Most comfortable bed pillows: The EverPillow and its community give back

Woman enjoying her everpillow from infinite moon

*** was provided a sample product for honest review. Opinions are our own. Product reviews are not endorsements. ***

my pillow of choice the curve ever pillow

As I continue my health and fitness journey, I am learning every day how important having a good night’s sleep is to maintaining good physical health. Do you know sleep can help heal as well as repair your heart and blood vessels? Sleep can also help your body keep up a healthy balance of hormones such ghrelin (the hormone which controls your hunger) and leptin ( the hormone that signals you are full). Being aware that my body is always working on supporting my physical health as well as healthy brain function, I wanted to work on improving my sleep environment and address sleep deficiency. That is when I realized I overlooked one essential accessory to my bedroom, a pillow design with my needs in mind.

Briana Booker product review on EverPillow

Being aware that my body is always working on supporting my physical health as well as healthy brain function, I wanted to work on improving my sleep environment and address sleep deficiency. That is when I realized I overlooked one essential accessory to my bedroom, a pillow design with my needs in mind.

Often I have pillows that are too soft or too sturdy. I find myself waking up in the middle night or my mind racing over worries or concerns I rather focus on during the day. Recently, I read up on ‘Why Is Sleep Important?’ from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. It was a helpful read and inspired me to research most comfortable bed pillows. Let’s just say I don’t regret the search.

Briana Booker sleeps on ever pillow

Bettering my sleep experience

Since I started researching pillows designed to better my sleep experience, I found the Everpillow by INFINITEMOON. The Everpillow offers customizable fill options, including Latex Noodle, Kapok Silk, and Blend of Both to help sleepers enjoy a soft, yet supportive pillow. Learn more about the pillow fillings.

Most comfortable bed pillows

Why does the pillow filling matter? The filling matters because a comfortable, supportive pillow helps hold your neck exactly where you want. Here are some other great benefits  of the EverPillow:

About the benefits of the EverPillow

  • Chemical Free
  • Super clean pillow – it’s an antimicrobial pillow with a washable option.
  • Naturally cool and breathable … makes it easier to sleep
  • Fully customizable loft and shape.

Fromgirltogirl’s EverPillow Review 

Check out the video below to learn about Fromgirltogirl’s first experience with InfiniteMoon. See more reviews about the EverPillow.

You and EverPillow support those most in need

Even with The EverPillow being a great product, really love InfiniteMoon for the work it does with the Mile High Workshop, a Denver-based job training, and employment program that helps men and women transitioning back into the workforce after homelessness, addiction, and incarceration, get that much-needed new beginning.

I like the idea that every day is a new beginning. When you buy an EverPillow, you really are making a difference in the lives of other people who need a good support system. Check out your EverPillow options and buy now.

I got the Curve EverPillow pictured below:



But there are full pillows available as pictured. I wanted the curve as I often enjoy reading before bed, writing, or getting cozy while watching a good movie or TV show.


Let us know what you think about the pillow. Would love to hear from you.


The EverPillow gives back to the community one pillow at a time


*** was provided a sample product for honest review. Opinions are our own. Product reviews are not endorsements. ***

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1 in 3 women have a Hysterectomy by age 60

hysterectomy prevention for women's health

Know the truth from Nspire Network Media on Vimeo.

Do you know 1 in 3 women will have a hysterectomy by age 60? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 11.7 percent of women between the ages of 40-44 had a hysterectomy during the surveillance period 2006-2010. Moreover, about 600,000 hysterectomies are performed annually in the United States. Approximately 20 million American women have had a hysterectomy.

Why are Hysterectomies often performed?

  • Uterine fibroids — common, benign (noncancerous) tumors that grow in the muscle of the uterus.
  • More hysterectomies are done because of fibroids than any other problem of the uterus.
  • Sometimes fibroids cause heavy bleeding or pain.
It is a devastating procedure which removes the hope of motherhood and want to have a healthy monthly period. Often these result from the misuse of tampons and the overuse of poorly produced sanitary napkins. A potential solution to lower the risk of hysterectomy is using organic sanitary napkins. Check out Cherish Premium Sanitary Napkins.
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The truth about health threats from ordinary sanitary napkins and tampons

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored or paid post. This article is solely for informational resources on Women’s Health.

organic sanitary napkins for better women's health.
Tampons and pads with odor neutralizers and artificial fragrances are chemical soups, laced with artificial colors, polyester, adhesives, polyethylene (PET), polypropylene and propylene glycol (PEG). In short, they are contaminants linked to hormone disruption, cancer, birth defects, dryness, and infertility. Investigations have since proved that most menstrual sanitary pads available on the market are produced from recycled paper materials containing print ink and other chemicals which are bleached with chemicals like dioxin and chlorine. Studies have shown that the chemical dioxin and chlorine are cancerous chemicals when they come in contact with the human skin, especially the tender part at the woman’s genitals.
This doesn’t happen right away, but the cancerous effects may be cumulative. Paper cannot absorb a woman’s flow during her period so a plastic paper is placed in between or under the pad for fear of leakage when a woman is bleeding. This plastic between the pad prevents access to the air. As the woman is bleeding wearing this kind of pad, no air enters her body and warmth develops between the pad and her vagina, with the moisture from the blood, this area becomes a breeding ground for germs. The fermentation takes place, which is the reason the pads are smelly after use.

The dangers of traditional sanitary pads

A World Health Organization report indicated within two hours of a woman putting on traditional pads, about 107 different germs develop per cubic centimeter on the surface area of the pad. When pressure is applied on the pad through sitting, the paper does not absorb enough, the pad allows a “back flow” of the blood into the woman’s reproductive system, the germs develop, and the chemicals mix with the blood. This can cause infection to the woman’s reproductive system. Not knowing what to do and what is happening, the woman simply takes this as normal menstrual discomfort.

Possible conditions caused by poor quality sanitary pads during menstruation:

  • External Vaginal inflammations
  • Vaginal itching
  • Vaginal inflammation
  • Cervical Inflammation and erosion
  • Endometrial Inflammation
  • Excessive white discharge
  • Pain in the lower abdomen
  • Fever
  • Feeling nauseous
  • Urge to urinate
  • Urinal pain
  • Sore waist
  • Aching waist
  • Fatigue
  • Genital warts
  • Genital herpes
  • Menstrual disorders (heavy periods, light periods, spotting in between periods, prolonged periods, and menstrual pains)
Check out this Organic Cherish Premium Sanitary Napkins to protect yourself. Share with women you know.
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored or paid post. This article is solely for informational resources on Women’s Health.
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How to fend off the cold and flu: keep Cold-Q handy

Cold Q oral spray for relieving flu and common cold symptoms
*** This was not paid or sponsored post. reviewed a free sample given by Cold-Q, with opinions of our own. ***
As we experience one of the worse flu seasons in recent years, Fromgirltogirl decided to explore products to fend off the common cold and more importantly the flu virus. Wash your hands and drink plenty of orange juice were words of wisdom we’ve heard since childhood but now there are products available to help us along the way. One product that caught our eye:  Cold-Q™ .

What is Cold-Q?

It is an all-natural oral spray, designed to attack the cold and flu virus. We are big on being environmentally friendly, so we appreciate Cold-Q being a pesticide and heavy metal free, non-GMO product. But more importantly, we appreciate the product integrity as Cold-Q doesn’t make any claims that it will cure the common cold or flu. Instead, we look at it as an effective product for combating the cold and flu. Here ‘s our thoughts on Cold-Q:

About ColdQ

Reacting to the serious SARS crisis in China in 2003, ColdQwas developed to effectively treat SARS infected patients in hospitals. The Chairman and CEO, Dr. Don Segal, has a long and distinguished career in the biopharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, which spans over 40 years.
Dr. Segal founded Helix Biopharma Corp. where he was instrumental in inventing the lung cancer candidate drug L-DOS47, now in clinical trials.  Dr. Segal was introduced to Cold-Q a few years ago and believes in the product’s potential for cold and flu relief.  Given Dr. Segal’s background in cancer therapeutics, he saw another opportunity and that was to help the most vulnerable, those with a compromised immune system.  With that in mind, he personally invested in the product to help brand, and gain awareness.  

Clinical study

A clinical study was carried out on 152 patients who were screened for defined symptoms of a full-blown cold or flu attack. The treatment group (82) was treated with Cold-Q™ for 4 days. The control group (70) was given a combination of competitors’ product (acetaminophen and amantadine) and assessed as was the treated group over the 4-day treatment period. The results summarized in the chart below suggest that about 80 % of patients were free of symptoms within two days of treatment with Cold-Q™ as compared to the control group which showed less than 10 % response by day 3.

In vitro Studies

In vitro studies demonstrated that Cold-Q can inactivate influenza A, influenza B, and more specifically swine flu strains: H1N1 and H3N2, the dominant flu strain being H3N2 this 2018. By nature of its formulation, we believe Cold-Q™ also provides significant immune support. 

See more testimonials

•   A mother and son who suffer from  Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), have remained free of cold/flu since using Cold-Q.  See video here.

*** This was not paid or sponsored post. reviewed a free sample, given by Cold-Q with opinions of our own. ***

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5 ways to reduce cellulite

reduce cellulite from your body

When it comes to reducing cellulite formation, you can do a number of things. You can load up on antioxidant foods, such as citrus fruits and veggies. There are many other things you can do. These things include the following:

Green Tea

Drink green tea often because this can reduce the visibility of cellulite. Green tea also can play a role in helping you lose weight and it is considered to be an antioxidant. Ideally, you should drink up to three cups of it per day.

Healthy Fats

Stop eating bad fats and replace them with omega-3 fats. These fats come from stuff such as nuts, oily fish, flaxseed and fish oils. When you have poor circulation, then your body won’t deliver nutrients to your skin cells as effectively as they could be.


Exercise regularly because this will burn fat and boost your circulation. You’ll increase muscle tone, which will reduce the visibility of cellulite. Not only that, but you’ll improve lymphatic drainage, which will carry away toxins from your cells.

Cut Toxins Out

According to Dore Aesthetics The dermis can be affected when toxins are allowed to build up and this can lead to the formation cellulite. You want to remove toxins such as coffee, tobacco, and coffee. Also, stay away from heavily processed foods that contain a bunch of chemical additives and sugars, and don’t forget about drinking a lot of water.


Give herbs a try, such as Dandelion leaf tea. You can drink this tea to help you flush out toxins, but you can also use the leaves in fresh juices. Another good herb to try is Ginkgo bilboa, which is also available in an array of forms and it can help boost your circulation.

Don’t forget about using external treatments on your skin, such as a coffee scrub, which you can use about 2-3 times per week. Once you’re out of the shower, take the coffee granules and massage them into the areas that are affected. Afterwards, you can rinse it off, and make sure you get all of it off.

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How to achieve better sleep

Tips for Getting a Good Night's Sleep

Most people don’t get enough sleep, although good rest is essential for every aspect life. Your sleep habits not only impact the way you feel on any given day, they are implicated in your long-term health as well. In short, your physical, mental and emotional health all hinge on your nightly slumber. Because sleep is such an important aspect of your life, taking the time to learn how to improve your rest only makes sense.

If this sounds great, but you have no idea where to begin, check out these hot tips that will have you snoozing soundly in no time:

Check Your Habits At The Door

Although you might not be ready to give up alcohol, cigarettes, and caffeine right now, you should make sure that you aren’t consuming these products prior to bedtime. The nicotine in tobacco and tobacco products is a stimulant, which can hamper your ability to fall asleep. You can find caffeine in the usual offending beverages, chocolate and some over-the-counter pain medications because it speeds up the pain relief. Avoid all of these for at least four hours prior to bedtime, preferably longer.

As for alcohol, many make the mistake of thinking that it helps them sleep. However, when the sedating effects of the booze wear off, it can be difficult to remain asleep. Even those who don’t wake will greet the morning poorly rested and prepared for the day.

Take Advantage Of Natural Light Cycles

Natural light can help to keep your natural bodily rhythms in sync with the planet. The morning sunlight streaming through the window alerts your brain that it is time to wake up and begin the day. Winter mornings are hard for many people because darkness can loom well into the morning hours. To make the most of how light influences your body, open the blinds when you first get up. Alternatively, use a special full spectrum light box to achieve the same effect.

Exercise At The Right Time

If you want to rest well, complete a good workout during the day, at least three hours before you hit the hay. While you are exercising, your body secretes various hormones to keep you alert while at the heightened activity levels. Because of this, you should avoid exercising in the hours prior to bed. In fact, many folks choose to exercise early in the day to take advantage of the metabolic boost.

Environment Is Everything

When your senses are being assaulted by input, it can be very difficult to fall asleep. Sound rest is dependent in part on a peaceful environment. The room should be quiet, dark, cool and free of funky odors. Keep your bedroom clean with high-quality natural cleaning products and use a white noise machine to mask sounds. If light is a problem during the summer, you can use blackout shades or a soft eye mask. As for temperature, keep it on the cooler side of comfortable.

Make And Use A Sleep Schedule

In order for your body to achieve optimal slumber, you need to have a set internal clock. You do this by creating a sleep pattern and sticking to it. Go through the same preparation schedule each night, laying your head down at the same time. Wake at a preset time and eventually, your brain will fall into the pattern, allowing you to fall asleep faster and awake refreshed.

Mattress Matters

Sleeping on an inferior mattress is detrimental to good rest. Your mattress must provide the proper amount of support and feel comfortable. Experts generally recommend that you replace mattresses every eight years, though yours might last longer if you travel frequently or have invested in a high-end mattress. If you are looking for a new one these Tempurpedic reviews look positive. Protect the mattress with a special cover to prevent dust mites and allergens from invading it. Also, make sure that your pillows are clean, comfortable and provide perfect support for your entire body.

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Best sex toys for Valentine’s Day: The mini bullet vibrator

Mini G Spot Vibrator for foreplay, masturbation and sex.
We have a 15% discount just for you. Scroll to the end of the article for the code. Share with friends.

From whips to bullet vibrators, the discussion of sex toys and overall sexual pleasure were topics to discuss behind closed doors. Lucky for us the world is changing and encourages us to think out loud about our deepest fantasies and so much more. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Fromgirltogirl is here to chat sex toys. Our new favorite on-the-go sex toy is the mini bullet vibrator.

About the mini bullet vibrator

Using a mini bullet vibrator has been on our bucket list for a while. We love that it is easy to use and carry around anytime we need it. Some may be surprised, but the mini is powerful for its size. The reason we decided to try the mini bullet is for clitoral stimulation, a favorite among sexual stimulation. But it can do so much more than a great orgasm.

Mini bullet vibrators are not solely for sexual pleasure. Feel free to use it for getting a massage. It feels great and gives better circulation of blood throughout the body. We even use it to relieve muscle pain and tension after working out.

The sex toy every woman should have

When we say every woman should have a mini bullet vibrator, we mean it. Here is what we love about it:

  1. It has the power to give an orgasm in less than 3 minutes. The mini bullet vibrator is especially intense for clitoral stimulation but the toy can stimulate any part of the body.
  2. The mini bullet vibrator can be used during sex as well as with other toys. One of the best ways to truly enjoy sex is to get to know your body. When you know your body, you know where you can reach the most pleasure and guide your sex partner to the right spots. Some favorite spots to use the mini bullet vibrator: the clitoris, nipples, and even the lower back.
  3. The toy is portable. Yes, go and toss your vibrator in your handbag. You may even store it in your pocket. Why? It is a stress reliever when you need it and you never know when you will need that relief. No, you don’t have to use it on your vagina all the time. Sometimes you just need to massage your head because you have a headache. What works for you is what counts.
  4. It makes for a great couples sex toy. For example, you can insert the mini bullet vibrator at the base of dildos, anal toys, or cock rings to offer vibration.

The mini bullet vibrator we got is easy to use, discrete.  Watch the video below to learn more about the benefits:

 Exclusive discount just for you

The Mini Bullet Vibrator in this review was provided by Love it right. If you would like to purchase your own use the coupon code SEX15 for 15% OFF your order.

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Marijuana infused wine with no hangover is trending in California

The health benefits of drinking weed wine or marijuana infused wine.

About Marijuana-infused wine

Sauvignon Blanc with notes of weed sounds strange, right? But it does exist. Here’s a wine that has been infused with cannabis. It’s been trending since last year. The  Canna Vine and Mary Jane Wines cost about  $400 a bottle, but California-based Rebel Coast Winery is releasing a more affordable bottle for about $60.


Benefits of weed wine

  • The wine is alcohol-free, it can be legally shipped to and sold in dispensaries within the state of California.
  • The wine is a Sauvignon Blanc that’s been marijuana-infused with roughly four milligrams of THC per serving, taking approximately 15 minutes to get a kick
  • A drinker will feel high instead of drunk.
  • No hangover because the booze is removed from the wine.
  • Bright, citrusy flavor and crisp taste, it will have notes of lemongrass, lavender, and citrus.

Want to learn more about weed wine? Read here.

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Now available from ProudPour: New vintages with organic certification

 About Berlin Kelly and her organic wine company ProudPour
A new year calls for trying new things, including quality wine … organic wine! As of January 2018 ProudPour, an organic wine supplier, Sauvignon Blanc has helped restored over 7.5 million oysters, which are cleaning over 220 million gallons of water per day. The company’s Pinot Noir has helped plant over 8 million wildflowers for native bee species.
ProudPour also has new vintages with organic certification, and have dramatically redesigned their labels to be clearer about the mission of ProudPour. See below:
ProudPour Pinot redesigned bottle (red wine)
Redesign of ProudPour's white wine bottles
You can learn more about their community give back by reading ‘ The Best of Vegan Wine Pairings with ProudPour Wine’. ProudPour is one of our favorite ethical entrepreneurs, watch the video below to learn why:

Here is Fromgirltogirl’s thoughts on the Organic Oregon Pinot from ProudPour:

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52% of cheaters say spouse not fit, motivation to cheat

Infidelity at the gym ... cheating
Ashley Madison data reveals that infidelity motivates higher levels of personal fitness.

Is getting into shape one of your new year’s resolutions? Don’t give up. Getting in shape is a big resolution each year and Ashley Madison , the world’s leading married dating website, surveyed its members to find out if their extramarital relationships motivated them to live a healthier lifestyle by exercising. The survey results show that cheaters are more likely to stay in shape while in an extramarital relationship.Here are key takeaways from their study:

  • 52% say their spouse isn’t fit and 58% say they wish their spouse exercised more
  • 70% say that their extramarital relationships actually motivate them to stay fit
  • 12% of women (vs. 9 % of men) use the excuse of ‘going to the gym’ to meet their extramarital partner

The findings also go into the top exercises that turn people on (male vs. female) and much more. Check it out below:

Nearly half (41%) of respondents exercise 2-5 times per week and 80% consider themselves to have an average level of physical fitness. But it’s not the new year’s resolutions that are keeping cheaters fit, 70% of survey respondents say it’s their extramarital relationships that motivate them. This goes both ways as 71% consider their extramarital partner to be fit and/or seek an extramarital partner that is fit. Not surprising because let’s face it, healthy is sexy.

But if they’re in search of someone who is fit, does this mean their spouse doesn’t fall into this category? The answer is yes with 52% saying they don’t consider their spouse to be fit and 58% saying they wish their spouse exercised more often.

Working out or “Working out”?

Gyms are noticeably busier in January, bringing new people together and more wandering eyes. In a previous survey of Ashley Madison members, going to the gym was the fifth most common excuse for men (9%) and women (12%) when planning to meet with their extramarital partner. However, in a recent survey done of Ashley Madison members, when cheaters do go to the gym 73% say they are there strictly to exercise and not to seek an extramarital partner. Moreover, 72% are not likely to exercise with their spouse or their secret partner.

Even though they aren’t consciously seeking an affair at the gym, it doesn’t mean there aren’t certain exercises that work as a turn on for gym goers. The top exercise that turns people on most is yoga/stretching (51%), followed by squats (19%).

Top exercises that turn people on the most when someone else performs them

  • Yoga/stretching – 51%
  • Squats – 19%
  • Other – 13%
  • Bicep curls – 6%
  • Stationary bike – 3%



  • Other – 26%
  • Yoga/stretching – 22%
  • Bicep curls – 19%
  • Squats – 16%
  • Tricep pull-down -7%
  • Jump rope – 5%
  • Stationary bike – 3%
  • Lunges – 2%
  • Pilates Machine – 1%


  • Yoga/stretching – 59%
  • Squats – 20%
  • Other – 9%
  • Stationary bike -3%
  • Lunges – 3%
  • Jump rope – 2%
  • Bicep curls – 2%
  • Tricep pull-down – 1%
  • Pilates machine – 1%


*Survey of 1,112 members of Ashley Madison between January 3, 2018 – January 4, 2018.

** Survey of 1,491 members of Ashley Madison between October 4, 2017- October 13, 2017.


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