How to overcome Back To School Stress | Anxiety Prevention Guide for Families

Dr. Bradley Nelson back-to-school tips for overcoming stress and anxiety
Author and international lecturer in bio-energetic medicine and energy psychology, Dr. Bradley Nelson offers advice on how to overcome back-to-school stress.

For families across America, the back to school season can be very stressful. Some stress is associated  with the renewed pressure of academics while other forms of stress are tied with extracurricular activities and social situations. In particular children with learning disabilities have trouble overcoming back to school stress, but veteran holistic physician Dr. Bradley Nelson has great advice to help parents and children alike clear away emotional baggage to help them learn better, feel happier and reach their goals of having a successful school year experience.

Dr. Nelson specializes in helping people of all ages release “trapped emotions” – unresolved emotions from negative life experiences that can affect a person’s health, happiness and ability to learn. He and the thousands of healing practitioners he has trained worldwide frequently work with children diagnosed with Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and other conditions which can hinder learning and development. Parents searching for holistic ways to help their kids overcome such problems are finding success with The Body Code, a system Dr. Nelson developed to help kids without having to resort to medication.

“Learning disabilities can affect listening and speaking, reading, writing and spelling, reasoning, concentration and mathematics,” Dr. Nelson says. “Some common imbalances children have that contribute to learning disabilities include social and emotional problems, nutritional deficiencies and toxins from processed foods and environmental sources. All of these can be discovered and addressed with The Body Code.”

Dr. Nelson teaches parents how to use these methods to help not only kids diagnosed with learning disabilities and delays, but all children struggling with any kind of anxiety over school. For instance, releasing trapped emotions can help children shift out of a fear of starting kindergarten, let go of negative feelings around upsetting past events and become relaxed, confident and better able to learn.  As a holistic physician, Dr. Nelson also provides nutritional guidance for parents on how to eliminate processed and chemical-laden foods that may contribute to children’s learning and emotional problems. To learn more visit his website

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