud Pour Team

Berlin and business partner Brian Thurber launched Proud Pour because they wanted to drink to make a difference.  How many beverages can you really say make a difference when you go to the bar? Not many. They partner with local environmental group to do just that – and it’s awesome. Check out the list of non-profits Proud Pour supports today. The Proud Pour team encourages their fans to attend the non-profits’ events or reach out to see how they can help. Learn more on how they got started by reading ‘ Paired with Oysters, This Wine is Cleaning Up the New York Harbor.’

Where to Buy Vegan Wines

The great thing about Proud Pour is that it gives wine lovers (and soon-to-be beer lovers) options on how to get their drink on. If you click Where to Buy at you can find a Proud and Pour wine distributor near you or order right online. I love the buy online option because it allows me to buy in advance of special occasions and comes right to my door. Once it’s a habit, it’s easy.

Let me know what you think about Proud Pour by using the hashtag #CheersToChange


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Is juicing better than smoothies?

By: Rebekah Carter
Juicing health benefits

Most people know that eating plenty of fresh, raw, and organic fruit and vegetables is the perfect way to enhance their health and increase the likelihood of living a longer, happier life. The more fresh produce you get into your system, the more open your diet will be to a host of vitamins and minerals made to improve daily health and digestion. Some people even believe that certain items of fresh produce can help guard the body from chronic diseases such as diabetes, and cut the risk of suffering from cancer. Unfortunately, the busy lifestyles that most of us lead means that we do not have time to spend hours a day searching for new recipes that will help us get the right amount greens into our diet. Juicing is one of the most convenient ways to get the nutritional boost your body needs. But what makes juicing more beneficial than drinking smoothies? Read  some answers below.

The Problems with Smoothies


If you make a smoothie using a lot of produce and no added extras (like greek yogurt), the likelihood you are going to consume a large amount of fruit and vegetables is high. Remember when you put item in the blender to make your smoothie , you are using the entire fruit or vegetable – not just the liquid content. Although getting large doses of fresh produce into your diet might seem like a good decision on the surface, it also means that you are consuming more calories than you might be able to burn, which not only prevents the weight loss that can come with juicing, but could lead to weight gain. If you compare that to the process of creating juice, which you see below, you will quickly discover that juicing only uses the liquid content of the fruit or vegetable, leaving much of the calories behind.

If you do not have a produce-only smoothie and choose to pack your drink full of other substances like ice cream, flavored yogurt, sweetened milk and honey, then you could definitely add to your intake of daily sugar. This drastically increases the calorie count involved with each of your beverages.

Why is juicing better than smoothies?

The best reason to consider juicing is that you will be able to increase your intake of fresh produce. Most fruits and vegetables will supply the body with a wealth of minerals and vitamins that help to battle against oxidative stress and boost your body immunity. Many Americans do not get the right amount of fruit and vegetables into their system; juicing is a quick and effective way to get the extra nutrition the body needs.

Juicing also gives the body a unique opportunity to experiment with vegetables and fruits that it would not normally digest or enjoy in standard recipes. That means that you can get healthy doses of things like beets and kale, which are brimming with vitamin B and vitamin K. Just look at some of the recipes that are included here:

An easier way to eat your greens

Why Juicing is as easy s 1,2,3?

Although plenty of people love eating their fruits and vegetables, there are some out there who simply do not like the taste or texture of items of fresh produce. While there is nothing wrong with having a preference on the food that you would like to eat, missing out on certain items of fruit and vegetables could mean that you do not get access to essential vitamins and minerals that cannot be accessed in the same amounts elsewhere.

If you are a busy person who does not have much time to sit down and craft new recipes for your fruit and vegetable intake or you struggle to consume fruits and vegetables (you do not like the taste),  juicing is an excellent way to fill in the nutrition gap. You get everything you need without textures that might put you off. Additionally, it takes much less time to sit and drink a glass of juice than it does to put together and drink a smoothie. This means that you can get all the minerals and vitamins that you need for a single day in one glass in the morning.

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How to tone up: weight loss and body sculpting tips | Laura Varney

Fitness trainer Laura Varney
Laura Varney, a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer and nutrition coach in Los Angeles, shares helpful tips on toning up arms and building upper body strength. Follow her on instagram @misslauravarney.

Trying to keep up with the workout routine you committed to at the start of the New Year? You’re not alone. Don’t give up.

Fromgirltogirl is here to help you keep on track ( and even do the workout routines along with you). In the New Year, Fromgirltogirl has focused on toning up and core strength. Laura Varney, a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer and nutrition coach in Los Angeles, has great Youtube videos on weight loss, body sculpting, strength and functional training and high intensity interval training. Remember, being active plays a major role in your overall health and wellness. Yes, find time for that hike, enjoy those sweaty workouts, meditate and log your thought. Try some healthy eats with friends and family. This is your year to get it done.

Varney is healthy and toned because she includes a variety of workout routines in her regimen, including yoga, hiking, strength training, pilates, kickboxing and running. A key philosophy Varney lives by is to change routine and challenge self once the body adapts to a routine. It is easier to stick to a  working out daily or weekly if you surprise your body every time and make exercising fun.

Watch Laura Varney’s ‘Sexy, Toned Arms Shoulder’ upper body workout and do it right along with her to adapt your body to toning up every day.

Visit for more workout tips and even some healthy eating ideas.

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achu app uses Fitbit® data to predict when you may get sick

Are you searching for ways to stay healthy and active during the fall and winter? The achu app may help you avoid getting sick. If you are not familiar with Fitbit data, it already helps people get more active and healthy. Now with the achu app, launched for IOS, helps people avoid getting sick.

The achu app was developed by Toronto based Datapult, a creative app studio that focuses on building apps that are unique to its user data by fusing the power of data science and wearable technology, achu uses your personal Fitbit data to alert you as to when your body is showing signs of a reoccurring illness, such as a cold, before it happens. By tracking the patterns leading up to a sickness, this proprietary algorithm will alert you to the fact that you are on the same track to get sick, as you have been in the past.

“The more interactive you are with achu, the more accurate it will be in helping you to stay healthy,” says Michael Morra, CTO of Datapult. “When you feel tired, achy, feverish, stuffy – whatever the symptom, you calibrate the achu app, and it will then start to match data from your past.”

The science behind achu’s algorithm is based on tracking the patterns in each of the metrics recorded by the Fitbit, such as heart rate or sleep efficiency, leading up to a users input into achu’s sickness calibration system. Using this data, achu can accurately predict the next time the warning signs of an illness appear. “We expect a user to experience parallel sleep, heart rate, step and active patterns leading up to a sickness. Therefore, if their most recent data mirrors their data from when they experienced the same symptoms, our algorithm would calculate a high probability of a repeat illness for this individual calibration,” says Morra.

In order for achu to know what health patterns constitute the individual user being sick, they must first calibrate the app by entering their symptoms when they are, in fact, sick. They then have the option to track various symptoms such as: headache, cough, runny nose, stuffed nose, fatigue, fever, and aches and pains. Once the user calibrates the app with a sickness, achu will begin to look for similar trends and patterns that match the sequence of data in the calibration. They can then calibrate achu with as many sicknesses as they like, and the app will generate a unique algorithm for each of them. Everyday the user will receive a notification delivering their probability of getting sick based on their past sickness calibrations.

The app is currently available for IOS users in the Apple app store, and is being run on Fitbit devices. Datapult is actively building technology to make achu compatible with most health bracelets and Android devices in the near future. Learn more about this cool achu app today.

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#Health4Her : will you join the women’s health movement?

On Wednesday October 12, 1-3pm EST the #Health4Her global initiative to support women’s health begins. We are only days away and extremely excited to share health resources and tips to protect not only ourselves but the women we love. Will you join the movement?

If yes, it is easy to get started and you can begin today by following these simple steps:

When you want to add to the conversation, just use the hashtag #Health4Her. You may be also interested in browsing the hashtag on Facebook and Twitter to see what women’s health advocates around the world are saying. Post-chat day and end of October, Briana Booker will give you an inside look in how the #Health4Her global initiative came to be. You can RSVP to the #Health4Her Live Twitter Chat today to make sure you get an alert the day of the chat. Below is one of the many reflections you will read during the women’s health movement. Let us know your thoughts and share how you support women’s health:

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Top fitness videos: Schiller Fitness’ 5 minute hotel workout

Are you looking for  fitness routine that you can commit to doing daily or weekly? Then we recommend checking out the Schiller Fitness channel on YouTube. What is Schiller Fitness? Schiller Fitness is a lifestyle approach to health and wellness and one of the most laid back fitness channels we have seen on YouTube.  But that’s not why we watch. We watch because the guy is very passionate about surfing and fitness while being highly informative about getting a good workout in. Below is a cool hotel workout you can do right on vacation or even at home. Check it out and let us know how it works out for you:

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Inside the world of action cinema stunts: Martial arts instructor Irvin Nguyen

Since Irvin Nguyen was young, he trained in martial arts and a common career out of that is to be a teacher. Nguyen wanted to take martial arts and make more out of it. So he turned it into an art form and started learning stunts and fight scenes. From there, he took on filmmaking to make the videos he has produced. Watch the video below to learn more about his passion for action cinema and follow Lunar Stunts Action Cinema on Facebook:

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Sun Safety: A heat illness prevention guide for military families

Summer is a time for fun and relaxation, but it’s also a time of extreme heat and weather alert days. It’s important for both civilians,service members and military families to know how to beat the heat before it beat them. The heat injury prevention guide below is available to tell you about the dangers of heat illness and injury and how to avoid heat stroke, heat cramps and more. Check it out now and share with family and friends to make sure the ones you love know how to beat the heat.

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July Exclusive : 7 Ways to Eat Clean as a Lifestyle

It is almost the end of July. Here are the top exclusive lifestyle & wellness interviews of July:


Wedding shoe stylist Freddie Gitari of Young Freddie Clothing provides fashion tips to help brides look and stay fresh on their big wedding day. Read Choosing Picture Perfect Wedding Shoes: Bridal Shoe Tips from Young Freddie Shoe for the full interview.
mediterranean-chicken-&-quinoa-salad-whole Fromgirltogirl sat down with Panera Bread Dietitian Katie Bengston to learn great recipes and tips on how to eat clean as a lifestyle. Read the exclusive interview on 7 ways to Eat Clean for Weddings & Lifestyle: Panera Bread Dietitian Wellness.


Blissful Grandeur is bringing the gift of marital bliss at the most awesome value to the New York City. See how you can take part on the luxury wedding of a lifetime by reading How to enjoy a Luxury Wedding on a $5,000 Budget ( Yes, It’s Possible). We love all things wedding and lifestyle.

Subscribe to the National Weddings Examiner  for all the latest on wedding, home and lifestyle. Briana Booker is now the National Weddings Examiner at She is also featured on the Home & Lifestyle channel and DC 20-Something Relationships column.

Keep up with Fromgirltogirl by following us on Facebook.

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Eat Clean Tips from Panera Dietitian Katie Bengston


Panera Salads

Briana Booker, Chief Editor of recently interview Panera Bread dietitian Katie Bengston on clean eating. Are you wondering can you introduce clean eating to your lifestyle? Then read on about the 7 ways to Eat Clean for Weddings & Lifestyle: Panera Bread Dietitian Wellness.

The article covers eating clean for breast, lunch and dinner. There are even snack ideas you can get from Panera Bread while you are on the go or enjoy right at home.

Let us know which eat clean recipes you like best by following us on Facebook.

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