You kids are overthinking it!

Remember when you were younger people told you to cherish the simple things? It’s true. The simplest life is most likely the happiest! Ever look at a dog and wonder it must be nice? Not a care in the world! No real thought but survival and the ocassional loyalty and curiosity motions! It made me think of dating! The conflicts in dating come with overthinking! Just stop overthinking! Sometimes chipping the surface is enough and ceases the drama! Some thrive on drama while others hate it! If you’re dating someone who thrives on drama you might want to drop them in the new year! Better let than never! Hope this advice is useful!-fromgirltogirl

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Monday advice: keep real!

Recently I’ve been asked what’s the point of saying you miss your significant other after a big dispute or bad breakup. It’s about needs being met and conflict not being repeated. It doesn’t mean you give up.

To make anything successful you must first experience failure. For the new year I believe there is no reason to hide how you feel. Communication about unmet needs is crucial to solving issues, no matter impersonal or personal. My best advice is to write a pros and cons list about your relationship.

Which list has more points displayed? If it’s the negative points can you resolve them by you changing your behavior or by talking to your partner about concerns?

Sometimes actions speak louder than words. Sometimes there are times to be heard and other times to just zip your mouth. Pick your battles. You don’t have to always win them all. Try to figure what made you attractive to your partner in the beginning. When people invest time and effort in something long term it takes longer to get over it which could aid in resolving the situation. If things seem beyond repair try getting yourself together!

Self love is crucial to finding a good woman or man because people are attracted to positive energy! If you feel great about yourself the world will feel great about you! Remember only you can get rid of your own insecurites, no one can make you happy. A person can enhance your happiness but it’s up to you to allow yourself real happiness. You know you best! I hope this advice helps.- fromgirltogirl

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Updating Blog: Sorry for any inconvenience

We are re-branching from our previous blog with a blogging company to our own blog. Yay! So bear with us if you see any articles that are not as recent! We will be adding newer ones after the transition!

ALSO, we have great news! We now have our own internet television show and podcast coming to you in the new year! Get excited! we are very excited! Official logo to come as well! New and exciting things await in 2010 for from Girl to Girl talk!

Below are the links to our podcast( can be found on itunes and here) as while as our tv show:



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JFYI: 3 useful facts that go long way.

Here are 3 facts that can be useful for you. Merry Christmas!

1. Canola oil is healthier to use than olive oil!

I know. Surprising much? However, there are more saturated fats in olive oil. If you don’t believe me refrigerate both in a cup. The olive oil will be thicker in fats. And we all believed that olive oil was good for us because the Food Network uses it for everything. I still believe olive oil beats vegetable oil!

2.Read the new terms on your credit card.

Starting January 2010 certain, if not all credit cards, are revising their terms. These new terms are not to benefit the consumer but to make sure they get their money. The higher the risk, the higher the price. Late fees will be increasing and for some credit cards the minimum payment will no longer be just $10 dollars! Good grief. I would name the companies, but that calls for law suits.

3. A tax on market bags is arriving in the new year.

5% to 15% tax per plastic and paper market bag you receive while grocery shopping! In the District of Columbia this tax will come in effect January! There is one coming to Maryland as well! I suggest buying washable carrier bags. They have fashionable one’s at Target, Walmart, and Crate Barrel!

Hope these facts go along way!

Truly yours,

Girl to Girl Talk.

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Welcome to

Hello and welcome to all! Here today we are launching, a subgroup of Breelavie industry!

Need an answer about sex, love, spirituality or money management? is here to help! Ask us anything! If you need to know, you need to know! We do not discriminate on questions or topics! Believe me, plenty of other girls want to know an answer too!

In addition, we have Girls and women from all races, ethnicity and cultures to help you get answers to matters you need to know about to make you live the best life you can live! We are here to help!

Enjoy and use all our resources…from video blogs, instant message, emails, and phone calls!

Email us at!

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