Summer Fashion Tips from Carolynah Gich Fashion Designer at House of Bella Fashion

Carolynah Gich Summer dress fashion tips
Carolyn Gich, Head designer at House of Bella Fashions, shows us what Kenya custom fashion is all about.
Looking for unique summer clothes? Want to stand out in the crowd? You should explore international clothing lines. One that caught our eyes recently is the House of Bella Fashions, which offers buyers custom designs for women, men and children. Female entrepreneur and new mom, Carolynah Gich gave us a look at some of her beautiful designs . And she it did for the culture. To place an order with House of Bella Fashions, contact Gich through her WhatsApp number 0720409894 or through her Facebook page House of Bella Fashions.

Faith and Passion with Carolynah Gich

As head designer of House Bella Fashions and Nairobi, Kenya resident, Gich shares wisdom to never give up on your dreams because you will always have the opportunity to see the light at the end of the tunnel. What we love about buying custom design is knowing more likely than not, we will always look different in all the right ways at a social networking event. If you have a particular custom designer on hand, you can request special touches here and there to get a look and feel to truly call your own. We love custom skirts, dresses and blazers for women’s fashion as they are comfortable, professional and accommodating for any occasion – date night, career day, weddings, and more.

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