June 2 lecture ‘Babel through Latin-American Jewish eyes’

On Friday, June 2, artist Mirta Kupferminc and psychoanalyst Tova Shvartzman will discuss art, Judaism and psychoanalysis in conversations with University of Maryland professor Saul Sosnowski, at the Library of Congress. The lecture and short film will take place at noon, in Dining Room A on the sixth floor of the Library’s James Madison Memorial Building, 101 Independence Ave. S.E., Washington D.C.

The event is free and open to the public.  Tickets are not needed.

Kupferminc is director of “LABA-BA: Laboratorio de Arte y Cultura Judía” and Shvartzman is its director of content.  The program, which supports artists’ fellowship programs in Argentina, is based on “ LABA: A Laboratory for Jewish Culture” at the 14th Street Y in New York, where a mix of visual artists, writers, dancers, musicians and actors are brought together to study classic Jewish texts in a non-religious, open setting. Kupferminc will share her recent works including a video presented in Venice during the commemoration of the 500 years of the Venetian Ghetto and images for her site-specific installation in the third Jerusalem Biennale in Israel. The installation, “Traduttore-Traditore” represents a destroyed Tower of Babel. Shvartzman, a writer, poet and psychoanalyst by profession, will discuss the Tower of Babel, as it appears in the Bible, in conjunction with “The Library of Babel,” by Jorge Luis Borges.

Moreover, Sosnowski, professor of Latin American Literature and Culture at the University of Maryland at College Park, will moderate the panel.  He has written many books including “Borges and the Kabbalah: Paths to the Word” (images by Kupferminc and text by Sosnowski). The program is sponsored by the Library’s Hebrew Language Table and the Hispanic Division, in cooperation with the Embassy of Argentina. Visit loc.gov for more information.

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Loss for diversity: ‘East Los High’ cancelled on Hulu

Today Hulu announced that the Emmy-nominated series East Los High will end with an hour-long finale this fall. The show was one of the few scripted digital realm series created by Latinos with an all-Latino cast and majority Latino writing staff. The National Hispanic Media Coalition says the cancellation of East Los High is a loss for diversity in entertainment. The series became one of the Hulu’s top 10 shows, helping draw one million unique visitors monthly to its Hulu Latino page. Additionally, East Los High won the award for Outstanding Online Series at last year’s Latino Impact Awards, hosted by the National Hispanic Media Coalition.

Alex Nogales, president and CEO of the National Hispanic Media Coalition said:

“The ending of East Los High on Hulu is a tremendous loss of a show that celebrated diversity through the story it portrayed and the way it broke barriers in the entertainment industry as one of the only series to be created, produced, written by and starring Latinos. Viewers are already looking for the next series that will boldly represent them behind and in front of the camera and NHMC will continue to work with Hulu in their future efforts to support diverse and culturally relevant programming over the long-term.”

The show was the first original series on Hulu to be granted a fourth season – the big break that Latino creatives needed. The series has staffed Latino writers, including alumni of NHMC’s TV writers program, on every season and they need more opportunities to tap into the immense talent in their communities and put their stories on the screen.

Mauricio Mota, executive producer of East Los High, accepted NHMC’s Latino Impact Award for the series saying, “We are still going through what I call a “Rosita Parks” situation with Latino content both with studios and media: You can be here, but please stay in the back of the bus. We want your eyeballs but not your stories. East Los High was created knowing audiences were starving for content that was diverse, edgy, and creative. It’s a show about English-speaking Latinos, but it relates to audiences everywhere.”

Watch Mota’s acceptance speech here:

Nine graduates of NHMC’s Latino TV Writers Program were staffed on East Los High. The writers program, accepting applications, is a five-week, total immersion workshop that simulates an actual writer’s room and participants develop an original pilot, practice pitching their writing and learn how to market themselves and get an agent.

The NHMC Television Writers Program, sponsored by NBCUniversal and Disney/ABC Television Group, was created to expand the number of Latinos working behind the camera, as a way to increase fair and accurate portrayals of Latinos on television. During the 2013-14 television season, Latinos composed only 2.8 percent of writers staffed on TV shows, despite that Latinos make up 17% of the U.S. population.

About the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC)

The National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) is a media advocacy and civil rights organization for the advancement of Latinos, working towards a media that is fair and inclusive of Latinos, and towards universal, affordable, and open access to communications.

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Swimsuit model Kate Upton chats healthy living and weddings with Yahoo Styles

Kate Upton healthy living tips with Yahoo Styles. Here she is pictured in a blue bikini.
Kate Upton shares healthy living tips and chats about her wedding day plans with Yahoo Styles.

It’s wedding season and swimsuit model Kate Upton sat down with Yahoo Style’s recently to discuss her insecurities about wearing a bikini, her weight as well as her plans for her upcoming wedding. Here are some highlights from Upton’s interview:

Swimsuit Model Kate Upton Says She’s ‘Still Not Confident in a Bathing Suit’

Yes, even a super model like Kate Upton has body image insecurities. She says she is still not confident in a bathing suit. This is why she eats healthy and sticks to a work out routine to feel at her best. Upton says:

You always have struggles. It’s not like I always feel my best. Everybody has moments where they don’t feel confident in a bikini. It’s what we’re striving for: self-love. We work our way up. When I don’t feel my best, that’s OK.”

Yahoo Styles asked Upton is she trying to lose wait for her wedding day. The answer is no because she is not worried about a number. Why won’t Upton lose weight for her wedding? Here’s her complete answer:

“Honestly, because coming from the fashion world, weight — when I first started modeling — was very important. How much you weighed, how much you needed to lose, whatever it was…I’m not trying to be fit for a number on a scale. Whenever I’m happiest, I try to maintain that. I don’t need a number.”

Upton does not even stick to a strict diet. Instead, she tries to eat healthy, work out and keep up a healthy lifestyle. Upton does this because she wants to allow herself the freedom to enjoy what she eats. In the interview Upton admits “I weight-train, which also really helps raise my metabolism and gives me the ability to enjoy food.” 

Read the full interview at Yahoo Styles now to learn more about Upton’s healthy living, upcoming wedding and more.

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Healing relationships by mending with our parents

Bad parenting and to mend relationships with parents

With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day coming up, people are searching for ways to honor their parents. But what about those who have unhappy or estranged relationships with their parents? Veteran holistic physician and author Dr. Bradley Nelson is here to discuss how to let go of emotional baggage we hold onto from our relationships with our parents.

Healing Relationships and Preventing Drama for Adult Kids

As grownups we often have a hard time letting go of painful emotions associated with our parents due to our vulnerability when we were kids – the people who know us the best sometimes can hurt us the most. Dr. Nelson, author of the bestselling book The Emotion Code, has been treating patients and researching and lecturing internationally for more than 20 years on healing “trapped emotions” that damage our health and wellbeing.

“All of us experience negative emotional extremes at times. Sometimes, for reasons that we do not yet understand, emotions do not process completely. In these cases, instead of us simply experiencing the emotion and then moving on, the energy of the emotion somehow becomes ‘trapped’ within the physical body,” he explains. “So instead of moving beyond your angry moment, or a temporary bout with grief or depression, this negative emotional energy can remain within your body, potentially causing significant physical and emotional stress.”

Dr. Nelson can expand on these tips for releasing emotional baggage:

  1. Take into account your parents’ emotional baggage. Heart-Walls™ are energetic barriers made of accumulated trapped negative emotions that can prevent people from freely giving and receiving love. When we understand that our parents’ hearts may be blocked by fear, anger or other negative emotions, it can help us to have compassion, forgive and let go of our own emotional baggage.
  1. Speak your mind without creating drama. Dr. Nelson shares how to cope with insensitive family members – and where to draw the line. The key: “Make it a non-emotional situation.”
  1. Learn from your parents’ mistakes. Look at mistakes in a positive light – they helped you learn what NOT to do.

Above all, we should seek to approach our relationships with our parents with humility rather than blame. “Your parents are just human, they’re not supposed to be more,” he advises.

About Dr. Bradley Nelson

Dr. Bradley Nelson has lectured internationally on the natural healing of chronic illness and successfully treated patients from across the US and Canada for more than 20 years. He has trained more than 2,500 practitioners worldwide on how to help people overcome unresolved anger, depression, anxiety, loneliness and other negative emotions and the physical symptoms associated them. Dr. Nelson is one of the world’s foremost experts in the emerging fields of Bioenergetic Medicine and Energy Psychology. His bestselling book “The Emotion Code” is helping people all over the world to improve their lives easily and quickly. Download a free copy of The Emotion Code in both audio and .pdf versions, including step-by-step instructions for working with the body’s healing power at EmotionCodeGift.com.

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Support The Ride 4 Breast Cancer Campaign

Thomas Hammond, the owner of the new start-up Hammond e-Bike Technology LLC, is working on a project close to my heart. Hammond lost several loved ones to breast cancer and other form of cancer over the years. Instead of looking back with regret of time he wish he still had with them, he remembers his loved ones by doing good deeds in their name. In particular he is doing good deeds in the name of Breast cancer and cancer overall. His latest project is manufacturing electric bikes.

This is right up his alley because Hammond is an entrepreneur at heart. His company Hammond e-Bike Technology LLC have created a new design electric bike and painted it pink for Breast Cancer awareness month. Their goal is to give 30 of these bikes away in October to take action during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Cancer is a cruel, horrible illness. It can happen to anyone at anytime because all have cells that grow.

“The Hammond collection was built out of the necessity to satisfy a community of bikers that appreciate diversity, technology, and functionality. The bikes will eliminate a lot of problems bikers face and help them enjoy their hobby like never before. We implore everyone to join in and take part in this great assignment, by supporting our Indiegogo campaign and spreading the word on social media,” said Thomas Hammond, CEO.


What we can do is offer support to those who have suffered. We can brighten someone’s day with Hammond’s beautiful bikes. With your help, they can reach their campaign goal on Indiegogo.com. Support the cause today.

Hammond E-Bike Technology pink bike for breast cancer awareness month 2017

About the Electric Bike

The electric folding bike collection is available in 3 unique designs including The Hammond 500 (500-watt motor), The Hammond 1000 (1000 watt motor) and The Hammond unlimited (1000-watt motor. Each bike comes in a coordinated custom-made bike bag and includes a newly designed GPS, touchscreen bike computer called The Hammond X5. Hammond collection is the first ever fully loaded folding, electric smart bike in a custom bag. To join in this revolution, visit their campaign page and support this project at Hammond ebike.

About the Ride 4 Breast Cancer Campaign

The Ride 4 Breast Cancer Campaign is a campaign within the campaign. We all know someone in our life that has dealt with the affects of Cancer in some form or another. At Hammond e-Bike Technology know first hand about this disease having lost loved one after loved one over the years. They honor their memory by helping others cope and take their mind off the battle. We can help someone feel special and have meaning. Every bike perk purchase helps them give a free bike to a Breast Cancer Survivor or patient plus customers will be receiving an awesome product in the process.

Thomas Hammond Electric Bike Technology bag Breast_cancer_awareness _Fight_Cancer_Pink_Bike_Thomas_Hammond

About the Hammond Bike Collection

The Hammond bike collection is available in different colors and comes in a custom bag for proper packaging, easy mobility, and protection from weather elements. The bike has matching inter-phone bike speakers with bluetooth, compatible with any smart phone up to 20 feet away. It also has wireless rear signal lights and front head light. Hammond ebike technology took bike security to another level by adding a hidden GPS tracker device. The GPS provides double real-time tracking to absolute street address by SMS or online web tracking. Geo-fence capability sends you an SMS if your bike is disturbed or someone is trying to steal it. The GPS tracker and bike computer has some cool features, to many to mention.

The company is offering everyone to own this fantastic product at a discount during the campaign. You instantly become part of The Hammond e-Bike Technology family when you support the campaign. Supporters will receive perks for life. The company is the first to ever offer backers life time discounts in the amount of 5% – 35% from their online store once they reach their campaign goal. Learn more by visiting Hammondebiketechnology.com.

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Wine and food pairings [ infographic] surprisingly delicious and unusual

Do you know how many foods go great with wine? We here to tell you about the foods you least expect to go great with wine. Why? Because we enjoy wine pairings and the health benefits of wine, particularly red wine. Save and book this ’15 unusual wine & food pairings’ infographic so you can know which food items to get along with your wine the name time you go grocery shopping.

15 unusual wine and food pairings [ infographic]

Looking at the wine and food pairings infographic below, here are the ones we think you can enjoy this summer out of the list below:

The entree wine pairings

  • Salmon Burger with a Greek Santorini Assytriko
  • Venison with a Riesling ( make sure the venison is pan-seared)
  • Sushi with a Sparkling Rose …so good! The smell of fruit with fresh seafood is heavenly.
  • Tacos!  The spices and assortment of meat with vegetables just goes perfect with a red wine.

    View Interactive Version
    (via Mr.Gamez).

Share this wine and food pairings [ infographic] with friends and family to keep in mind for summer parties. It will not only make for fun conversations during wine tasting but also it’s fun to just try something new. Your taste buds will thank you and you just may make a few new friends along the way. Let Fromgirltogirl know about your favorites, by liking us on our Facebook page and leaving us a message. Happy to receive your recipes, photos and videos from your wine parties as well. Let us know if you would like us to share on social media. We love spreading the word on awesome food and recipes, especially when we can eat and drink for our health. You may also be interested in following us on Instagram for an inside look at our daily lives – fitness, healthy eating, fashion and more.  Enjoy!

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Best of mobile sales apps: Let’s Deal geo marketplace app

Let's Deal geo marketplace for buying, selling and trade. Try it locally and worldwide today.

Are you searching for a sales app or way to grow your business, make it thrive? To make it happen you need to know your customers. Knowing your customers includes information on where they live, work, dine, play and shop. This will give you the opportunity to show them where they can find the goods and services they want at any time.

To help with your business development, it’s a good idea to take advantage of a best in class geo marketplace app.

What is a geo marketplace app?

It is an app built to bring you posts from locations near you as well as from around the world. It can take your business post globally within seconds. A geo marketplace app that does this well is the Let’s Deal App. This app lets you be in charge of what you want to view and post in your neighborhood or anywhere in the world.

What I love about the Let’s Deal App

What I love about the app is that it is designed to use on multiple platforms, including  Android, Apple and by the web. I think it is really cool that users have the options to buy and sell locally, ,globally and seamlessly. This type of geo technology is really valuable to each seller/ buyers as well as retailers because certain products and services sell better based on location and interests. So it truly helps increase sales by helping target buyers find quality goods and services – whether that’s in your local community or beyond. Yes, you can sell internationally, not just domestically.

It took me only seconds to snap a photo from the in-app camera, upload to the gallery and enter details about my products and services ( i.e. price and geographic location). It is so easy to use. I love that I can see what items are posted by others, there are some great deals locally and around the world.The filters and focus available to users makes the Let’s Deal app truly show how refined geo search can make all the difference in sales.

Moreover, app users can live chat with buyers and sellers. All I had to do was press the chat button to ask a seller about more details on a product or service. It also made asking buyer questions easy to do. I could write a message to have the post owner immediately receive an alert by push notification from a mobile device. But my favorite part of the chat feature is giving buyers a special opportunity for me to make an offer custom to their needs via messaging.

I even like the accept and manage trade feature so I can give offers in exchange for other offers on the marketplace. I feel it’s invaluable that entrepreneurs can help each other out by getting what they need to get a job done through trading goods and services. It’s like being at a in-person marketplace but having the flexibility to mingle with all kinds of people and cultures.

The Let’s Deal  App is the geo marketplace the international business community has waited for. It gives me the freedom to be firm and flexible depending on how I want to sell and promote my offers. I also enjoy the opportunity to promote my post for higher visibility and ranking when I need it most. I highly recommend every day people and retail business owners to take advantage of this great app. Let people all over the world know about the great goods and services you can offer to them today.

Join Let’s Deal App for free  – must have sales app

You may download the Let’s DEAL App on your iOS or Android device. You can also use your web browser via desktop or tablet to start using Let’s DEAL.

Enjoy and spread the word to friends and family.

Download the Let’s Deal App on iTunes Let’s Deal 

Install the Let’s Deal App on Google Play  

The Let's Deal app is available on ios, android, and google play. Try the geo marketplace app for free today.
Snap. Chat. Sell. Let’s Deal.
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HTC Squeezable Smartphone: Squeeze the Brilliant U

Are you the first to get your hands on the latest technology? What about smartphone technology? If yes, get excited for HTC’s new squeezable flagship smartphone. You can learn all about it on May 16th. The big event will happen in Taipei but we know that’s a bit far  — so we’re bringing the event to you. Fromgirltogirl will join HTC America President André Lönne and Global Vice President of Product Darren Sng at a special, intimate event in midtown NYC. We will see a short product presentation and have access to HTC executives for interviews and conversation. We do this to let you truly learn about the newest HTC flagship smartphone. Until then, learn more about the squeezable HTC smartphone in this video:

About HTC Squeeze the Brilliant U: The Squeezable Smartphone

Let us know what you think about the squeezable smartphone on May 16th.

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Relationship expert Inga Verbeeck must read dating tip for millennials

Inga Verbeeck chats modern dating and how to find the right romantic partner.
Relationship Expert Inga Verbeeck

In today’s challenging world of dating, matchmaking has become increasingly popular among millennials and older generations. And there are even matchmaking agency readily available to help singles navigate the hostile modern dating atmosphere. A popular matchmaking agency ready to help is Ivy International, an international matchmaking agency which takes a holistic approach that is uniquely tailored to each client after getting to know them face to face. The head of Ivy International is relationship expert Inga Verbeeck, who has some pretty strong opinions about dating modern men.

About Relationship Expert Inga Verbeeck and her Team

Inga and her team of skilled professionals have helped countless men and women find the love of their life, and have found themselves encountering the same problems time after time. Because she works with some of the most successful people in the world, Inga has found that modern men are often intimidated by independent women. “A lot of men think that because a woman is successful, she must be a bitch,” says Inga, “I get the feeling that men these days lack balls. Just like with men, the way women behave in their professional and personal lives can be worlds apart.”

Picture of two statues entangled together as a symbol of love.

Is Romance Dead? 

When it comes to women being attracted ( including the most successful women), they look for someone to be assertive. Verbeeck says

 “Although we’ve evolved towards being more equal, there is still a lot of work to be done towards true gender equality. Nonetheless, we must embrace that men and women are different, in the same way we embrace that each of us is different on an personal level. In order to pursue true equality, women do not need to “become masculine”. Instead, we must embrace our differences and our natural state of being, whether that be feminine, transgender or something else – and own it. We cannot and should not defer from who we are at our core and our genetic predisposition. I notice nearly all the women I work with are looking for someone who will take charge. Someone who she can look up to.”

Women look for men that are stronger than she is in some aspect, whether it be physically, professionally, or in something else entirely.

Inga Verbeeck’s Tip to Modern Men

Verbeeck’s tip to modern men: “Be a gentleman. Learn how to court a woman in a romantic situation, and not just for sex. At the same time, while women don’t want to be dominated or disrespected, be a bit more of an alpha. Be assertive but be respectful. Don’t be afraid to take charge in any situation, and of course we’re always looking for men to make the first move.” As with all things in life, balance is key. In a world of ying and yang, men and women have always balanced each other out. I think it’s time we return to this truth and celebrate it.” Learn more about relationship Inga Verbeeck and how she can help you meet your match by visiting her website.

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3-part series ‘The Final Truth About the Trump Dossier’ Released

A Russia expert with 50 years’ experience writing for Forbes stated the “dossier” reads like it was written by “a Russian trained in the KGB tradition.” However the company Accuracy in Media’s exposes the falsehoods and absurdities of this alleged dossier.

Exposing Falsehoods of The Trump Dossier

In a special three-part series, “The Final Truth about the Trump Dossier,” Accuracy in Media’s Center for Investigative Journalism sets the record straight about the partisan and dubious sources behind the FBI’s investigation of the Trump-Russian connection. The series is being published in advance of what The Daily Caller terms “a highly anticipated Senate hearing” this week featuring FBI director James Comey.

The Wednesday hearing was held by the Senate Judiciary Committee chaired by Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), and concerns oversight of the FBI. Grassley sent another letter to Comey on April 28 examining how the FBI director has failed to comply with many requests for documents and information. “Comey seems not to grasp the nature of the damage he’s inflicting on the Bureau and its reputation for efficient information-gathering and law enforcement,” the first part of the AIM series declares. “He is lost in a ‘wilderness of mirrors,’ to use intelligence jargon popularized by the CIA’s legendary anti-communist mole-hunter James Jesus Angleton.”

The series begins by noting that the “Trump Dossier” of scurrilous allegations against President Trump and his associates was designed to “prove” that Trump is a Russian agent, but it originated with a group working on behalf of Russian interests and the Hillary Clinton campaign. Cliff Kincaid, director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism, is available for interviews about the “Trump Dossier” and the mounting calls for FBI director Comey to resign.

About Accuracy Media

Accuracy in Media is a non-profit citizens’ media watchdog organization whose mission is to promote fairness, balance and accuracy in news
reporting. For more information, go to AIM.org.

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