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Top Natural Beauty Products

Beauty expert Neccia Celli is a proud wife and mom of three. She is also the Founder  and Publisher of The Natural Beauty and Health Blog as well as the author of 'Easy Ways  to Detox for a Healthier Life.' The blog was created by Celli to document her journey to eliminate toxic chemicals from her family's personal care and health care routines. Now she hopes to help others do the same. In Celli's spare time, she enjoys spending time writing, learning new things and have a good time with family and friends. To learn more about Neccia Celli visit The Beauty Health Blog. Here are some of Celli's latest articles:

#Health4Her tips and tricks for women's health

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  • UN Foundation Global Beat event at the United Nations Foundation in Washington D.C., Thursday, April 28, 2016. Subscribe to and contact us to request an invite to the exciting and fun networking event. It's by invitation only and we will do our best to add as many of our readers to the invite list. 
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Beauty Tips and Career Fashion

Are you searching for ways to up-style your hair, body and fashion? We are here to help you get the look and the job of your dreams by providing hairstyling tips, beauty advice and winning fashion that will help you soar your career. Remember, you have to look the part even before you get the new opportunity. Never sell yourself short. Walk with confidence. Voice your creative ideas and get noticed. You cannot find your greatness sitting or stand somewhere where you're not highly visible. Help the world find you and explore the natural talents as well as the skills you've developed over time. Share your story. Share your motivation.  Subscribe to our free beauty tips and more to start today:

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Living and shopping in the DC Metropolitan area, Miami, Chicago , California or New York is wonderful and exciting. Anytime you are living in a major city, you want to stay in the know about health and fitnesstourism, leisure, fashiondecorating and culture. How do you do it? It’s simple. Read the Fromgirltogirl lifestyle magazine, a monthly publication (40,000+ subscribers) that celebrates and spotlights great businesses, people and events in the greater community. Fromgirltogirl encompasses a number of invaluable articles  in our women’s magazines and men’s magazines. Browser our website for more information.


Career Advice: How to get ahead

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