Now playing: ‘American Dream’ by Raye Zaragoza

Check out the new music video from acclaimed singer/songwriter Raye Zaragoza, ‘American Dream.’ The video is inspired by the presidential election, the lack of mainstream media for Standing Rock and Zaragoza’s own life as a female multi-cultural youth. The single was co-produced and mixed by Justin Hergett (Beyonce). Zaragoza has been deemed as a voice for young women from a multi-cultural background. Zaragoza’s past anthem ‘In The River’ has been awarded No.2 protest song by a person of color by Paste MagazineShe has also been featured on many Spotify playlists including, Cyndi Lauper’s Protest Songs playlist.

Watch the Music Video ‘American Dream’


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Now playing: ‘UNTAMEABLE’ by Mel Monaco

Here at Fromgirltogirl, we love soulful, brass-infused jazz and wanted to share a new found favorite artists. Her name is Mel Monaco and she has a new album out called
Falling For The Third Time, recorded at Catherine North Studios in Hamilton with Guillermo Subauste of Pacha Sound (The Sadies, Sarah Harmer). The latest and greatest just released, UNTAMEABLE, Monaco’s brand new music video. 

Watch the music video  “UNTAMEABLE” 

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New study shows cheaters prioritize affair partners over spouses

Valentine's Day chocolates in a box

Happy Valentine’s Day! Ashley Madison has just released a new study examining how cheaters juggle their marriage and their affairs on Valentine’s Day. Turns out cheaters prioritize affair partners over spouses on V-Day.

Check out key findings

  • 30% of cheaters rather spend V-Day w/ their affair partners
  • Cheaters are spending upwards of $250 on affair partners
  • Nearly one-third of cheaters celebrate Valentine’s Day with their affair partner

No more sidelines for the Side Piece this Valentine’s Day

Ashley Madison, the world’s leading married dating website, used its unprecedented access to people who cheat to find out how members juggle the romantic responsibility of celebrating their marriage and their extramarital relationship on the special day.  As it turns out, cheaters spend Valentine’s Day very differently between their two partners and prioritizing a spouse is no longer the status quo with almost a third (28%) of survey respondents opting to spend it with their affair partner.

Spouse vs. Mistress/Misteress

With extramarital partners,  people often aren’t looking to replace their spouse, they’re looking to fulfill unmet needs. That said, it’s clear there is a shift happening and the affair partner is rising up the ranks as it pertains to partner priority.

“Typically, holidays and special occasions are reserved for the spouse and the affair partner is sidelined,” says Isabella Mise, Director of Communications at Ashley Madison. “But for Valentine’s Day this year, we’re seeing that affairs of the heart can lead to new traditions with a greater importance being placed on the extramarital relationship.”

Also interesting is that respondents spend about the same amount of money on their primary partner as they do for their affair partner. According to the survey, more than a third of respondents say they spend between $100-$250 on their affair partner, while the same amount (36%) say they spend $100-$250 when asked how much they spend on their spouse. This is surprising because you’d think the main romantic holiday of the year would be reserved for the primary partner, but this implies there is no real distinction between how they view the importance of each relationship.

 Cheaters spend the same amount on their spouse and affair partner, but spend the money in different ways.

When asked, 71% of respondents say they celebrate Valentine’s Day with their affair partner by having sex, whereas 73% spend Valentine’s Day with their spouse by having dinner. Cheaters are likely spending their money on their spouse during dinner while spending the same amount on things like a hotel room for the affair partner.

“Between how they spend their money and how they spend their time, the members surveyed are demonstrating that there is an increased investment being made with affair partners,” says Mise. “It will be interesting to see if this shift continues.”


*Survey of 1,638 members of Ashley Madison between January 25, 2018 to February 5, 2018


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Watch the ‘Broadly’ Horoscope Show on Facebook

Zodiac sign Illustration by Robin Eisenberg
Illustration by Robin Eisenberg

Broadly has launched its new Facebook Watch show titled “The Horoscope Show,” a unique show based in spirituality and news from the stars. You can watch it every Monday, to see a weekly horoscope summary for all signs and hear a discussion on the horoscopes for each Zodiac sign. Broadly is hosted by Brooklyn native, Aliyah Monet, who has a history in spiritual work and plans to use her platform to unify, inspire and inform the art community on astrology.

Check out the first episode below:

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5 ways to reduce cellulite

reduce cellulite from your body

When it comes to reducing cellulite formation, you can do a number of things. You can load up on antioxidant foods, such as citrus fruits and veggies. There are many other things you can do. These things include the following:

Green Tea

Drink green tea often because this can reduce the visibility of cellulite. Green tea also can play a role in helping you lose weight and it is considered to be an antioxidant. Ideally, you should drink up to three cups of it per day.

Healthy Fats

Stop eating bad fats and replace them with omega-3 fats. These fats come from stuff such as nuts, oily fish, flaxseed and fish oils. When you have poor circulation, then your body won’t deliver nutrients to your skin cells as effectively as they could be.


Exercise regularly because this will burn fat and boost your circulation. You’ll increase muscle tone, which will reduce the visibility of cellulite. Not only that, but you’ll improve lymphatic drainage, which will carry away toxins from your cells.

Cut Toxins Out

According to Dore Aesthetics The dermis can be affected when toxins are allowed to build up and this can lead to the formation cellulite. You want to remove toxins such as coffee, tobacco, and coffee. Also, stay away from heavily processed foods that contain a bunch of chemical additives and sugars, and don’t forget about drinking a lot of water.


Give herbs a try, such as Dandelion leaf tea. You can drink this tea to help you flush out toxins, but you can also use the leaves in fresh juices. Another good herb to try is Ginkgo bilboa, which is also available in an array of forms and it can help boost your circulation.

Don’t forget about using external treatments on your skin, such as a coffee scrub, which you can use about 2-3 times per week. Once you’re out of the shower, take the coffee granules and massage them into the areas that are affected. Afterwards, you can rinse it off, and make sure you get all of it off.

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Why people cheat: Filling the emotional voids

Emotional affairs and cheating correlate according to a new Ashley Madison study

Today Ashley Madison released a new study examining why people cheat. The main takeaway: besides sex, affair partners are helping cheaters fill emotional voids that spouses aren’t. Here are key findings from the study:

  • Cheaters found more affection (44%) and friendship (42%) w/ affair partners vs. spouses
  • Cheaters say affair partners helped them regain confidence (29%) and feel more desired (48%)

The full study has more interesting data. Here are highlights:

According to the survey, sex is the number one reason people choose to cheat (61%), but the other reasons also show a great deal about why some relationships experience infidelity. Cheaters are actively trying to fill a void in their lives, in their marriages, and in their relationships. Some want to expand the physical elements like exploring new desires (45%), while others are looking for emotional reassurance like affection (44%), friendship (42%) and the feeling of butterflies again (30%).

“The reasons why people cheat are very telling of the types of relationships that people find themselves in,” says Isabella Mise, Director of Communications for Ashley Madison. “When sex and intimacy fade, often times monogamy becomes a struggle for our members but they don’t want to leave their partner altogether. Infidelity is an avenue for them to have certain needs met and stay happy in their primary relationship.”

Stray to Stay

Infidelity is often portrayed as an immoral act and is rarely looked at in a positive light. But the members of aren’t necessarily looking to leave their spouse, they are looking to repair the emptiness that they are feeling. People find themselves in a family, in a loving marriage, in financial stability yet are lacking specific areas in those relationships. And that’s why sex comes up as a top reason for why people cheat. This doesn’t mean they’re looking to fully replace their spouse as 54% survey respondents are only seeking short-term dating. Furthermore, 50% of respondents said they cheat and not leave their spouse because they love their partner but are just looking for more sexual fulfillment.

As a result, survey respondents have revealed what it is they like about having affairs allows them to return to their marriage and their household unit as a happier more satisfied partner. Not surprisingly, for the majority it came down to the fact their sexual needs were met (76%).  For others it made them feel more alive (51%), they felt desired (48%), their emotional needs were met (37%), and they regained their confidence (29%). These are all areas of life that people need to feel secure and be happy, and they get that from finding what they need outside of the marriage when their partner is unable to give them that.

Sure cheating comes with some downsides like potentially getting caught. But for the members of, they aren’t too worried about it. When asked, 71% of respondents said they don’t feel guilty about cheating on their partner, nor is it the top concern for cheaters when entering an affair. So when it comes to cheating, is the risk worth the reward? If the reward means being happy again, then it seems like the answer is yes.

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How to achieve better sleep

Tips for Getting a Good Night's Sleep

Most people don’t get enough sleep, although good rest is essential for every aspect life. Your sleep habits not only impact the way you feel on any given day, they are implicated in your long-term health as well. In short, your physical, mental and emotional health all hinge on your nightly slumber. Because sleep is such an important aspect of your life, taking the time to learn how to improve your rest only makes sense.

If this sounds great, but you have no idea where to begin, check out these hot tips that will have you snoozing soundly in no time:

Check Your Habits At The Door

Although you might not be ready to give up alcohol, cigarettes, and caffeine right now, you should make sure that you aren’t consuming these products prior to bedtime. The nicotine in tobacco and tobacco products is a stimulant, which can hamper your ability to fall asleep. You can find caffeine in the usual offending beverages, chocolate and some over-the-counter pain medications because it speeds up the pain relief. Avoid all of these for at least four hours prior to bedtime, preferably longer.

As for alcohol, many make the mistake of thinking that it helps them sleep. However, when the sedating effects of the booze wear off, it can be difficult to remain asleep. Even those who don’t wake will greet the morning poorly rested and prepared for the day.

Take Advantage Of Natural Light Cycles

Natural light can help to keep your natural bodily rhythms in sync with the planet. The morning sunlight streaming through the window alerts your brain that it is time to wake up and begin the day. Winter mornings are hard for many people because darkness can loom well into the morning hours. To make the most of how light influences your body, open the blinds when you first get up. Alternatively, use a special full spectrum light box to achieve the same effect.

Exercise At The Right Time

If you want to rest well, complete a good workout during the day, at least three hours before you hit the hay. While you are exercising, your body secretes various hormones to keep you alert while at the heightened activity levels. Because of this, you should avoid exercising in the hours prior to bed. In fact, many folks choose to exercise early in the day to take advantage of the metabolic boost.

Environment Is Everything

When your senses are being assaulted by input, it can be very difficult to fall asleep. Sound rest is dependent in part on a peaceful environment. The room should be quiet, dark, cool and free of funky odors. Keep your bedroom clean with high-quality natural cleaning products and use a white noise machine to mask sounds. If light is a problem during the summer, you can use blackout shades or a soft eye mask. As for temperature, keep it on the cooler side of comfortable.

Make And Use A Sleep Schedule

In order for your body to achieve optimal slumber, you need to have a set internal clock. You do this by creating a sleep pattern and sticking to it. Go through the same preparation schedule each night, laying your head down at the same time. Wake at a preset time and eventually, your brain will fall into the pattern, allowing you to fall asleep faster and awake refreshed.

Mattress Matters

Sleeping on an inferior mattress is detrimental to good rest. Your mattress must provide the proper amount of support and feel comfortable. Experts generally recommend that you replace mattresses every eight years, though yours might last longer if you travel frequently or have invested in a high-end mattress. If you are looking for a new one these Tempurpedic reviews look positive. Protect the mattress with a special cover to prevent dust mites and allergens from invading it. Also, make sure that your pillows are clean, comfortable and provide perfect support for your entire body.

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Now playing: ‘This Feeling’ by Natalie Shay | Indie pop music

This Feeling by Natalie Shay cover photo
Check out the new single ‘This Feeling’ from multi award-winning, indie pop artist Natalie Shay, which premiered via Clash. The track highlights Shay’s impressive vocal prowess, gritty melodic guitars, and a building anthemic chorus. As a BRIT school graduate and classically trained guitarist, Shay’s talents have propelled her to performing to sold-out audiences at some of London’s most prestigious venues.


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Best sex toys for Valentine’s Day: The mini bullet vibrator

Mini G Spot Vibrator for foreplay, masturbation and sex.
We have a 15% discount just for you. Scroll to the end of the article for the code. Share with friends.

From whips to bullet vibrators, the discussion of sex toys and overall sexual pleasure were topics to discuss behind closed doors. Lucky for us the world is changing and encourages us to think out loud about our deepest fantasies and so much more. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Fromgirltogirl is here to chat sex toys. Our new favorite on-the-go sex toy is the mini bullet vibrator.

About the mini bullet vibrator

Using a mini bullet vibrator has been on our bucket list for a while. We love that it is easy to use and carry around anytime we need it. Some may be surprised, but the mini is powerful for its size. The reason we decided to try the mini bullet is for clitoral stimulation, a favorite among sexual stimulation. But it can do so much more than a great orgasm.

Mini bullet vibrators are not solely for sexual pleasure. Feel free to use it for getting a massage. It feels great and gives better circulation of blood throughout the body. We even use it to relieve muscle pain and tension after working out.

The sex toy every woman should have

When we say every woman should have a mini bullet vibrator, we mean it. Here is what we love about it:

  1. It has the power to give an orgasm in less than 3 minutes. The mini bullet vibrator is especially intense for clitoral stimulation but the toy can stimulate any part of the body.
  2. The mini bullet vibrator can be used during sex as well as with other toys. One of the best ways to truly enjoy sex is to get to know your body. When you know your body, you know where you can reach the most pleasure and guide your sex partner to the right spots. Some favorite spots to use the mini bullet vibrator: the clitoris, nipples, and even the lower back.
  3. The toy is portable. Yes, go and toss your vibrator in your handbag. You may even store it in your pocket. Why? It is a stress reliever when you need it and you never know when you will need that relief. No, you don’t have to use it on your vagina all the time. Sometimes you just need to massage your head because you have a headache. What works for you is what counts.
  4. It makes for a great couples sex toy. For example, you can insert the mini bullet vibrator at the base of dildos, anal toys, or cock rings to offer vibration.

The mini bullet vibrator we got is easy to use, discrete.  Watch the video below to learn more about the benefits:

 Exclusive discount just for you

The Mini Bullet Vibrator in this review was provided by Love it right. If you would like to purchase your own use the coupon code SEX15 for 15% OFF your order.

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All you need to know about online auction tips

online auction tips

Online bidding is growing in popularity, but being successful in this arena means being aware of the process. This article offers information on the task and act as a guide to online bidding in this contemporary age.

When you think of auctions, what immediately springs to mind? The average person would consider a formal room commanded by a dominant auctioneer raising his hand and pointing to the highest bidder. While this traditional form of auctioning is still alive and well, auction aggregators are noticing a growth in the online bidding world.

What you need to know about purchasing items at modern-day auctions

1. Mobile Buying

In today’s society, over 50% of all auction browsers and bidders are aged between 18 and 24 years. Moreover, these bidders use their mobile phones to complete the act of browsing – a vast leap from the 5% of online browsers noted only five years ago in Barnebys Online Auction Report. The shift in approach has enhanced the number of people in the “auction room” allowing customers to browse and bid on larger catalogs from the comfort of their home (or any other area they have access to their mobile phones).

2. Finding Unique Items

All auction rooms will offer a vast array of one-off, unique pieces, making them an alternative to the items in retail stores. Why invest in mass-produced pieces when an auction could result in ownership of a vintage Chanel handbag from your favorite collection? By following auctions, you can easily find collectible items including vintage coins, stamps, and toys that attribute to about 50% of all digital auction sales. Shop on whohou if this is the sort of thing you’re after.

3. Sustainability

‘Upcycling’ is now one of the greatest trends, and the online auction arena is a fantastic place to find products that need some TLC. Furthermore, by buying a vintage or second-hand piece, you will be acquiring an item that is more eco-friendly or sustainable. Unwanted pieces can also be sold easily at auction without too much trouble.

Research by Barnebys found that younger buyers are purchasing second-hand items as long-term investments for a sustainable future. This value of potential investments is a positive move and may produce highly beneficial results.

4. Quality

One of the greatest concerns to buying branded products via online auction sites is the authenticity of the brand. However, auction houses do brand-specific and detailed authentication procedures before placing the product up for sale; therefore, ensuring the quality of the product. The information of the piece, including the condition and the origin, is provided to the buyer making the potential buyer confident to bid before seeing the item ‘in the flesh’.

5. Fair Pricing

Statistics show that about 75% of all online shoppers claim the pricing is the greatest drawing factor to online auctions. Digital auction sites allow the individual to view the estimate before bidding and set reminders for the desired product when it is about to appear for auction. This feature can be used by setting up a free account with the site, so one can be sure to not miss out on these all-time low products. Moreover, product images with detailed information are provided allowing you to make informed decisions regarding your bidding.

6. Free Valuations

If you are interested in selling a product online, Barnebys can make the procedure simple for you to complete. By using their free valuation service, you will be connected to auctioneers who have the potential to sell the product. Begin by signing up with an email address and password, and then add information regarding the item you wish to sell. The auctioneers will tell you whether they are interested in selling your piece and for how much. Items sent in for valuation have included Kurt Cobain’s guitar and a Picasso vase!

7. Tips To Buy At An Auction

Checking The Details

It is crucial that you do not become swept away with the excitement of an online auction, and it is easy to become enthralled with this act. To make sure you stay level-headed, it is important that you read all the product information in detail before making any bids. Take your time and note the size and condition of the item. If you are purchasing art or furniture, it is recommended that you check the dimensions of the piece and ask the auction house questions if you have any.

Set A Maximum Bid

The final minutes of an auction can be the most exciting period of the auction, but you need to be sure you do not go above what you intended to bid (or out-bid yourself). You can use the online auction house’s maximum bidding tool so this does not happen, but you should also bear in mind that added fees will be placed into the final price if you do use this feature. Set a maximum bid and always stick to it.

Begin Low

The starting price of all items will be set by the initial valuation of a valuator and this will give an indication of a starting bid. It is recommended that you begin bidding as low as possible; however, bear in mind that the hammer price or final bid can be considerably higher.

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