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Natalise + the Sunset Run, a pop/alternative band radiating a magnetic softness releases a brand new album ‘Glimpses of the Sun’ and the brand new single ‘ The Lucky Ones.’ And the single ‘The Lucky Ones’ is definitely worth the watch. Check it out now:

About the song The Lucky Ones

“When Natalise wrote the ‘The Lucky Ones,’ she was going through a sort of deep introspection and sadness for a period of time after having watched two loved ones around her get diagnosed with stage 1 and 2 forms of cancer. They were both very young, beautiful, and talented. It was a shock to the system and really one of those times she asked “Why them? Why do bad things happen to good people?”

A bit later, she faced a health scare of her own. This made Natalise realize when one is faced with a possibility of life being finite, a wave of memories from the past and hopes for the future flash by. One begins to reconsider what is really important. And you start coming to the realization that life is pretty short. You have to make every moment count.

The final impetus to write the song actually came from a film script that ran across her desk and a call from a producer. He was looking for a possible song for an upcoming film about a young couple, where the female lead was dying and she wanted to say goodbye. Natalise’s thought was that she wanted the song to be one of celebration and gratefulness for life — she felt it to be true and authentic to her character and certainly a philosophy that resonates with her.

There’s nothing in the ‘The Lucky Ones’ that reveals that it is related to cancer or saying goodbye in any way. That was on purpose, of course, because after all, the song is about gratefulness and cherishing every moment you have. But a few months ago, ASCAP (a performing rights organization) held a conference and played ‘The Lucky Ones’ on a panel. After the session, a man in his late 50s came up to her with tears in his eyes. “I’m a stage 4 cancer survivor. I have four kids and a wife. I didn’t think I’d be standing here today.” He continued, wiping his tears, “This song… it reminded me of the fact that I am grateful… every day. I am so lucky. My family…we are the lucky ones. Thank you so much for writing this song. People who have gone through what I’ve been through need to hear this.” It was at that moment when it all came full circle for Natalise. These are the moments she feels worthy as a songwriter — that she was able to move someone, to touch someone’s heart with a piece of music.

About Natalise

Natalise is an unexpected talent in the music industry. She began her musical journey at a young age and has taken a variety of adventurous paths to find herself where she is today. Piano at three, dance at seven, church choir at eight all led her to the renowned San Francisco Conservatory of Music where she became an accomplished classically trained pianist and vocalist.

While her classical background informed her understanding of music, Natalise found true solace in writing songs on the piano, inspired by her own experiences in love and heartache. These acoustic songs are the genesis for her formation of Natalise + The Sunset Run. Inspired by artists like Coldplay, One Republic, Adele, and John Legend, she has been creating modernly heartfelt music that has landed on networks like MTV, VH1, Oxygen, and The WB/CW, as well as performing at venues like the Warriors’ Stadium (The Arena at Oakland), Viper Room, House of Blues, and colleges across the country, including her alma mater Stanford University, from which she graduated in three years in order to go on tour promoting her first radio release.

Her newest release, Glimpses of the Sun, is a gorgeous collection of songs that radiate a magnetic softness. Natalise’s approach is one of minimalist beauty that lets the music breathe, and showcases her dynamic musical talents for the world to see. Her new single, “The Lucky Ones,” is the first offering from the album and one well worth the investment.

“The Lucky Ones” is the kind of video that lifts the viewer out of their own body and places them in a calming, beautiful world created by Natalise and director Andrew James Abajian. The clip is centered on Natalise standing on a rocky stretch of the California coast, at first staring out into the infinite. As the waves crash behind her, she serenades the camera with the heartfelt message of ‘The Lucky Ones.’

Interspersed in between are shots of real moments from real people in varying states of life. Whether it be a first kiss on the Brooklyn Bridge, welcoming home a newborn baby, or an elderly couple quietly enjoying each other’s company, the 8mm style footage inspires a heartwarming connection between viewer and video. Learn more abotu Natalise by following her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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