Elton John states Jesus was Gay! Can it be?

(We apologize for the image in advance, just reporting the news).

Now, We have heard many rumors about Jesus, from being in love with a prostitute to being  a white man with straight hair. But, Jesus being gay, caught us off guard…especially from singer Elton John!

Elton John has stated:

” I think Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man who understood human problems. Jesus wanted us to be loving and forgiving. I don’t know what makes people cruel. Try being a gay woman in Middle East- you’re as a good as dead.”

We think Elton John should keep silent and not be bragging about potentially getting killed for his beliefs like John Lennon did. Really Elton, if you have a belief, back it up with evidence and not during Lent.


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WTF moment : IRS Plane Crash by Joseph Stack debt stress.

 We  know it is tax season,but we do not believe it is worth losing a life or losing more than one life over debt.  If you can plot to crash a plane into a IRS building, then you can sell your plane to pay off some of that debt.  Do people  not know how to deal with being broke? Are we beyond repair as a society? Are we that materialistic? Terminal ill children would love to live to age 53. We do not understand society but we will not judge those who have chosen suicide( can you choose suicide or does it just happen, a breaking point)!  We are sadden by this news and hopes his soul finds peace,but please people think of alternatives, such as getting counseling. We only live once.

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Must hear albums: Chris Brown In My Zone(Rhythm and street ) mixtape.

Now, we know people are not fond of Chris Brown these days and we do not promote couple violence at all. But we listened to Chris Brown’s new album on Valentines day! It is amazing! We really believe it will be a great album to listen to throughout spring and summer. We did not hear one bad song! We hope you check out Chris Brown’s In My Zone ( Rhythm and street) mix-tape as well! It is on fire and we think it is better than his first two albums to be honest! Check it out! -Fromgirltogirl

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Porn: Nothing wrong with that!

By Zachary ‘Buddha’ Bernstein
Apparently bankers DO have all the fun.  There has been a bit of controversy brewing over a certain bank worker looking at porn at work.  While someone else was getting interviewed on TV RIGHT BEHIND HIM.


            The fact that someone is looking at porn at work does not bother me.  I suspect most people do.  If people could get away with it, we would all be looking at porn during class.  And the fact that he was caught doing it on TV – near the end, he actually seems to realize people CAN SEE HIS COMPUTER – does not bother me either.  It is a boring looking job, so obviously people are going to try and have some fun.  And it is a complicated-looking office, so he might not have been able to see the cameras set up and, you know, hear the guy speaking to apparently no one in particular.  Mistakes happen.
            Now, if you told me this particular investment bank got billions in bailout money and the guy caught surfing porn netted a $5 million bonus…then I would urge everyone to invest heavily in Pitchforks Inc.  Thankfully, it appears not to have happened that way.  And yet, one must wonder if that is how the financial collapse got started…
            “Wilkins, do you have that report on subprime mortgages I asked for?  If we don’t get people aware of the dangers, we could have a big crisis on our hands.”
            “Uhh…I’ve kind of got something bigger to deal with right now.”
            (link courtesy of AfroJacks)
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Self-love: The story behind Fromgirltogirl.

 Today we were checking our daily tweets! We came across a rather disturbing tweet! It made us remember why we created Fromgirltogirl! It is all about self-love. How are you going to love others and your community, if you can not love yourself?

It sickens us when we see a woman let herself be used and abused! Hurting yourself is nothing to brag about! Sleeping with other people’s men is nothing to brag about! Putting others down or aiming to hurt someone else because you want something he or she has is nothing to brag about, ever!

We thank Car1ssa1234 for reminding us of our mission! Check this video out. It speaks for us.

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Welcome our new video blogger: Zach’ Buddha’ Bernstein

Welcome our newest Fromgirltogirl staff, Zach ‘Buddha’ Bernstein! He is comical. Check out his first video post! And do
not forget to add our youtube channel to your favorites: http://www.youtube.com/user/Breelavie !

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Learn to have him at Hello: Love and Life with Jesse McCann interview & tips session

By Briana Booker

Washington, District of Columbia  local dating coach and author of “You Lost Him at Hello,” Jess McCann is spunky and informative! As a graduate of George Mason University ’99, McCann carries herself with much class and liveliness. She is charismatic,bluntly honest, independent, and confident! We at Fromgirltogirl love these traits about her and just had to interview this extraordinary woman! But, how did she become a successful entrepreneur  and a  must read publisher? We are here to tell you it was not easy,but persistence and a dream allowed McCann to do all this and more!

 The story behind the author.

 McCann’s first job after graduating George Mason university was a sales job. She went from door to door trying to selling merchandise. This was a commission only job and McCann was not very fond of this particular occupation. However, it led her to start a sales company in Texas, which she held for four years. During this venture she realized that business and dating were parallel to one another, and that business tactics could be used to improve one’s dating. Learn sales; learn better dating.

McCann went into the career of selling medical equipment, and by January 2007, she quit this occupation. McCann decided to follow her  dream to be a published writer! She received a book deal and wrote about how she used business tactics to improve her dating for her friends and herself. Her written wisdom became popular and she decided to run her own business as a dating coach, as well as run her own blog magazine!

McCann states: ” If you take risk early in life, you have a greater chance to succeed.” She took a leap of faith and it worked!

Questions & Answers session: Relationship and dating do’s and don’ts

Q: What motivates you?

A: I am motivated to help women see where they are going wrong. I hate seeing people go down a path that will make them unhappy.

Q: Do you see yourself as a role model for young women?

A: Yes, I see myself as a role model for young women. I show that it is possible to find true love. I found the love of my life and my best friend at the same time. I took me 9 months to find him. After that, we dated for awhile and now we are engaged.

Q: What are some signs you are dating a shady guy?

A: Dig into his past,. Ask about his ex’s and other relationships. These previous interactions give insight. If he bashes his ex(s) in front of you or none of his ex(s) have been serious relationships this is a warning sign. He might have dating phobias. Also, how he treats women and other relations he should naturally care about, such as his mom, sister and family is a signal of how he will treat you. Family is all you have at the end of the day. If  he can not treat these people with respect, he will not come close to treating you with respect.

Q: How should a woman attract a good guy?

A: Respect yourself, and men will respect you. How you dress matters. Yes, men are attracted to women who expose their cleavage,but there is a big difference between easy and hot. You want to be hot, not easy.

Q: How do you balance taking care of your significant other needs, and at the same time, not neglect your needs to maintain a good relationship?

A: You have to ask yourself: Do I really want to fight over this? Is it really important to have this discussion? Where is the line crossed? If  it compromises your own values, then you should stand up for yourself. However, you should not argue about everything. If you do, you will always be arguing with one another and that will result in an unhappy relationship.

Key advice

McCann not only answered our questions but she gave us great pointers we think all women, single and in serious relationships, should hear. The advice is as followed:

  1. If single, put yourself first when you are starting to date. When your own needs are met, dating is enjoyable and less dramatic.
  2.  If you are in a serious relationship, put the other person needs first. In return, this person should be putting your needs first. It is all about learning to work as a team,but still continue to enjoy one another.
  3.  Do not let him do all the work. When prospecting, approach men, encourage them to  approach you. Break the ice. Smile and have eye contact. Doing it the right way brings positive results.
  4. For our younger readers: Do not stay on a date too long. These days dates are too long. Do not have a night on the town and then stay the night with him. You do not want him seeing you the next day with smelly breath and  your hair all over the place. Leave at the height of impulse. Best time to leave is when you  both are at the height of enjoyment. You want him to think about you,even when you are not physically present. Leaving when he has a great impression of you is key and will keep him wanting more!
If you find McCann’s advice useful pick up her book at Amazon.com . Remember the title: You Lost Him at Hello  ( click the link to purchase the book on Amazon)! Also, check out her blog and website links below:
Jess McCann Website: http://www.jessmccann.com/
We wish you only happy dating and happy relationships.

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John Mayer taste the rainbow memo

” I don’t think I open myself to it. My dick is sort of like a white supremacist, I’ve got a Benetton heart and a fuckin’ David Duke cock. I’m going to start dating separately from my dick.”

We notice today on twitter people tweeting about John Mayer. He appears to be very controversial often, but this Playboy interview is pretty comical. So, right before Valentines day John Mayer declares his penis as discriminatory. Wow. We at Fromgirltogirl recommend John Mayer and many other men to taste the rainbow. Actually, this is a memo to females too. You would be surprised who can bring joy to your life when you open up your horizons to greater opportunities( this would happen in February).

Our boss twitter to John Mayer:

RT @bbhoney88: @johncmayer you should taste the rainbow! Missin out bro! Baltimore has a good selection…

Send us your best John Mayer line of the day!

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Google Buzz: What’s your buzz on it?

Will google buzz be the next big social connector? Let us know your thoughts! 

So far, Fromgirltogirl loves it! Close to email, easy to find contacts, easy to distinguish private versus private information! And best of all, easy to filter through tons of data! We think it is a must have! Check out the google presentation below:

P.s- It is mobile! And yes, it is amazing as a mobile device. We are sure 6 months top it will blow twitter out of the water…video, photos, business connections… awesome! 🙂

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Fashion Gear must: Andy Suzuki & The Method T-Shirts!

We at Fromgirltogirl love to give great news at all times! We have an Andy Suzuki & The Method’s update! They officially have T-Shirts! The T-Shirts are American Apparel, guys and girls cuts, only $15! Great deal! If you want one contact Andy Suzuki at  andy.suzuki.music@gmail.com !

Photo is  right here :http://yfrog.com/1ebizrj

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