How clothing with positive messaging can encourage positive energy

Blue Hamsa with Evil Eye Mandala Leggings Blue Hamsa with Evil Eye Mandala Leggings Blue Hamsa with Evil Eye Mandala Leggings Blue Hamsa with Evil Eye Mandala Leggings Blue Hamsa with Evil Eye Mandala Leggings BLUE HAMSA WITH EVIL EYE MANDALA LEGGINGS from

Positive energy is something we cannot get enough in a day, week or lifetime. The deep inner flow of positive energy can inspire us to be at our best each day. Remember happiness is an aspect of our lifestyles that we have to continuously work on. There is no destination to happiness. From scents to clothing positive stimulate can inspire us to challenge ourselves and seek out the best versions of ourselves. To hone in on your positive zen, start by adding positive messaging and symbols to your everyday fashion. One place Fromgirltogirl recommends holiday shopping at is, an online shop dedicated to providing products designed to capture attention, help you express yourself and spread positive vibes. Some popular items include Mandala leggings, Good vibe only mugs, colorful hexagon pillows, beautifully designed shoulder bags and mesmerizing hams slip ons. There is something special for just about anyone on your holiday list. See for yourself today. And feel free to hashtag #FG2G to show off your fashion. fashion must have for millennials

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Holiday gift shopping great buys: Fire Resistant Clothing

Flame Resistant Jeans (FR Jeans)

The holidays are just around the corner and it is time to make a list and check it twice for great holiday gifts. A gift item definitely on Fromgirltogirl’s list are Jand jeans (FR clothing). Before you ask ‘who needs flame resistant shirts and jeans? ‘, FR clothing offers plenty of awesome benefits. The clothing offers the great benefits of cotton and has higher Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) ratings as well as a softer and more comfortable fabric than cotton.

Benefits of Flame Resistant Clothing

ATPV lets people know what is their exposure to an electrical arc discharge. But FR clothing is most valuable to people who work in hazardous environments. Examples of  such workers are electricians, chefs, pharmaceutical workers, chemists or any worker who has to come in contact with energized electrical equipment. Check out the FR clothing from to lower your risk of burn injury, increase your chances of survival and prevent skin exposure to flames.

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Now Digitally Available: Historic TV Coverage of Senate Watergate Hearings

Watergate historical TV coverage

The Library of Congress and Boston public broadcaster WGBH announced this month gavel-to-gavel television coverage of the Senate Watergate hearings in 1973. The television recordings that were donated to the Library by WETA Washington, D.C., has been digitally preserved and made available online. Produced by the National Public Affairs Center for Television (NPACT), the hearings were taped during the day and rebroadcast every evening on public television for 51 days, from May 17 to Nov. 15.  Do you know the Watergate broadcasts became one of the most popular series in public broadcasting history?

For the first time in 44 years, these riveting moments in history will once again be available to the American public through an online presentation—“Gavel-to-Gavel: The Watergate Scandal and Public Television”—on the American Archive of Public Broadcasting (AAPB) website at

AAPB is a collaboration between the Library of Congress and WGBH to preserve and make accessible significant at-risk public media.

The presentation will provide access to all the coverage, a highlights reel, episode guide and an essay putting the coverage into historical perspective.  Visitors to the online exhibit—curated by 2017 Library of Congress Junior Fellow Amanda Reichenbach—will see firsthand the memorable personalities involved in this national drama and the revelations that ultimately led to resignation of President Richard Nixon.

Each episode of the coverage begins with about five minutes of commentary by MacNeil and Lehrer, including a recap of what happened during that day’s hearing.  The hearings range from two to seven hours in length.  The anchors close out with a 10- to 20-minute wrap-up with experts and interviews conducted by correspondent Peter Kaye.  The Senate Watergate Committee conducted its investigation in three phases: Watergate (May 17 – Sept. 25), Campaign Practices or “Dirty Tricks” (Sept. 26 – Nov. 6) and Campaign Finance (Nov. 7 – Nov. 15).  Coverage by NPACT of the subsequent House impeachment hearings in May and July 1974 also has been digitized and made available online.

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Dog safety: Protecting your dog from deadly Halloween treats

The hayrides have come and gone. The fun costumes revealed. As for the candy, kids and adults alike are still indulging. But if you have little people plus pets in your life, chances are you’ll have to be mindful of the dangers of having candy around the house and close to your pets, especially dogs. Some candy can be fatal for dogs. Fromgirltogirl chatted with Chelsea Rivera, dog lady and VP, Content & Media Relations of SimpleWag. Read here :

Happy Halloween Dog Lovers!

Common halloween treats lethal to your dog. Avoid these candies:


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Everything you need to know about restaurant decor

restaurant decor tips for beginners

First impressions matter and if you are in the food business you want to make the right one. Here are some quick tips to help improve your restaurant decor.

Create Efficient Restaurant Layouts

The overall layout of a restaurant is a crucial aspect of any interior design task because you do not want restaurant staff members and customers colliding everywhere in the restaurant. The most efficient restaurant layouts are organize to help staff members operate smoothly while granting customers easy access to their tables and the restroom. Additionally you can alter your restaurant’s layout to improve circulation. Here’s how:

  • Focus on the tables and seats ensuring there is sufficient room to accommodate your preferred restaurant capacity. If your restaurant doesn’t have enough floor space, consider the position of your counter and whether or not it could be relocated to create more room.

Focus on Concept

Your restaurant’s concept is equally important to the layout because it helps set you apart from other culinary services within your locality.

If you can easily overcome the temptation to keep things ordinary, you will have the opportunity to create the right balance between a bit of unique inspiration and the typical expectations of any restaurant.

Often restaurant owners prioritize the best cuisine when opening up a restaurant. By focusing on concept, you will create an opportunity to develop a concept that will be a true reflection of the regular meals you will serve. Remember, links to any foreign country must be accompanied by an interior that has the same atmosphere.

Decorate with a theme in mind

Decoration often goes together with your concept of choice. Once you have settled on an overall restaurant theme, you should think of ways to enhance its atmosphere with several decorative features.

For instance, if you’re based in a period… maybe 17th century London locality, you will want features distinctive to the 17th century – artwork, walls or vintage furnishings. The same applies to a classic 50’s Italian bar, which would likely have artwork from Pablo Picasso and tons of Mediterranean colour schemes. Alternatively, a modern looking space may work well with one of these water walls from Luxe Water Walls.

Take Advantage of Window Displays

While window displays are hugely underrated, the truth is that they have the potential to attract bypassers who initially had no interest in checking into your restaurant. Window displays are one of the first things a customer will see when standing outside your restaurant. A unique and attractive window design has a greater chance of enhancing the curiosity of a customer.

Window displays should have no shade so that your potential customers will have the chance to peep through the inside and imagine what it would be like if they went inside. While displays can be huge and imposing, they should not block out natural light because it will decrease the attractiveness to potential customers.

Professional Assistance for Restaurant Decor

One of the biggest mistakes beginners make when starting their restaurant business is seeking assistance from amateur services in the build and interior design industries. You do not know how much this move could cost you, so it is always advisable to hire knowledgeable, skilled and reputable experts to help with opening your restaurant.

Although your budget will be expensive from hiring professionals, it is worth it. You can complete the whole design process with the aid of specialist architectural designers and experienced professionals. Better yet, having all experts on site at the same time will help enhance the final results.

By adhering to this help guideline, you will achieve the best possible results with your restaurant. Yes, that means having an attractive interior design that is capable of infatuating any passersby or potential customer looking for a place to have a quick meal. Remember, the appearance of your restaurant must be complemented by food that matches the interior design’s level of quality. If you’re able to complete a breathtaking restaurant interior design job, you must also be sure to please your customers with a delicious cuisine. Good luck with your restaurant decor adventures.

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Best Eye Cream Guide: focus on the right ingredients for the right issue

Eye Cream Guide for beauty junkies

Fresh, cold air. Crisp fall leaves. It’s autumn at its best and all the fun beauty trends are before us. Rock the smokey eyes. Add the glitter to your face and lips.

But did know you can use eye cream as the perfect shadow and concealer primer? If you are searching for the best eye cream or simply looking for an eye cream guide, we’ve got you covered with a closer look at not only the most popular eye cream formulas on the market but also the eye creams that truly leave eyes youthful, rejuvenated, and bright.

Best Eye Cream Guide of 2017 – 2018

Take a look at this best eye cream guide, complete with recommendations specifically for wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness. At the end of the day, the best eye cream is narrowed down to focusing the right ingredients on the right issue.

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Chrystyna Marie new album ‘LIFE’ gives LA blues, rock and pop

Chrystyna Marie LIFE album cover

LA. Blues. Rock. Pop. Chrystyna Marie has it all on her new album “LIFE.” Marie has a similar sound to Elle King, Janis Joplin and Amy Winehouse. You’ll hear bass, drums and percussion throughout the album. And you’ll listen to plenty piano, organ and guitar… the harmonic and trumpet.

The album LIFE was produced, engineered and mixed by David Gavin Baxter at Knob & Tube recording, mastered by Phil Demetro. There are eight songs in total that will have you jamming from start to finish. Some of my favorite tracks are ‘I want That Boom Boom,’ ‘Mr. Insecurity,’ and ‘A Woman Knows.’

Have a listen to Chrystyna Marie‘s ‘LIFE’  album on Spotify.

Chrystyna Marie in a red hot dress.

About Chrystyna Marie

Originally hailing from Toronto, Marie sings with a powder keg voice over a cocktail of grungy blues and pop. She is a classically trained singer. Marie also has a background in acting, with lead roles in local community plays such as West Side Story as Maria and Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.

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Drug-Take Back Day: TimerCaps combating opioid abuse

prescription drug pill safety tips

October 28, pharmacies and police stations across the nation will be participating in the National Prescription Drug-Take Back Day. Collection sites will be open from 10:00 AM -2:00 PM. This event will give the public an opportunity to dispose of any unused and unwanted prescription drugs. So considering taking a look inside your home for expired prescription drugs and more.

In 2015, 33,091 people died from overdoses involving some type of opioid, including heroin.  A study published in the Journal of American Medical Association found that 42 percent of opioids prescribed for acute post-surgical pain were not consumed. At least 67 percent of patients had leftover medicine, and 91 percent of the patients with leftover medicine did not dispose of it properly.

The last Drug Take-Back Day was April 29 and resulted in 900,386 pounds of unwanted medication turned in at 5,498 take-back sites. Many Drug Take-Back sites and anti-drug coalitions are passing out TimerCaps as an incentive to bring in medication and educate people on safely taking and storing their meds. If TimerCaps are not available at the Drug Take-Back sites, they can also be bought at Rite Aid, CVS, and on

Six Principles of Safety Against Prescription Drug Abuse

The TimerCap solves 5 out of the 6 principles of prescription drug safety. You can see below how the TimerCap helps promote safe medication use:

Drug take day six principles of prescription drug safety

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What to say when someone hurts your feelings and not hide your truth

How to react when someone hurts your feelings

Ava Miles, who has recently released a new series of non-fiction books, is helping women let themselves be more comfortable expressing their inner goddesses. Miles shares with us on how to handle and what to say when someone hurts our feelings through her series The Goddess Guides to Being a Woman. If you read “Goddesses Don’t Do Drama: Removing Toxicity from Relationships,”which is one of the books from the series, it helps people get through relationship moments when they are feeling hurt or angry.

It takes courage to go from hurt to healing. What’s one of Ava’s secrets in knowing what to say when someone hurts your feelings? Transforming unhealthy relationship patterns.

According to Miles, many of us never learned how to express anger and sadness. Sometimes that may be the case because we are encouraged not to do so. We simply don’t know how to say things kindly when we’re upset. And sometimes it can make us physically ill and unhappy.

“You don’t have to walk away or wait until after the ‘f*ck you’ to speak your truth,” says Miles. It all begins with recognizing and removing victim/perpetrator language from the conversation.

What Is Victim/Perpetrator Language?

Here are some examples:

  • It’s all your fault.
  • You did this.
  • You’re to blame for this.
  • You’re wrong.
  • You’re not giving me enough.
  • This isn’t good enough.
  • You’re not pulling your weight.

Victim/perpetrator language is the language of drama. In order to get to the open-hearted, honest, loving communication we all crave — we need to begin to recognize and move away from the raised-voice or talk-to-the-hand variety. Ava invites us all to try our hand at goddess-woman language by using statements such as:

  • I feel…
  • What I think I hear you saying is…
  • This is hard for me to say, but I’d like to share this with you…
  • This doesn’t feel very loving or kind to me.
  • I want to understand.
  • My feelings are my responsibility.
  • I take responsibility for my part in _______.

“Goddess women use words that convey love, compassion, kindness, affirmation, and honesty,” says Miles. “Sure, we all have moments when we might not be able to package our feelings and thoughts into a big red bow, and that’s okay. We can be honest about that too.”

Learn more information by visiting

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Must read CRM roadmap for data center management

Gerard Blokdijk has been in enterprise data center management and CxO roles over the past 25 years. Blokdijk has published a new book called ‘CRM: The Definitive Guide’ to share wisdom he wish he had when he needed it. The book highlights what is important now in CRM and what will be important in the future. In short, the book is a CRM roadmap for instantly understanding and moving forward in the right direction by utilizing verifiable data. Below are five of the 905 critical criteria featured in the book:

1. What is the future of CRM with regards to Customer Service five years from now, What Technologies would affect it? What trends in Customer Service landscape would we see?

2. Has your organization ever had to invoke its disaster recovery plan which included the CRM solution and if so was the recovery time objective met and how long did it take to return to your primary solution?

3. Can visitors/customers easily find all relevant information about your products (e.g., prices, options, technical specifications, quantities, shipping information, order status) on your website?

4. How to make sure high data availability in mobile computing environment where frequent disconnections may occur because the clients and server may be weakly connected?

The answers are in the book which is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and all major retailers the full info now. Highly recommend this ebook for managers, advisors, consultants, specialists, professionals and anyone interested in CRM assessment.

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