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Fully Integrated Marketing Services

  •  Editing, Website Copy Editing – trim unnecessary words and fillers, catch grammar/ spelling mistakes, make the page search engine optimized and build call to actions to enhance your business content marketing   $50 per page
  • Business Copywriting Services – SEO optimized per 500-600 words  $100 hr
  • Social Media Manager – 20 unique Facebook social media posts that are pre-scheduled, search engine optimized with call to actions. Will also share to on Fromgirltogirl’s social media networks which has more than 70,000+ loyal followers  $800 monthly
  • Social media posts for two social networks  – 40 social media posts that are pre-scheduled, search engine optimized with effective call to actions for Facebook plus other social media (i.e. Twitter or Instagram)  $1,000 monthly
  • Add Products and Services tabs to your Facebook Business Page TBD
  • Place promoted content articles on high traffic websites Will provide you list of website where your industry target audiences view. Prices can range from   $100-250 per high quality traffic source 

Influencer Marketing Services

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Briana Booker content marketing tips and tricks

Copywriting and Blogging for ( internal and external webpages) –

Search engine optimized, 500-600 words, call to action and link back to related content to strength search engine authority $50

Instagram Promotion

Promote three photos, video or a combination ( will also make into a Youtube photo gallery or video for playlist of related content). Call to action will be included with search optimization.  $30

Promote Your Youtube Video and share to Youtube Playlist

Will help you better promote and monetize your Youtube in a variety of ways, include search engine optimized descriptions, annotations and more  $20

Create Gif Animations –

Provide photo or video gif with your business branding included starting at $ 15 – $100 depending on number of games, format and customization.

Custom Video Animations –  

Provide your vision and we will create your video animation with transcript included as well as Call to Action and your business logo  $3,000 per video ( Up to 2 minutes)

Create Your Youtube Transcripts –

Prepare your Youtube transcript for closed captioning ( Video 508 Compliance)  $45

Include Your Videos on Fromgirltogirl’s Youtube News Series – 

Our news series is ‘Your News Matters,’ which we share daily and weekly products, services and breaking news right on Youtube. Only need video file to give you more coverage. Playlist for your related content will be created as well and shared on all our social media networks $25

Let our PR Help Grow Your Business

Increased recognition – 

What do you want to accomplish with your web marketing efforts?  We will help get you on as many respected editorial platforms and online publications as possible.

Pitch your story –   

As an interactive journalist, Briana Booker will identify the best way to reach editors and reporters. The goal is to give a very honest, outsider view of the benefits your company offers to consumers and the news industry like.

Improve Your Interactive Marketing Efforts –

We will help you increase your sales by anticipating consumer behaviors and offering them not only what they want but also what they may be also interested in

Hire us when you are ready to enhance or build up your business reputation for profit and authority. We are here to help you succeed.

Freelance Writing Services| Briana Booker

Briana Booker is a content writer and copy editor for local and national clients. She leads the content strategy and content marketing development for entrepreneurs across industries to create and execute a comprehensive online strategy that maximizes their media marketing campaigns and increases the success of their content marketing efforts, including search engine optimized content creation and development, link building and user-centered design and development.

Helping business leaders and writers create content, connect and earn their worth. Success…it’s all in who you know. Join our community today.

Effective news pitch distribution services| Briana Booker

Do you feel your press release strategy is killing your business? You are probably right. Many companies distribute their press release to just about anyone hoping their target audience will find their way to the press release. In many cases, this business strategy fails and you don’t want your press release strategy to fail for too long.  The traditional press release strategy you once knew and loved has changed. Well-crafted press releases go only so far in the digital world. If you want to grab the attention of media, television, newspapers, columnists and consumers, you need to have your press release tell a story. In fact, it should be so well-crafted that it’s considered a story in itself. In other words, your press release should be a news  story. The best press releases are ones which offer journalist to publish as is. I know because I am an interactive journalist and value press releases which I can transform from print to web content in minutes. To put it short, I help companies make their press release distribution strategy more effective by transforming the material into news-worthy web content. I offer 2 services for press release distributions:

  1. I will write your press releases as news stories and distribute the news content to journalists and public relations professionals who value your press material.
  2. I will spotlight your press release news stories on my major columns ( but they must be related to topics I cover such as workplace relationships, coaching tools, career, business,relationships, public speaking, live entertainment, weddings, and events).

Bottomline: I am here to help you find who cares about you, the company and your events. I am here to help you make it clear why your target audience would find your press release important to them. And yes, the reasons to write a press release go beyond being picked up by news outlets. I will draw your target audiences into the story your brand wants to offer them. Use me as a resource to help your brand stand out because having a story worth writing about is the first step to developing an effective press release strategy. The more content you offer your audience, the better because they will get use to you sparking their interest. I have been writing news stories for more than a decade. My favorite part of my life work is to present value and inspire people to take action. I know how valuable press releases are as direct marketing tools. Let me help you get the news coverage you deserve.

I will target your press releases by region, industry and news theme. The cost of each press release is on its length and circuit you want to reach. A 500-1000 word press release for editing into a news story can cost as low as $20 to $75. If you want me to distribute it to a certain platform, I promise an affordable package. I have programs to help both entrepreneurs and established businesses scale their press release strategy. This includes writing the content for search marketing. Email me at or call me at 443-474-3524 ( you can reach me on skype at @fromgirltogirl). You can also inbox me via Facebook.

DC Headlines Writer | Briana Booker

Headlines. They are every where on the web – photos, graphics, articles and more, but too many people and companies write ineffective headlines. When producing any type of web content, you need to always find ways to grab the attention of your target audience. 

A headline is like 80 cents off of every dollar your business makes. Have a poor headline and you’re losing 80% off of your dollar. It takes more than great content and design to make web content viral.

The most effective way to get eyes on your content is writing a great headline. Some of the most effective headlines on the web are written by headlines writers. These content writers use only a few words but the words are powerful and moving to the audience. How do headlines writers draw in an audience who wants to come back for more of your web content? The content writers tell an interesting story within every headline and give the audience a reason to read the content for added value.

If you think you can use print headlines for web headlines, think again. Web headlines are very unique from print headlines because the headlines require search engine optimization (SEO). A well qualified headlines writer will have expertise in current SEO techniques and know how to bring more eyes on your content and more visitors to your company website. When your target audience can find the information they are looking for on your website, you have the opportunity to make these casual web visitors loyal customers. I am here to help by writing your headlines for you or teaching your marketing team and copywriters how to write effective headlines. Here are a few quick tips for writing viral headlines:

  • Use numbers in your headlines. People trust numbers because the calculator never lies. But you have to use the right types of numbers. The most popular numbers to use in headline writing are three to five points. Avoid using obscure number people don’t remember like 37 and 19. Use 10, 7, and 5 for starters.
  • Use fun adjectives like free and incredible. You can never go wrong with interesting adjectives. Don’t forget to be original.
  • Enable your readers by telling them the what, why, how or when. They want the facts. Give it to them.

I use formula to write effective headlines and I am here to teach you. No matter your decision, you will get better lead generation to your web content and get a real return on your investment.  I do headlines writing for editors, web producers, bloggers, journalists and business leaders alike. Let me be a resource for you. Let me teach you how to master headlines writing today. Here at Fromgirltogirl we offer standard packages as well as custom offerings. Let’s get started today by emailing me at or call the office at 443.474.3524.

About New Theory Magazine


Feature your content in New Theory Magazine (Print and Web Magazine). Distribution in New York City,Northern New Jersey,Long Island,Los Angeles, CA.,Chicago, IL Dallas, TX,Philadelphia, PA and Miami, FL.

New Theory Magazine provides information on #‎Milllennial culture at its finest as the magazine provides readers with #‎exclusive access into the mind of the mature #‎millennial covering inspirational Business, #‎health, #‎fitness, #‎fashion, #‎beauty, celebrity news, music, hot topics & so much more! Distribution in New York City,Northern New Jersey,Long Island,Los Angeles, CA.,Chicago, IL Dallas, TX,Philadelphia, PA and Miami, FL.

Must provide original copy/ content (500 word min). I will edit and proof read the copy.

Please provide link to your website or social media you want readers to visit.

Any videos submitted you must own the right to and it will cost $10 additional.

Any Image submission you must own the copy rights to (otherwise I will use stock photos).

Accepted content

  • Business
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Celebrity News
  • Music

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